beautifully blind part 2
WHAT THE FUCK????? That bitch is playing a blind person. How pathetic and disgusting is that? What would possess her to do that? I wanted to smack her with that metal pole against her delicately perfect face. It wouldn't be so perfect after I was done with her.

My stop came to quick. I couldn't think of a good way to approach her with this except a slap to her face and that would only end me up in jail. Then the tabloids would be plastered with "High Class Lawyer hits a Blind Girl". Fuck she deserves it. But I would wait to give it to her. I am already late for work. I probably lost my job already. Shit this day could not get worst. My face is hot with anger form the bitch across from me. I was disgusted with her. This beautiful bitch would have to wait for my wrath of anger.

The subway stopped. I stood up and stomped off with anger in my steps. Not looking back to see if she was watching me leave. That woman makes me so fucking angry I can't even feel the cold winter air enveloping my body.

My office is a couple of blocks away. The cold air slowly starts to register to my angry flushed body. I feel goose bumps rubbing against each other in between my thighs. I wanted to stop there in the middle of town and everyone and slid my hand under my skirt and make myself warm again. If I did that though I would have to deal with someone seeing me and I don't think I would like explaining that I wasn't wearing panties and I had to warm my very cold thighs and cunt to them.

So I walked on. My mind was roaming and stopped at the woman from the subway. Of me slapping that pretty little face of hers. I wanted to pull her hair so hard that her blonde angel like hair will fall to the ground. I want to make her pay for what she was doing. Why am I so mad about this woman? I probably would never see her again. She should be glad. She is none of my business I should just leave it alone. And start to pray that she will fall down those stairs she saved me from falling down from.

My mind was clustered with images of her. Her eyes. Her neck. Even her exquisite fingertips. How could something that enrages me so fast be so God Damn beautiful. Everything not just her body but how she walk with purpose and pose and her angelic voice completely captures me.

I was so entranced by her I did not even realize that I was already at my office building. I opened the door and walked in. My receptionist jumped up and took my winter jacket from my hands. She did not even say anything about me being late. She stood there. I did not know why. Then I remembered that my other jacket was on and I had no bra on. There was no way I could tell her that I was not wearing a bra and I could not take it off.
So I simply said "It is cold in here I think I will keep it on but thank you"

She turned and left for the coat rack. I was so relived. I let out a gasp of air from relief. I walked to my office which was right around the corner of the receptionist desk.

I walked in my dark office. I turned on the light. To me my office was homey but to others it would seem very bare. It is a very simple room. Bare white walls. I had no family and I am single so there is no personality in my office like pictures. There was a dark mahogany desk centered against the back wall. Office things scattered on top of the unscratched surface. A laptop stood open in the center of the mess on my desk. I am a very unorganized person but I can tell u were everything is easily.

I had file upon file of divorces to go through. Everyone wanted something from me from child support to a divorce because of a abusive spouse. I sat down on my leather chair and got started.

The words from the files started to turn in to images of that woman. Of her shoving all the things on my desk to the floor and undressing and sitting on my desk. Her legs were spread and I was in between them fully dressed. Her breast that I had not even seen are completely bare to my eyes. There is a dark beauty mark an the side of her left breast. I was wet. I could feel my desires flare at just thinking of her there on my desk. She would look so glorious with her sunshine blonde hair all around her body and legs spread for me. O My God she was making me so wet and she was not even here. I could feel my wetness seeping onto the back of my skirt. My legs were spread. I don't even remember spreading them. I could feel my sweat secreting out of my pores. She was driving the very core of my desires.

I slipped my hand along my freshly shaved thigh. My skin was tingling with anticipation. I ran my nails up and down my thigh to my knee. Sending shivers up my spine. My other hand reached up and started to unbutton my jacket that was hiding my hard nipples pressing up against my silk shirt. My hand started to reach farther up my thigh. My mind was filled with that fake blind women. My hips were moving in a small circular motion. My body was taking over. My hands were seeking my desires. My hand slipped in between my soaking flowering pussy folds. My folds were open for her touch. I imagined her hand as mine. My other hand harshly caressed my breast.

My breathing was seizing. My chest was heaving. My legs were shaking. She had absolute control over me and she was not even here. What would happen if she was here?
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