begging for sex
I know, my master, how you like to make me beg. I know my cunt is yours, and I know that you know that I know my cunt is yours.

I long for you to take your cock and shove it deep into my mouth. Mouth fucking me like you have never moth fucked anyone before in your life. I want you to make me swallow your cum, and not gag, for if I do I want you to punish me for gagging.

When you are done mouth fucking me as my body trembles waiting your touch, the feel of your cock against my body, I can feel you step away.
You lay me over your legs and spank me, you spank me for gagging, for trying to pull away from your cock for air.

You look me up and down and leave me where I am tied to the bed, legs pulled apart as far as you can with them tied will above my legs....You know I want to finger myself, you know I want to shove my fingers up my cunt, making me cum.....

Please master, may I finger my cunt and pussy.
No you may not, your cunt belongs to me when you are with me, your body is not yours, but mine to use for my pleasure.

You come back to me, I'm not supposed to make a sound but your tongue is now playing with my clit, licking it, sucking it, biting down. You tell me not ot cum or I will be punished.

To late my sweet juices flow from my pussy into your mouth. I am immediately 'rewarded with a loud slap across my pussy lips.....

Let's try this again, Bitch, and this time get it right. No cumming without my permission. You have to beg for release.

I nod and pray I can control the next one......

Wanting to see me stretched as far as I can go, master takes out a toy, well not really a toy, a vegetable, bigger than any cock I've ever seen and then takes it and slides it outside my pussy teasing me with the cold outside. Suddenly my pussy lips are wracked with pain as he jams a cucumber up my cunt. Holding it there until the pain subsides. While sliding the dildo in and out of my cunt, he takes his hard cock and shoves it up my ass. No kind of jelly or lube was used. I find this so kinky I yell out that I am about to cum.......I can't hold it in, the sensation of the cold hard cucumber in my cunt and his cock in my ass is more than I can take, and I shoot out a load.

Mister greedily pulls the cucumber out and starts sucking my pussy while finger fucking me to the brink of another orgasm.

Finally mister lifts my ass up and forward and my pussy lips close around his hard ass cock.

Slowly, so slowly at first in and out pulling my hips up and down, his cock picking up speed fucking me, fucking me hard.........My master knows me well, the harder the better.

Oh yes master, yes.
Does my bitch whore like this?
yes master,

I want you to cum now.
I match move for move with my hips and we explode together.
Quickly taking his cock out of my cunt he commands me to open my moth and makes me lick his cock clean.......

I am finally untied. And as master walks out of the room I am otld to get some rest,because it is going to be a long night....

Maybe next time I'll get to touch my cunt.
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