damn the reality, go for the dream!
I watch her every day. She walks the same line in front of three picture windows that face the northern mountain peaks...

I love to watch her strut,
The way she moves her stuff,
She's one hell of a good lookin' meter maid,
Hey, you exotic Lil' Fox, wanna' get laid...

STOP IT!!!...some times a wild imagination can be a curse...but, then again...

Today is such a beautiful day, think I'll go out on the porch and guitar...Oh good, my neighbor's gonna' join in, she's got a voice that mesmerizes angels...not a bad guitar picker either...

We lose ourselves in the music, trading songs back and forth. Before long it's just about supper comes the meter maid, walkin' that line...

"Mind if I join you guys, this is my last stop..."

"Yeah, we could sure use some help...missin' that three part harmony."

"Mind if I make a request?"

"Go for it."

"Suite, Judy Blue Eyes!!!"

"Wow, you don't mess around, hit it..." My neighbor loves this song but we always miss that third voice, this is gonna' be some kind-a-all-right. I grab my twelve string and burst into the intro. My neighbors boyfriend gets home and walks over to join us so I extend the intro, he's not a singer but just grabs my electric guitar and cranks out the lead....then, I reflect on how gorgeous the haunting words of the song match the striking beauty of the meter maids silhouette.
Suddenly, my mind flashes on the recent traumatic breakup I had with the girl of my much for dreams...

It happened right here in front of the house, and, it happened right when the meter maid walked across the yard...

I have a hard time with this song, too much emotion, especially now. I overhear the meter maid introduce herself to my neighbors' boyfriend...her name is a song in itself...Alessandra..."Just call me Alice", was her next request...

Alice comes and sits next to me, her eyes studying the way my hands move up and down the fretboard pounding out the melodic rhythm. As soon as I strike the harmonics, we break into the first verse as if we had rehearsed it for the Kennedy Center Honors. Tears well up in my eyes and Alice puts her arm around me and sings a solo part, straight into my heart.

..."tearin' your self, away from me now, you are free...and I am crying,
...this does not mean I don't love you, I do, that's forever, yes and for always"...

Her eyes penetrate the depths of my soul and I start harmonizing with her while my neighbor covers the high parts and her boyfriend adds a guitar harmony that brings us all to the edge of an emotional cliff...

All of a sudden everything disappears except for Alices voice and mine. The music's gone and all at once we're singing acapella and in harmony...

"...I've got an answer, I'm going to fly away, (hey...hey)
What have I got to lose?,
Will you come see me, Thurdays and Saturdays, (hey...hey)
What have you got to lose?..."

We must have been staring at each other for some time. When we finally realized it, we were the only ones on the porch, the moon had joined us and it almost seemed to be saying, "Encore, encore..."

"Some how I knew you were going to make my day." Alice even phrased her words like a romantic love song.

"You sure made my day, how come we never took time to meet each other before?"

"You had a girl friend, remember?"

"Please, don't remind me...guess that was quite an embarrassing scene you witnessed."

"For some reason I went home that night thinking she didn't look like the kind of girl you really should be with."

"Oh yeah, what kind of girl should I be with?"


"Wow, you don't mess around, do you..."

"Life's tooooo short...besides, I like the way you play that guitar. In fact, I've got a proposition to make you...hope you're ready for this...?"

"Why do I get the feeling my life's about to change?"

"'cause it is...if you like my idea, that is. See, I have this dream of being on stage doing what we just got through doing. Not only do we sing duos together, we play guitar duos, especially on that slide guitar of yours."

"Wait, how do you know about that...?"

"The night I came to see you before you played the Kennedy Center, my boyfriend dumped me because I cried when you played that slide guitar solo."

"Just because of that?..."

"Well, he said he heard me say, 'I love you', under my breath...I'm a sucker for an awesome slide guitar player."

"Hey Alice, that's worth a kiss, if I may be so bold."

"I've got a better idea...if you would accept my first proposition, I'll move in with you...if you'll have me. I know a ton of places we could perform and we could even go out on the road, take the R V, cut our expenses and just let the music play...what-a-ya-say..."

"I love you..." I tried to say it under my breath. Our eyes water, our lips come together, both of us use extreme caution in not getting to carried away. Instinctively, our tongues move forward but as soon as they touch we back off, the remainder of the kiss is the most powerfully sensual open mouthed, tongueless kiss I can ever remember. She does things with her lips that are beyond amazing. Her lips are so wide and so full they curl up and down slightly, I love the way she dominates and controls a kiss, knowing exactly how to reach an orgasmic level of experience with no hands...

"I wanna sleep with you tonight...and I mean, just sleep...however, I do like to shower before bed and I love having my body delicately washed by someone elses hands...and you're my favorite choice."

"I'll bet that's what you say to all your boyfriends."

"I've only had two...neither one of them could play guitar or sing."

"So, what was the attraction?"

"Sex, at first they were great but I wore them into the ground. Next to hearing that slide guitar sound, I love sex, can't get enough, and I mean, like, night and day, I crave sex. I hope I'm not scarring you, I know we should have probably talked about all this, but, somehow I think..."

"...just shut up and get in the shower...Oh, by the way, thanks for coming to the right house..."

We smiled at each other and she gave me the sexiest hug ever. I could picture her naked treasure beneath her clothes with my eyes closed. Where she couldn't rub herself on me, she made sure my hands knew what was there and how a delicate touch could send her into ecstacy.

"Thought you said sleep only."

"I did...just for the first night. We can cuddle and touch each other everywhere but there...and when we're just about to fall asleep you can guide your cock between my thighs and up against my pussy, but no penetration."

"What if I lose it and give you a bath?"

"Oh, you will lose it, that's a gaurantee...this is just a test, but it'll be fun, you just wait."

"I'm about to lose it right here and now. You are the most exciting Lil' Fox I've ever known."

"Wait'll you really get to know me, you'll either love me or hate me, if you love sex the way I do, there won't be no hate."

"I love you already...get in the shower..."


"Get in the shower..."

Alice checks out all the exotic fragrance soaps and gels lined up on the shelf. I reach into a drawer and pull out my favorite flavor of the month, Spider Lily, made with mangos, avacados and vanila, with a green citrus aroma.

"Wow, Rod, you know how to treat a girl to the delicacies and pleasures of life."

"That's just for openers, actually, the girlfriend that's not right for me left some of those."

"...and what's in your hand?"

"This is the flavor I'm going to ravage your body with."

"What are we waiting for?"

Her lips aren't the only part of her body that are well pronounced. Her shoulders have a most amusing way of swaying upward while her arms are longer than her torso, short, thin, tapered legs, a rib cage that rounds out, then tucks sharply into a disappearing waistline. She goes braless with the most gorgeous breasts I've ever seen. They're so full they dip down bulging outward and downward, then glide upward as if they were a ski jump with her nipples pointing upward. As I slide my thumbs under the edges of her thong our eyes connect...

"Hope you like what I've prepared for you."

I begin to pull her thong down gently, slowly...she gets extremely excited and shuffles her legs up and down just as I catch a glimps of her neatly shaved and groomed mount olympus which swells outward adding a dimension of erodicism that makes me rise to the occasion. Her eyes widen as she catches a glimps of what I'm trying to hide.

"Why so bashful?'ve got nothing to be ashamed of with me...sure looks like I came to the right house...I can't wait to watch you work out...come on, on three, one, two three..."

As I pull her thong down to her knees she pulls my shorts down and we both step out and hug each other.

"I take back what I said earlier...lets not sleep tonight...lets find out all about each other...especially if we're sexually compatible."

"Alice, I don't want to blow this. We're both coming off a traumatic experience, so..."

", let's just enjoy each other like we did on the porch...and the rest will come as it expectations..."

"Why do you know exactly what to say and when to say it..."

"'cause I'm your girl now, if you want me..."

...............The Beginning...................
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