elder Love
Elder Love
By: Sassy Sue

Now I have had more than my share of sex in my short 24 years on this planet and I have come to one conclusion. Older lovers are better lovers. They are not fixated on proving how manly they are but have learn to appreciate the finer points of fucking woman and getting her motor running. Now I have learned as well and have learned to give an older man what he desires and that is keeping him hard and interested in my body. I started with men in their forties, and quickly graduated to men in their fifties and occasionally dabble in the senior class of men.

I began by hanging out in bars frequented by professionals, doctors, lawyers, executives and other like-minded men. Dressed to the nines, I look old enough to fit in with the clientele of the high-end bars and clubs. When I was twenty, I had a fake ID that reflected my age as twenty-two that I carried just in case I someone asked me for proof of my age. I have enjoyed the food of fine restaurants and the company of some fine men. While an older man is usually not as intense or energetic as an older man in bed is, but they are definitely more knowledgeable in pleasuring a woman. I have found that the older the man is, the intensity of my orgasm is greater, and I do like that.

One night I was out with some girlfriends when a very good-looking man came up to our table, and started talking to us. He introduced himself as Ted, he had salt and pepper hair, a good-looking man, and he was a doctor. Ted seems to be focusing on me as we enjoyed some wine and conversation, which ranged from occupations to sports. I always said I was studying business management in college.

What really piqued his interest was when touched on sports. My dad brought me up as a tomboy, my brother wasn't much of an athlete, and Dad could tell at an early age that he wasn't, but could tell that I had his athletic genes. Therefore, my dad would take me to baseball, football, basketball, and hockey games and we would watch everything on TV. I am a big time sports fan and a bit of a jock, as I currently play softball several times a week during the summer. I am a died in the wool Bears fan so when I started talking about the Bears, I knew what I was talking about, and I did, Ted started paying even more attention to me.

Ted was divorced about three years ago and had two kids. He and his ex-wife just didn't have anything in common. She hated sports, and hated the fact that because of his job, he was never home. He was lucky to have sex once a month, when they did have sex, it was with the lights off, missionary position, and when he came, it was over. She wouldn't give him head and didn't want him to see her
naked. We had a nice evening, and Ted asked me out on the following Friday. I said yes, of course and we agreed to meet here at the bar.

I went shopping for a new dress during the week; I wanted something sexy, but also elegant. I found a real nice black number, very short, I have great legs, but it had a nice touch of elegance. I went to the salon to get a manicure and a pedicure; I really went all out to make a good impression for Ted. I looked hot in that little black dress. Now when I go out I have another fetish that kicks in whenever I go out and that is I am an exhibitionist and of course, I never wear panties. I really get off flashing waiters and patrons letting people get a peek of a naughty girl who seems to be oblivious.

We met at the bar at seven thirty pm sharp. Ted is looking hot and smells enticing. .He stood about 5-10, approximately 175pounds, he looked like he took great care of his body, and I would find out later that he really did. He drove a very hot Mercedes and took me to a very fancy Italian restaurant, very dark and romantic.

The conversation and wine was flowing nicely, he even ordered dinner for me. The food was wonderful and I was not feeling any pain from the wine. The waiter paid extra special attention to us, especially since I had been flashing my shaved kitty at him all night. When dinner was finished, Michael came right out and asked if I wanted to go back to his place with him. That is what I like about
older men, straight to the point and confident and I was horny at the time, so of course I said yes.

As he held the door open for me, he took my arm pulling me close to him, and gently kissing me. It was a wonderful, sweet passionate kiss, our tongues swirling in each other's mouths. Another thing I like about older men, is that they know when and how to take charge. We finally broke off the kiss, and got into the car. As we headed for his house, I started running my hand up his leg, coming close to his penis, but not touching it, teasing him. I finally started lightly rubbing his penis through his pants; he was doing a great job of driving, considering what was happening.

At the next stop light, I unzipped his pants and he raised his butt enough so I could pull them, and his underwear down. The light turned green and I started licking his cock head. He was already hard, and had a nice thick cock; it
was probably about 7" long. I was really teasing him, licking his pee hole, circling his head, completely avoiding his shaft, and driving him crazy, I could tell by his soft moaning. I then surprised him by swallowing his whole cock in one fast swoop. I then started to bob my head up and down, sucking and licking his shaft at the
same time. Because I was driving him crazy with my oral talents, he pulled over to the side of the road.

It didn't take too long, he was a true gentleman, warning me that he was about to cum, trying to pull away from me, his ex-wife never swallowed his cum, but I wasn't having any of that. I took his prick deep in my throat and could I hear him moaning, and then, then he fed me my warm gooey desert. I could feel his cum, my gooey treat, sliding down my hungry throat and it was yummy. We were pretty close to his place now, he thanked me for the best blowjob he had ever had. I told him that was only the beginning, he had a strange smile on his face, and in time, I would find out later just what that smile meant.

He had a great place, it wasn't huge, his ex-wife got the family house, but it was a three-bedroom place, with a nice basement and a Jacuzzi in the backyard. He opened a bottle of wine, just what I needed, more wine, a nice mellow Chardonnay. He put on some soft music and sat next to me on the couch. He was really close to me, pulling me to him and our lips meeting in another passionate kiss, he was a great kisser. My hands lightly moving over his body, I was wet. Ted was fondling my breasts, then tracing the curves of my body with his firm fingers and ending at my ass. He lifted me up while we were still kissing and I wrapped my legs around his waist and my skirt riding up, baring my juicy pussy.

Helping me undress, and then Ted took off his clothes. He wasn't muscle bound, but I could see his body was toned, and he was in great shape. Lifting me up once again, plopping me on my back on his bed and Ted began kissing my naked body. His tongue in my ear and I shivered as he was working his tongue in my ear. That is one of my erogenous zones and it was working tonight. Very deliberate and passionate he worked his way down my neck taking his time, gaging my reactions and reacting to them. This was not the wham bam, thank you ma'am fuck of a young stud. This is why older men are better lovers.

Butterfly kisses, he found my aching breasts, teasing and playing with my gumdrop nipples, occasionally lightly nipping them with his teeth. Working slowly downwards, licking my sides, belly button, I was so horny, ready to fuck. Blowing lightly on my bare mound He then licked downward, blowing lightly on my pussy,
but he didn't lick it, he kept going downwards to my thighs, licking and kissing his way down my legs, I was really glad I shaved that night. He was now down licking my ankles and then kissing my feet. He kissed me behind my knees and that just drives me up the wall, younger men always miss that erogenous zone of mine. Rolling my hips did not faze him, he was in no hurry, and his lips were kissing my inner thighs, just mere inches from sopping pussy.

His strong hands spread my thighs wide, opening me to his touch, his finger brushing my swollen pussy lips. I trembled as his parted my silky wet lips, opening my cunt for his lust. Easing his fingers into me, he eased them up my slit and my pussy contracted squeezing his invading digits. I love the feeling of him playing in my pussy, arching my hips, sliding on his thick fingers, my nectar clinging to his fingers. Pulling them from my snatch, he presses them to my lips, I can smell my musky scent; taste my salty-sweet juices. My tongue licks my nectar and his fingers just as he wanted.

Looking down between my breasts, I can see the glistening, mushroom head of his prick plowing the slit of my cunt, the lips pushed to the side and his thick cock coated with my juices. He pauses, he is at the point, the point of no return, he is going to impale my cunt, he bears down, and I can feel his cock stretching me. Slow, deliberate, his cock is spreading my hole, dipping into my wanton pussy; the head is in my hole. I want more, he pulls back, and I can feel him, leaving me empty, yearning for his cock. Guiding his cock he rubs the velvety head on my clit, I shudder from the touch and he persists until my pussy floods with a small orgasm. He has made med cum and has not even fucked me yet. His is throbbing, he returns to my love hole and begins to enter again, this time he sinks his cock into me. I respond, flexing my hips, impaled on his hard shaft and we fuck with intensity.

His large balls slapping my pussy as he pounds my cunt, sweat dripping from our bodies, my legs in the air, his hands on my thigh he pumps and then he tenses. His cock is squirting his man cream into me, hot sticky cream, he moans as he cums. I slam back on his shaft determined to cum myself, to bathe his cock in my cum. My pussy is sloppy now, our bodies sliding on each other as we fulfill our lust. It reeks of sex, the sheets wet with cum and sweat and the he pulls his cock from my cunt. Ted slaps my ass and in a stern voice, not demanding, not suggesting, but commanding.

"On your knees, my pretty lady!"

I did not hesitate, rolling over I was on my knee, my sweaty ass in the air and spread wide for my lover. My swollen wet labia, dripping with our cum. One hand on my ass and the other was feeling my pussy, fingering my stretched hole and the head of his cock poised at my pussy. Replacing his fingers with his cock, he drove it in to the hilt in a savage thrust. Next, he wrapped my hair, in his hand and pulling my head back, stretching my throat tight. It was a rough savage fucking, he was not making love to me, and he was fucking me like a slut, the way I desired.

Long, deep strokes with his thick cock made me scream with passion, he was making me cum, my cunt throbbing, he rode me hard and exploded deep in my cunt. Stopping, his cock buried deep in me, and shooting ribbons of hot cum until some of it spurted out my hole, to run down my thighs. Ted kept his cock in my cunt until he began to soften and he slipped from my pussy.

We lay spooning, my wet pussy on his ass and my hand playing with his flaccid prick, hoping, desiring for him to fuck me once again. Ted had made me cum several times and best of all made me cum first. This is the reason I love to fuck an older man than a young stud.

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