first time, part 1
My first time, female - female, happened like a dream I had been having over and over, but could never remember when I woke up.

Jenna, my best friend from college came to visit for our re-union. I was married and my hubby took the opportunity to have a weekend with his friends (girl-friend it turns out).
When Jenn arrived we huged for the longest time and then quickly were out the door. Jenn and I spent the entire afternoon shopping and getting ready for the re-union that night. I knew my marriage was going to end. I brazenly told Jenn I had only been with one man in my life. I was dead serious when I told her I was committed to getting myself a really good lover that night out of all of the really hot men from college I had to pass on because I was engaged when I was 17.

All during our visit to the salon (hair, nails, foot and calf massage, eyebrows, bikini waxing) I talked on and on about how my sex life sucked, how horney I was and how I was going to tease every man I met that night. Jenn just laughed and when she did, which was a lot, her nipples would swell and protude slightly through her knit sweater. Nervously I commented one time that she should have had babies because her nipples were ready for twins. She just laughed more and threw back her shoulders to make them even more visible. They look like the erasers on a really thick pencil I had in first grade.

Jenn is a beautiful red head. She has a beautiful angel face and boobs that make every eye turn when she walks in the room. Her eyes are deep green and when she catches your eye in a conversation you just can't look away. Her legs are thin and long and she has these tiny feet so that when she wears her 4' heels she looks like a red head barbie. Most men would say she was built for fucking and most woman would think she is the biggest slut in the world because she smiles and engages every man that looks her way. A friend that you KNOW your hubby would leave you for in a heart beat.

After shopping we are back to my place walking around naked after our showers trying on clothes till we find our most sexy come fuck me outfits in my wardrobe. Jenn has a tat on the small of her back and along her thong line that looks like two angels with their legs extended towards each other. Very curious. Jenn commented, several times about how beautiful my breasts were and that I looked really sexy all shaved. I just laughed nervously. Jenn was going to go dressed down in slacks and a blouse. I changed that into a tight leather skirt, red buster and see through white lace blouse with my highest heels and open toes. Yes, I will admit it, I was going to use my friend as bait, for me. Ha Ha.

For my outfit I selected that little back dress that has an opening for my cleavage down to there and a short hem that rides up my ass to here!

Off we go to the reunion. Two hours and several drinks latter we are on our way back home. It was terrible!!!!! Every man there was either drunk, married, drunk AND married, or needed a complete make over just to have a conversation. Jenn bless her heart talked to everyone and seemed to be having a great time. I was the miserable one. I felt crushed that again I was going to be sleeping alone with my vibrator and having to settle for my slight climax because I could never make myself really cum.

On our way home I was almost in tears. Jenn held my hand all the way home trying to keep mt from crying. There was something in the way her fingers interlaced with mine, with her middle finger stroking the plam of my hand, that soothed me and at the same time excited me.

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