V9 friends,
This story is heavily about bi-sexual men.
I know some of you don't enjoy that so I thought I'd save you some time lol.
On the other hand, there is a woman in the story, and if you like it hot, this one's hot!
I hope you enjoy it.....or not LOL


"Want me to take my pants off?"

Jerry and I were in his apartment bedroom. We'd been sitting and talking about our sexual experiences. We had been friends since we were in high school and we'd been reminiscing about the sex we used to have when we were teenagers. Back then we were bundles of raging 18-year-old hormones and incredible sex drives living in full-grown men's bodies. Horny as fuck 24/7, and getting ourselves into some pretty wicked sexual experiences together.

For the last few minutes he'd been telling me deliciously amazing details about the threesome he'd been in just the night before with his brother Charles and their friend and neighbor, Rachel, and damn she sounded hot. She sounded extremely hot. Jerry said she was into lots of things, like having two guys at once. Especially if the guys were bi-sexual, which the brothers were, so the three of them quickly became friends and got together pretty often since her apartment was just two doors down.

He talked a lot about Rachel. Said she was a strikingly beautiful woman with a caramel-colored complexion, and was about five feet tall. Her black hair, dark eyes, and full lips gave her a very attractive exotic look that drew plenty of admiring and longing looks from men and women alike. She had a mature, extremely curvy figure with very full breasts and a lush round ass.

Jerry said her naked tits made him fucking crazy for her and that if she just walked into the room he started getting a hard-on. He said he jerked off a lot imagining himself shooting his cum all over her large aureola and big nipples---something he had actually done a few times.

She was middle-aged, a good bit older than both of the brothers, but none of them cared about that. None of them cared about anything but the terrific sex they shared. Right now they weren't looking for enduring romantic relationships. At this particular moment they just enjoyed being close friends. Friends who were heavily into using each other for sex, giving and receiving intense pleasures, enjoying the hell out of each other.

He told me how he was fucking her doggie just last night, banging really hard into her hot ass while she was sucking Charles' cock.

Jerry said this Rachel chick is also really into watching. Watching and getting herself off.....watching any kind of sex probably---couples, girls, groups---but she definitely had a thing for watching bi-sexual men. He said she loved watching him and Charles jerking their cocks at the same time, and when they both shot their creamy loads she would always cum too. He said it was really fucking hot....their cocks blasting cum all over the place while she watched them with her legs wide apart, rubbing her clit furiously.

Sometimes, though, she would just watch without touching herself. Watch them masturbate, or even better, watch them masturbate each other's cock- Jerry jacking off Charles while Charles was pumping Jerry's cock at the same time. She loved it. And it turned the guys on like hell knowing that she loved it. Jerry said it was enough to make him cum--watching her face while she was staring at them jacking off each other.

And when she watched them SUCK each other like in a 69 he said she just about went fucking nuts.

So anyway after talking about hot sex like that for a good while, naturally both of our cocks were solid hard and clearly visible to each other through our pants.

That's when he stood up and said, "Want me to take my pants off?"

I said, "Sure," very relaxed.

No hesitation, no discomfort. No worries at all.

I had seen him get his pants off many times and I was used to seeing his big erection.

Hell I loved seeing his hard cock.

I felt mine stiffen even more when I told him, "Sure," because I knew in a moment his big hard fucker would be in my mouth with my lips stretched tight around his thick smooth shaft, sliding up and down, bumping back and forth over the rim of his swollen cock head.

It had been a long time since we'd had sex, but we'd been together so many times that seeing his thick seven-plus inches sticking straight out in front of him was a very familiar experience for me. God I got turned on staring at that cock wagging and bouncing around while he got his jeans all the way off.

Standing there in front of me wearing just a t-shirt, his big balls hanging way down under his erect cock, he wrapped his fist around his shaft and started pulling real slowly. Damn he looked great. He was making me want to get my pants off too, and seeing his cock like that brought a favorite memory to mind: My hard cock touching his as we stood naked facing each other with our hands on our waists, moving our hips just enough to slide and rub our straining cocks together.

Our skin was so sensitive it was always fantastic sex seeing how much we could make them touch in different ways and move them around together without using our hands. Sliding back and forth on each other like we were fucking, sawing our shafts together at an angle, circling them around and around each other's length, poking at each other's balls, precum dripping and slinging everywhere, and smearing precum all over each other's cock head.

It always felt incredible and it looked so fucking great. Whenever we started that way we almost always ended up sucking each other, jerking our cocks and cumming for each other.

He spoke calmly, matter-of-factly, with his hand on his big prick, "You can take your pants off too, if you want. You don't have to. I mean just whatever......"

He watched me and pulled his cock easily, casually, while I unbuttoned and unzipped my Levi's, then pushed them and my shorts down past my knees to my ankles and kicked them off my bare feet.
My full erection is just about eight inches and was as fucking hard as his. In fact, our pricks look a lot alike. Mine's just a little longer and thicker.

When I was in college one of the girls I fucked for a couple of months measured me using a measuring tape and said it was officially 7 and 7/8 inches long. She joked that if there was a big pile of cum sitting on the tip it would make it a full 8 inches or more.
She also wrapped the tape around my shaft and said it was more than 6 and 1/2 inches around, and that made it one helluva mouthful.

Then after all that playing around she went down on me and fucked my cock with her lips and mouth and tongue, sucking me and pumping me with her soft hand while I groaned and called her every dirty name I could think of.

She loved it and we both couldn't get enough.

Stepping forward, Jerry let go of his prick and reached out, taking my cock in both of his hands, lightly stroking it and pulling it slowly as he said, "Let's get on the floor."

Damn, just his touching me like that was almost enough to make me cum.

"In a minute," I said as I sank to my knees in front of him.
Just as I leaned in and slid his cock in my open mouth we heard a female voice very quietly exclaim, "Oh shhhit."

There were Rachel and Charles standing in the bedroom doorway looking at me down on my knees sucking Jerry's big stiff cock, one of my hands wrapped around his naked thigh, the other feeling and pulling his large smooth balls. My head was steadily, repeatedly moving forward and back, my lips pressing tight around him as they slid up over the rim of his swollen head, then all the way down to his pubic hair and back again.

My nasal breathing was heavy and noisy, and I couldn't help my occasional groan as I mouth-fucked that hard thick cock. Godddddd it had been too fucking long since we had done this. Shit I'd forgotten how hot the sex could be between us......sucking and pumping his big cock and hearing him groan and cuss had my own cock feeling like it was stretched so hard it was about to rip out of its skin.

Hands on his waist, Jerry closed his eyes and leaned his head back. He didn't give a shit who else had come in, he just didn't want me to stop eating his big hard prong.

Charles quietly disappeared back out the door, but Rachel came on into the room, her attention totally focused on watching me suck Jerry's hard cock. She walked around us slowly getting a good look from every angle at my mouth sliding forward and back on his big wet prick, sucking him with my lips tight on his thick shaft.

She began pulling her clothes off, never taking her eyes off the energetic wet-sounding blow job I was giving him. I was working his cock so hard I couldn't watch her undressing, as much as I wanted to. But I knew she was naked when she knelt down beside me. Her face was at the same level as mine, so she was about as close as she could get to his hard straight cock sticking out, disappearing into my mouth again and again in a steady rhythm. My eyes were closed when I heard her sexy voice whisper, "Suck it for me......"

Hearing her whisper like that gave me a surge of sexual energy, and I mouth-fucked his cock a little faster just for her.

She stood and took hold of Jerry's t-shirt and pulled it off over his head. I couldn't see it, but later Jerry told me that when she got his shirt off she sucked one of his nipples really hard for a few seconds, scratching and twisting the other one at the same time.

She took hold of his arms and pulled, easing his naked body down to the floor. I struggled to keep my mouth on his cock while he was moving, but at one point it slipped out so I got it with one hand and pulled it till he was laying on his back flat on the floor.

While that was happening I got a good look at Rachel, and damn! she was so strikingly beautiful and her body so fabulously sexy my cock felt like it was hardening even more, if that was possible.

I kept giving Jerry a steady hand-job while I watched her climb onto the bed.
I knew exactly what she wanted to see, so when she was settled I got on my hands and knees with my head right over Jerry's erect cock and plunged my mouth down on him and started bobbing my head up and down, really working his big cock. He groaned and lifted his ass just a little to meet my fucking head, then went back down again as I kept driving my face into him.

A couple of times I nearly choked on his hard-on---that big swollen head and the long thick hard shaft sliding through my tight lips, filling my whole mouth with his pussy-fucking cock.

Jesus christ it was such fucking hot sex feeling a man's cock filling my mouth again after so long. And with Rachel watching me suck him it was goddam incredible. I was giving him the blow job of his life, loving every sensation, and at the same time I so wanted to look at her......her beautiful face and hot body and her amazing breasts.

I had seen her briefly when she was pulling Jerry down to lay on the floor, and my god now I understood why Jerry said her aureola and nipples were such a huge turn on for him. I was totally sexually excited at the thought of being naked with her on that bed when Jerry was finished with me.

So for her pleasure, I mouthed and licked and sucked his hard prick, sometimes working on him like an artist, and sometimes like a madman.

I pumped him steadily with one hand while I sucked his balls, then I licked all the way up the sensitive underside of his cock and covered his spongy cap with my mouth, sucking it really hard before opening my mouth wide and exhaling hot breath all over him as I lowered my head and swallowed his slippery rod and started fucking him with my mouth again.
I wanted to give her a show that would sexually captivate her, cause her to fix her sexual stare on me and stir up her voracious sex drive Jerry had told me about. I wanted her to want my cock.

Charles came back into the room naked, his cock hard and sticking straight out, bouncing all around as he walked toward us.

His was the first hard cock I had ever seen besides mine, when we were teenagers. It was much smaller than mine or Jerry's, maybe 5 inches long and as big around as a man's thumb. Smaller, but while Jerry's and mine were big and rough looking, his was a thing of beauty. Perfectly shaped, smooth and pale as alabaster.

Partners who were initially disappointed at his size soon changed their mind when it was in their mouth or their pussy or their ass. Because of its size, its sleek slender length, he could move it around, manipulate it, and do things with his hard dick that others of us were just too thick to make happen. Charles wasn't the least bit uncomfortable with his cock size.

He had learned how to use it to create all kinds of sensations and pleasures, and he was a fucking expert at giving women orgasms with that cock. Also, it was only natural that others would seek him out for anal intercourse because of his more manageable size. In his orgiastic social circle he was much in demand with women and men alike who sucked cock and wanted their asses fucked.

Jerry was naked laying on his back, occasionally raising his head to watch my mouth sliding up and down on his sensitive cock. Charles was walking toward me, also naked. He got down on his knees, and as he was leaning down on all fours Rachel slid off the bed and came over to me.

She took hold of my t-shirt and pulled it up, interrupting my sodomizing of Jerry. She got it off me, leaving me naked like the other two men. She didn't just want to see three men together, she wanted the men she was watching to be naked, pricks and balls everywhere, all three sucking cock, jerking off and cumming.

She kissed my mouth briefly, sexually, giving me a taste of her tongue while she dragged her nails across my chest, then grabbed me by the hair and pushed my head down to Jerry's cock. She took his hard fucker in her other hand and forced my mouth back onto his cock, then she went back to watch from the bed.

Charles lay on the floor on his back and slid himself between Jerry's butt and my knees with his head under my straining cock. He got his open mouth right under the tip and caught the precum string that had been pouring out and wetting the carpet ever since I pulled my pants off.

With one hand wrapped around the base of Jerry's cock, my lips sliding hard up and down his shaft with his swollen cock head buried in my mouth, I heard Rachel's quiet voice instructing Charles, "Suck him, babe."

Charles obeyed her, laying on his side so he was facing the dripping head of my hard prong.

Jerry's mouth-filling cock was rubbing against the back of my throat when I felt Charles' warm mouth engulf my own straining prick and oh goddddd in a rush I remembered all the different kinds of things he used to do with his mouth hungrily working my hard-on. Goddam, after everything that had already happened, now his warm wet mouth was sucking me hard as hell and fucking my sensitive cock. Sliding his lips up and down my hard shaft was making me feel like I would cum!

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed he was moving and I turned my head and saw that his hand was steadily pumping his erection. It might not be huge, but I knew from experience it was hard and smooth as a torpedo, and it was a huge turn-on to stroke and suck.

Rachel was sitting on the bed slowly touching herself, while intently watching exactly what she wanted to see. Naked men lying on the floor together having hard cock sex, sucking and stroking, groaning more and more as they worked themselves closer to exploding their streams of thick white cum.

Jerry came first. I'd been sucking and pumping his thick hard dick for about fifteen minutes straight and he was squirming his ass, raising it off the floor to push his cock into my mouth. My head bobbed up and down faster and faster squeezing my lips tight on him. He raised his head and grunted a barely audible "Yeahhhhhh......" watching me mouth-fuck his thick straight cock as fast as I could. It was cumming--his cock stiffened as the incredibly intense pleasurable feelings surged through him, and he felt his cum boiling and starting to rise.

When Rachel heard him groaning she felt such a huge flood of sexual sensations rushing through her naked body it was almost like having an orgasm.

Watching a man sucking another man's hard cock was a pussy-soaking experience for her. It had most often been a fantasy until that day she couldn't believe her good fortune when two bi-sexual brothers moved in just a couple of doors away. They were fucking insatiable and would perform anything for her any time of day or night. For them, having her watching them just fanned the flames that already existed between them. No matter what she instructed them to do, they were more than eager to do it for her pleasure and their own.

She fucked and sucked them both and loved to experience each of them eating her pussy. But a lot of times just watching their guy-guy cock sex was the hottest of all. And today she had just happened to walk in on this new good-looking friend with such a gorgeous hard fucking cock. So this time the "guy-guy" sex was a "guy-guy-guy" mini-orgy! She had never seen THREE men feasting on each other!

Right now she couldn't take her eyes off my bobbing and twisting head as I was voraciously grinding my mouth on his cock every way I could. Jerry's cock in my mouth totally captivated her as I worked it with everything I had, sucking him and sliding up and down his thick wet shaft, sometimes pulling him out for a few seconds to beat his prick with my fist wrapped tightly around it.

I energetically licked him from his balls to his tip, and circled that mother-fucker with the full length of my tongue. Sometimes I just sucked hard on the swollen head till he groaned in pain. Whatever pleasures I subjected him to, I would finally plunge my wide-open mouth back down over his big rod and start the whole process again.

I knew he was close to cumming, and when he lifted his ass and groaned like that she knew it too.

I glanced over at her on the bed and saw her staring at us, pulling her nipples and stretching out her fabulous tits.

That's when I felt it, and it caught me by surprise......the first cumshot from Jerry's cock. I put my hand around the base of his squirting cock and slowly worked it up and down as I felt streams and globs of his thick cum pumping out of his spasming cock onto my tongue and into the back of my throat. He shot a pretty big load and I kept my lips tight around him while he groaned and cussed and emptied his swollen balls into my mouth.

When I could tell he was done I opened my squeezing lips while his cock was still in my mouth. That let most of the thick white cum drain out of my mouth and slowly move down his cock shaft like thick lava from an erupting volcano.

Rachel had a dazed look on her face as she continued staring. What she was seeing was overwhelming her sexual senses, and she was loving every fucking second of it. Her pussy had already soaked the sheets, and she was getting her middle fingers wet from her pussy and carefully sliding her fingertips around her aereola, getting them wet with pussy cum as she continued watching Jerry's creamy white stuff piling up around the base of his cock.

Now that I was finished with Jerry, I raised up on my knees and watched Charles eating my cock like he was starving for it and ohhhhhhhh FUCK it felt so GOOD. Jesus his mouth was going like wild on me, licking me fast and sliding his mouth up and down and sucking hard while he moved his head around.

He had been the first guy to suck my cock and get me started in all this sex shit. And when we were young teenagers he was the first person other than me to make me cum, giving me a great hand job and slinging my cumeverywhere when we were both naked on his bed.

Still laying on his side he raised up on one elbow so he could get his mouth on my cock better. He continued jerking on his own hard prick, and had a fast steady rhythm going that had his balls shaking. After a couple of minutes he sat up facing me, between Jerry and me. He reached out and started pulling my hard wet cock while he was pounding his own.
Rachel had reclined to one side so she could see between Charles and me, and see what he was doing with our cocks.

While he was pulling my hard-on I rested back on my arms with my legs spread apart. That position made my cock stick straight up, and made it look really big and long.

When Rachel saw it she quietly said, "Shit Charles suck that damn thing.........."

Charles leaned forward and took it all in his mouth, gagging and coughing when it touched the back of his throat.

He kept pulling it at the base, pounding it in fast short strokes right next to my balls while he was aggressively sliding his fucking mouth up and down. He was really into it, sucking the shit out of me and oh man he was going to make me cum, I could feel it.

Rachel was really into it too, staring hard at us while she touched herself.

Even Jerry was watching, still laying on his back. I saw his cock raising itself back up to a tall erection as he was staring intently at his brother wickedly sucking my cock.

My whole body was tight and I held my breath as the tension built and built and built till I thought my chest would explode. Then all of a sudden I groaned "OHHHHHHHH....." really loud and roughly from my throat as my cum burst free and was jetting out of my cock inside his mouth. He didn't slow down or let up, instead he fucked his mouth even rougher on me the whole time I was cumming.

My cock head was so sensitive the experience was right on the edge between pleasure and pain, and I couldn't help lifting my ass off the floor and yelling, "SHIT.....FUCK," as my cum continued spewing out onto his tongue.

Just like Jerry had, I was so turned on that I shot a pretty big load of cum in Charles' sucking mouth.

Damn it was hot! Such a fucking thrill getting my stiff pole sucked off by a man! Watching him eating my cock and having me cum in his mouth was so sexually wild that it totally consumed me.....made my mind white hot, burning with intense sexual stimulation.

And having Rachel there, someone who craved watching men sucking cock and got so much sexual gratification seeing and hearing it up close, having her there made it all a hell of a lot hotter.

I was breathing hard as Charles slid his mouth off me, a string of cum connecting his lower lip and my cock head. He stood up, turned to face Rachel, and opened his mouth wide for her to see it filled with strings and piles of my cum. She stared at his mouth for those few seconds and began moving two fingers on her engorged clit.

He swallowed a couple of times for her and showed her the inside of his mouth again, this time it was clean. All that thick cum had gone down his throat.

He stepped over his brother who was still laying on the floor with his cock straight as a flag pole covered in lines and drifts of thick white cum.

He stepped over him and started beating his smooth torpedo-like prick again.

Leaning over Jerry like he was, it was clear what was about to happen. I looked over at Rachel and she had lifted one leg up onto the bed and was slowly stroking her swollen wet cunt. Jesus christ her tits were fantastic.

Charles stroked his cock faster.....faster and harder, slapping his fist against his abdomen. He was jerking off as hard as he could, and the look on his face said that he was almost ready to cum.

By the time he dropped to his knees Rachel was abusing her cunt with one wet hand and squeezing, pulling, and feeling her big full tits with the other.

She began rubbing a steady rhythm on her clit, watching Charles beating his cock.

He was pounding himself, and his hand sped up in one final frenzy.

Charles shouted "OHHHHHHHH FUCK....." as the three of us saw his white streak of cum fly out and fall on his brother's hard cock. He came again and again, jerking his prick and making sure his cum landed on Jerry's cock or in the pile of cum that had already collected at the base. It was a fucking mess, and it looked fucking hot.

I dove forward, leaned over Jerry's body, and devoured Charles' cum-spewing cock, immediately sucking and fucking it, sliding his straight hard prick in and out of my mouth.

Jerry raised up and got his head close to mine, and after a moment he quietly said, "Let me." So I slid off and watched him mouth-fucking his brother's cock while he reached up and twisted one nipple, then reached down and fondled his tight balls.

I put my head alongside his and he took the cue, moving over so I could suck Charles' torpedo-cock again.

We went back and forth like that for a long time, and when it wasn't our turn to suck we started finding other things to do to Charles.......I licked and flicked his nipples and pulled them with my teeth.......Jerry kissed his brother full on the mouth, their lips wide open and fucking tongues clearly visible.

It was shit hot sex and all three of our cocks were hard and sticking out like prongs.

It was right then we heard quiet groaning. A sustained groan that was increasing in intensity. It was Rachel on the bed getting herself off---damn she was CUMMING while she watched her three naked men on the floor sucking hard cock, mouth-fucking, and shooting out their white cum streams on each other. All three of us had cum on our faces, our lips or chin.

And we were so into it all, so fucking turned on it wasn't over yet.

Over the years, the three of us had sucked cock together so many times in so many positions that it was very natural for us when we dissolved to the floor again and slid into a cock-sucking triangle. Laying on our sides with our top legs pulled back, we rested our head on the thigh of the guy in front of us. I had my head on Charles' leg, his head was on Jerry, and Jerry's head was on me, his face close enough to me to lick my balls.

This arrangement had our stiff pricks sticking straight out again. Made it easy for us to reach a cock and pump it, and pull it down into our mouths and go to work sucking it. And once we got started good, things got so goddam hot and felt so incredible, we were all just about sucking and jerking the shit out of each other.

All of us were pumping and pounding, sucking and mouth-fucking, sliding in saliva up and down the full length of our cocks, and then we would pump some more.

"URRGGGHHHHHH" Jerry growled through clenched teeth, watching his cum slinging onto Charles' face.

When he started cumming it was like it pushed Charles and me over the edge too so that all three of us were fiercely jacking a cum-spurting cock while our own hard pricks were exploding our own thick cum-loads.
It was a total fucking orgy of cum splattering onto all three of us.
We could actually see all the streams and drops and white globs flying through the air as we moaned and cursed.

A couple of weeks later Rachel and I were in bed at my place. I was laying on her fantastic tits, her heels were hooked around the back of my legs and I was fucking her slowly, pushing my hard cock deep into her. As I was licking her broad aureola, sucking and stretching her nipples out, we quietly talked some. She told me that when the three of us guys were in that triangle position her pussy practically gushed with her own cum.

Hearing that made me suck hard on her nipple and she moaned sexily. Then she said that seeing us all with cocks in our mouths at the same time like that, seeing our heads bobbing and twisting, and hearing all the wet sucking sounds was just about the hottest fucking thing she had ever seen.

Then we all started cumming together, making an unbelievable mess everywhere, and she said THAT was hotter and sexier than anything she had ever read about or even seen in porn, and she was STILL reliving it in her mind and masturbating every day, sometimes several times a day.

So after that day "their" threesome became "our" foursome.
One beautiful fabulously sexual woman with an incredible body, a powerful sex drive, and a blazing hot imagination, matched perfectly with three cock-sucking men who are so fucking horny all the time, so sexually free, and crave sex so much that we are willing to do anything for her.

Anything she wants us to do to taking turns fucking her.

Or anything she wants us to do with her and one of us sucking the other two men's cocks, switching back and forth between them. God I love that....watching a woman sucking me, then seeing a man's head rising and falling on me, seeing his mouth sliding up and down on me fucking my super-hard cock, then the woman again, then watching the man taking thew hole length of my cock into his throat.

Rachel REALLY gets turned on by switching like that. Sometimes she lets the man keep sucking for a good while just so she can watch up close. Sometimes she likes to lick my shaft when his mouth is at the top sucking my head. Sometimes she gets the third guy to lick my shaft when the other man's mouth is at the top sucking my head, and she watches them licking and sucking me.

We let her do anything she wants with one of our cocks, or with all three of our the times she gives herself a real sex workout, jacking and sucking our hard cocks together till she has all three of us cumming at the same time. Damn it's wild seeing all that cum flying out!

We do anything she wants us to, especially if it's because she wants to watch us doing it. She loves watching men suck hard cock, and we love sucking each other's cock. And we think it's HOT that she wants to watch.

So we suck a lot of cock.

Like I said, the three of us do anything for her, and for each other.
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