french maid optional ending 2
It only took me seconds to realize that your surprise was one of absolute shock. My questioning gaze held for a scant moment before I heard a soft sound. My eyes flew to the noise. Standing behind you was your co-worker Jared. My eyes grew wide with dismay and embarrassment. Seeing the mortified look in my eyes, you rushed to my side and fell to your knees in front of me. Heedless to Jared you ran your hands up and down my arms. Your touch soothed my shattered nerves and I tremulously smiled at you. "I'm sorry I ruined your plans," You said softly to me, stopping between words to gently kiss my eyes, the tip of my nose and then my lips. I sighed, your words, lips and touch all a tender caress. It wasn't until I apologized to you for putting on a show in front of your co-worker that we even looked back at Jared. HE stood at the door, an erection readily evident beneath his pants. My eyes flew to yours. We had alwys talked about performing' for an audience. I knew that this was going to be our chance. I slipped off the seat and onto your lap. My breasts brushed against your chest. Seductively I pulled my outfit from my shoulders. My oiled skin glowed in the candle light as I undressed before you. I could hear a gasp from Jared as my distended nipples came into view. I could see in your eyes that your mind was thinking and pondering something. Therefore I wasn't too surprised when you asked me if I trusted you. My answer of course was implicitly. Grasping me by the hips you placed me back onto the chair. You tugged until my hips sat poised on the edge. My chest heaved with what I knew was to come. Your tongue running the length of my slit and swirling around my clit never fails to drive me wild. This time however; I was in for a surprise. You turned to Jared and motioned him forward. With your eyes you motioned for him to take up the position between my spread thighs. You moved around the chair behind me, our heads nestled together as we watched Jared move closer. Your arms encircled me, finding my breasts. I arched my back against you as you worked my nipples as only you know how. Your breathe was hot against my neck and I could feel your gasp as we watched Jared's tongue reach out to probe my moist body. The feeling of his tongue tentatively learning my body, licking and tasting me had me writhing and moaning in no time. My hands reached back to encircle your throbbing body into my hands. I could feel you pulse and jerk in my hand as my body soared from the combined efforts of Jared's probing tongue and your wandering hands. My head fell back against your chest as my body exploded from the sensations that these two things brought forth. My body began to pitch and buck as the first waves of pleasure rolled over me. I was totally in my own world and didn't notice the shift as you left your position and moved between my legs. The first time I realized that you and Jared had switched locations was when I opened my glazed eyes and saw you before me your cock pressed against the lips of my vagina. Jared stood beside me as you both awaited my acceptance of this next phase. Unable to talk I could only smile my approval. Understanding my acceptance, you pushed forward. Your head slipped into my dewy depths. Jared leaned down and began to lathe my breasts with his tongue, suckling and licking my sensitive nipples. Your member slipped deeply inside me, I gasped out, as you slowly began to pump me. My hands guided Jared's cock up to my lips. I couldn't wait to taste him. I wanted him in my mouth while you were deep in my pussy. I needed him in my mouth. My lips parted and I began to suck him. The rhythm of my mouth was set by the pace that you adopted as you slide in and out of my warm chasm of love. The feelings of being thoroughly loved sent me spiraling out of control again as wave after wave of tremors rocked my body. Your eyes remained riveted to my mouth as I worked on pleasuring Jared. I could see the intense fever that was building in you at the sight of me pleasuring another man right before your eyes. I could feel your balls tightening against my ass cheeks as they slapped against me. Your breath was coming faster and more choppy as you came nearer to your ultimate goal. You gave a cry of surprise as you exploded with a ferociousness that was surprising to even you. My body began to jerk and spasm once more as your body kept pumping its warm juices into my tight body. Spent, you pulled out. Without question, I directed Jared around to take your position. My body offered no resistance to his intrusion as he slid in. My body slick and dripping with my own wetness commingled with your cum that had just filled my pussy. My super sensitive pussy couldn't take much before it involuntarily tightened its hold on Jared's throbbing pussy. The steady cadence of my muscles becoming tense around his cock quickly drew him over the edge into the abyss of an orgasm. Completely spent, he slipped out of my body and the three of us fell to the floor where we laid entangled in each others limbs as the perspiration on our bodies dried and our breathing returned to normal. I was the first to push myself to a sitting position. You lay there looking at me, completely sated. Jared quickly followed suit. I could tell that he was worried about what I would be thinking after our intimate time. I leaned over and tenderly kissed him. "It's all good" I mouthed to him. Smiling he got to his feet. After a few moments of searching, he found his scattered clothes. You and I stood up and followed him to the door. You stood behind me as we said goodbye, your chest pressed against my back, your arms wrapped tightly around me. As the door closed, cocooning us in the privacy of our house, I turned to you to kiss you deeply. "Thank you," I whispered into your ear. I could feel your hard member twitch against me as thoughts of the dining room action rushed back to you. Unable to resist, I had to make one more comment, "Turnabout is fair play, I guess I'll have to start looking for a woman to join us." That was all you needed to swooped me up into your arms and carried me to bed. Submitted by:

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