high school irony (partI)
Today seemed to be another lame day for jon who lived in a small town and went to the local public school which consisted of about 40 kids per grade but this day would take a turn for the better. Jon was a senior and was a metal head with long hair and tattoos, he was good looking and edgy but acted like he didn't give a fuck and was pretty much rebeling against popularity. Jon played the hard roll but in reality had one of the softest most sensative personalities. He was in love with a beautiful girl named Laura. Laura was one of the smartest girls in the school and probably the prettiest. She was more attractive to jon because she wasn't a skank or whore although she was in the same crowd as the other skanks she was more shy yet still had her own views.

As jon entered gym class, the last period of the school day he saw laura, they had gym together. He said "hi" nervously and she smiled at him. Laura was one of those girls who made you breathe heavy just by walking into the room. Jon would constantly stare at her discreetly and every now and then she would catch him. She never gave him a dirty look and sometime he would look at her and she was already looking at him. This prolonged his intents thoughts of being with laura.

Gym class ended and jon went into the locker room to change and go home. He could not stob thinking about laura and her beautiful dark hair and brown eyes. He also loved the way her tight yet sculpted ass looked in her gym shorts. He couldn't get enough of her nice perky a cubs or her long full atheletic legs in those sneakers and high socks. Jon couldn't take it anymore and without thinking he just started stroking his cock right there. He wouldn't have noticed if osama bin laden were right next to him, that's how focused he was.

After about 10 minutes of chronic masturbation jon heard footsteps and just as he looked up he saw laura in her navy blue leggings and red t shirt. Why was laura in the mens locker room you ask? She was outside waiting for the bell to ring and noticed jon hadn't come out, this was odd considering he is usually the first one to leave. Curiosity got the best of laura this time.

Jon looked up and just as he realized who was standing there his face went white. Although he was nervous he just froze up. Much to his surprise laura came over and started french kissing him while stroking his cock. He was in such shock that he thought this was a dream.

Laura and jon quickly took this to the shower as jon took off her tight leggings and bent laura over as she took her tight t shirt off to give those perky a cups some air. Jon started fingering her tight moist pink pussy as she was bent over while standing up. He quickly started eating out her tight pink asshole as she moaned and became more wet by the second. After this laura got on her knees and started sucking jons cock like a professional. After about 5 minutes laura begged to be fuck. Jon would go on to lift lauras leg up and slip his glistening penis into her sopping wet air tight pussy as there body both tingled with sensation. Laura decided that she wanted to take control by laying jon down on the cold shower tile floor and riding his cock in the reverse cowgirl position. Just as laura screamed in orgasmic relief jon shot what seemed like a never ending load inside of that beautiful pink be continued
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