honeymoon at the beach part 1
i had to go out of town for a meeting, it was down by the beach so the wife was going with me. we decided to go for a week as we never did get to take a honeymoon when we were married years ago.
we checked in at the condo and took a walk on the beach. there wasn't too many people out as it was still early. we did see a couple that was laying out getting some sun. the woman had her top off and was laying on her stomach. she had good looking legs and her ass was shaped nicely, and was what my wife would call a bubble butt. he was on his back and the bulge in his bathing suit was quite large. my wife whispered in my ear look at that! i smiled as we continued our walk down the beach. we saw an adult toy store and went in. we had many toys but could always use some new ones. we needed a new small vibtator that i used when i licked her pussy. i would put it in my mouth while i was licking her, she just loved it. we found what we were looking for and purchased it and were walking out of the store when she said she had forgotten something, she went back in and i sat on a bench watching the people. i saw the couple that we saw on the beach walking my way when my wife came out of the store carrying a bag. she accidentally ran into them dropping her bag and sticking out of the bag was what looked like a cock. she quickly picked up the bag, but not quick enough because the woman said it looks like y'all are going to have some fun. my wifes face was red and she murmured something i couldn't understand. i told them i hoped so and asked what they were doing down at the beach. they replied they were on their vacation and had just arrived the day before. we talked for a while and found out they were staying at the same condo we were. we asked if they would like to get together later for supper and they agreed.
they continued on their way and we returned to the room. sue, my wife, said she was ready to try out her new toy so racing to the bedroom we discarded our clothes as we went and jumped on the bed. i got out the little vibtator, washed it and returned to the bed where she was laying there with her legs wide open and said i'm ready.
i asked her what was in the bag and she said it's a surprise you'll just have to wait and see. i turned on the small vibe and placed it on her clit. she giggled and said ohh that feels good. i got between her legs and began licking her cunt as i kept the vibe pressed hard to her clit. she was very wet and telling me how good it felt. i put my tongue into her pussy and began to fuck her with my tongue.i then slid a finger into her next to my tongue and began going in and out with both my tongue and my finger. she said faster and harder ohh it feels so good. she began to breath faster and moaned louder. i knew she was about to cum. she grabbed my head and pushed it tight against her cunt and let out a moan and said i'm cuming i'm cuming. my face was suddenly drenched in her cum. i licked all that i could but some ran down to her ass. not wanting to let any get away i followed her juices down to her asshole licking all the way. i got to her hole and licked her juices and began trying to stick my tongue into her hole. it was tight and i couldn't get my tongue into her. she said wow baby that feels good don't stop. i continued with my tongue,circling her asshole and trying to push it in her when it seemed like her hole loosened a little letting my tongue slide in her a little bit.she suddenly went wild saying to stick it in farther. we had never had anal sex, she was always against it but now she was loving my tongue in her ass. she started pushing her ass against my tongue making it slide in a little farther when she came again. i quickly went to her cunt and lapped up all the juices i could. she laid back on the bed and told me to take a rest for a minute.
after a minute she reached down and grabbing my cock began to suck it. she was really good at this but today it even seemed better. she would take my cock and suck just the head of it and then she would engulf the whole thing. this drove me wild. suddenly l felt her finger at my asshole, she started to push it in me. this made my cock even harder. never missing a beat sucking my cock she continued pushing her finger into me finally getting it the whole way in. i was in heaven. i felt my cum start to come up and told her i was about to cum. she always pulled away at this time but now didn't even slow down. i told her again i'm cuming and she just sucked harder. my cum shot out of my cock right into her mouth. load after load went into her mouth . i could see she was swallowing it but some trickled out the side of her mouth. i was spent and laid back and gasping for air when she kissed me. trying to suck in air i sucked in my cum out of her mouth. she continued kissing me and running her tongue deep into my mouth. never having tasted cum before i was surprised it didn't taste too bad. she leaned back and said wow what a good first day.
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