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we had been messaging and camming online for a while she commented on my blue cocktail dress and i knew thats what she wanted me to wear so i got dressed in my stockings and suspenders pulled up my pink g-string my cock already getting hard so i tucked it back put on my matching bra got my dress out of the wardrobe and slid it up my legs strap it over my shoulders zip it up. i put on my sexy blue 3" heels i put all my make up on and the done the red wig.

i drive up to christinas house i see ur looking out the window so i open the door slide out of the car splitting my legs so she can see my panties she moves from the window i walk up to the door she lets me in we embrace with a kiss then we seperate and look each other up and down and she is a purple dress against her pale white skin and her gorgeous long red hair she invites me straight to the bedroom where we kiss passionatly and as we do my cock springs loose of my panties and she feels it on her legs she pulls back and smiles and pulls her strapless dress down so her tits pop out with her juicy pink nipples hard.

i greedily start sucking and biting them and lay her on the bed i pull her dress up and her yellow panties down i start licking her pussy and her juices start flowing in my mouth she tasted amazing so i caryy on she murmers in pleasure she grabs my head and pushes it in deeper so i lick her pussy faster cum dripping dowm my chin i cant take it anymore i stand up she gets up pulls my dress up takes my hard cock with a lil precum on it and puts it in her mouth she starts sucking the head i grab her head and start fucking her mouth she starts gaging saliva coming out her mouth tears in her eyes i carry on im almost cumming so i stop still with my cock at the back of her throat and cum straight down it i pull my cock out and she swallows it all we kiss and then she tells me to bend over and i do she puts her strap on on and pulls my g-string to one side and slips the cock up my ass and slowly starts fucking my ass and steadily she gets faster and pulls my hair then grabs the dtrapps of my dress and pulls them down and starts groping my tits while she is pumping my ass hard and quick the cum is running down her legs she pulls out and turns me around i am on my back and i put my legs in the air and then across her shoulders as she inserts the cock into me again looking in my eyes she says she loves me and cant wait for my cock to be in her i tell her to fuck me hard and we kiss as her pale white ass goes up and down she fucks me for a few mins when she stops i say im ready i lay her down and insert my cock into her and start going fast into her.

her pussy is sticky and wets and i slide in effortlously and i begin pounding it hard as i look into her eyes i tell her i love her and at the moment i cant wait i sghoot my load up her and my knees buckle and i collapse into her and kiss her we lie down holding each other for the rest of the night and it was a start of a new romance xxxxx
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