it's a long and winding road...
The road does go on matter how steep, those uphill climbs eventually lead to the door steps of heaven...

My slide guitar partner is so awesome, she never fails to mesmerize the audience. Yeah, she's one of those gals in my avatar, I ain't gonna tell you which one...but, I do have a tendency to favor blondes, figure out the rest...

Viki's boyfriend couldn't take it any longer, said we practice to much and have to much fun together, so he dumps her for a single mom and the quiet family life. Meanwhile, Viki and I are making plans to tear up the highway going out, then repaving it on the way back...

"Damn Rod, I thought girls were the fickle ones..."

"Hey Vi, life's a two way street...50 ups and 50 downs..."

"Will you tell me why you keep waiting for Miss so 'N so...every time you sing that heartbreak song I see tears in your eyes...and stop setting up her picture on your amp...she's too fucking gorgeous...I'm gettin' jealous..."

"Now you know the 50 downs that've been controlling my life..."

"Well, I got an idea...come out with me tonight and lets turn our lives upside down and inside out..."

"You always have a way of cheering me up, girl."

"Well, you cheered me up when you taught me to play that slide guitar and sing them blues...I owe you, big time."

"You owe me nothin', just watching what you do with that audience is priceless...and what was that phenomenal leap up on the had guys throwing 20's at ya'..."

"Oh yeah!, you're the one who set me up..."


"Yeah you, grabbin' that guitar like it was your cock and flailing the strings with that slide..."

"Your answer was nothing short of entering the kingdom of heaven with thunder and lightning at our heels..."

"Hey, come on Rod, tell me you have a thing for me?"

"You want me to be true...I'm embarrassed...Vi, I love you...not in any romantic sort'a way...I just love what you do and say with that guitar and your voice...and...well I never thought I would think of you in any other way, until your jerkoff boyfriend took a hike...that bar thing you did, turned me on so much I wanted you right there and then...hey, come on Vi, I shouldn't be saying this..."

"Rod, we gotta lot to talk about...but tonight, we're gonna start those 50 ups...come on..."

Viki takes me to The Zoo, a country hoe-down, juke joint that rocks all night long...and did we rock. The guys in the band recognized us and asked if we'd play a few tunes with got it, Vi did her bar leaping routine and the tip jar exploded...the guys tried to share it with us but we walked away arm in arm, Viki yelling over her shoulder, "I got my share of heaven right here." Our eyes meet, we stop walking, our foreheads lean forward and touch, our hands and fingers interlace...I never heard her voice so sweet and seductively on fire, "What'a we do now, Rod, I know you're feelin' what I'm feelin'' I wanna keep feelin' it..."

My mind is a comlete blank, all I want to do is hug her, kiss her...why couldn't I ever admit how I really felt about her? Boyfriends, girlfriends...fuck'em all...the long, the short and the anybody out there listening???...maybe that worm at the bottom of the bottle...seems to be begging, "eat me...I'm the best you'll ever have"...if Marguerita were Viki, I'd love to eat her...I must not be drunk enough yet, I'm still thinking to clear...Viki passed out an hour oughta see what I'm seeing...her body is sprawled out across the couch, one leg over the top, the other on the floor, arms contorted every which way but straight, hair criss-crossing her face and shoulders, her Dallas Cheerleader shorts opened up enough for me to go crazy...but I'm to numb to go crazy...besides, us guys have a code to uphold...right...???...that code's about to undergo one hell of a beating...her breasts are so gorgeous, her legs so precious...I hope I pass out before I give in to temptation...her last words were..."take me, if you want me...take me, if you can...but, please, just take me..."...

I took her all right, straight to bed. NO!!!'s not what your thinking...I said us guys have a code...and...well, it's still intact...damn

"Hey Rod, did we do it last night..."

"Hey Vi, when we do it, I wanna remember every taste from every inch of your skin, inside and out..."

"You guys and your code...I wish you would have just fucked the hell out of me, so I could wake up still feeling you inside me...that's my code..."

"Wow, I got an idea...lets stay home tonight and rewrite all the codes and break all the rules..."

"Now you're talkin' 'bout startin' right now with an appetizer?"

"First, I wanna play a tune I improvised this morning, just for you...grab your guitar and ad lib the bridge..."

"What's it called?"

"Think I'll just call it, Vi+Rod..."

"You're gonna get more than just an appetizer, talkin' like just got me wet all tits are even drippin'...hit it..."

As soon as Vi hears the intro, she bites her lower lip and tears fill her eyes. The haunting sound of the blue notes pierce the air and flood the heart. The vibrato from the amp, beats in time with our hearts and she tears into the most beautiful harmony-lead I've ever heard. Our tears roll down our faces with the realization that we were made for each other...why couldn't we ever tell each other before...

We both start trading licks one after the other until the cressendo envelops our total sense of being and turns it into a long awaited realization of a secret, unspoken dream...we throw our guitars in the corner and feverishly attack each other, my fingers reaching through her long blonde hair, pulling her face toward mine, our lips so gently touching with whisps of her scented hair adding an accent of seductiveness that drives us both wild...our tongues slowly break through several strands and as they get soaked, the texture becomes erodic and we lickinly play with each other using her hair like cotton candy...our tongues getting hard then soft mimicing our trobbing, swelling body parts...

"Rod, you haven't even touched me where I wanna be touched but I'm gonna explode anyway..."

Vi is only wearing a cute purple and black thong and I'm sporting a skin tight skimpy hawaiian bathing suit I picked up years ago...I'm harder than hard and she's rubbing aganst my hardness with her swollen extended pussy...all at once we grab each others fig leafs and yank them off, falling and rotating into a succulent oral feast as we erupt in each others mouths, her hands around my cock as she pullls it deeper and deepr down her throat, cum filling her mouth as she swallows to keep up the pace...her pelvis jets forward as a fountain of cum overwhelms my taste buds, I've got all I can do to not waste one drop...I rotate her leg to catch what I can't inhale in that first burst and as she oozes out wave after wave I lick her leg, then her pussy, back and forth...our bodies convulse together in an equal rhythm, Vi twists and rotates my cock, polishing me off and I finally get to take pleasure with what turns me on the most...after that first mind blowing orgasmic, volcanic blowout, while her body is still quivering, my tongue begins to outline the outer edge of her pussy, when it reaches her clit I circle it several times, then glide down the other edge searching for the folds of her inner lips, she's perfectly swollen, her lips are a flower bed of ecstacy, the more intense I get, the more she sucks my cock while continually stroking the length of my shaft, in minutes I'm as hard as a rock and our quivering bodies are on the attack, I love the way she thrusts her pussy in pulsating throws that fill my face with the most precious delicacy ever created...

The rest of the day is spent working on the instrumental we're now continually developing and each time we reach a newer, higher level of intensity we pause for the most rewarding orgasmic experience attainble in the human body...

One more day and the tour more day and forever becomes now...
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