jaspers potion
ok so its been a long while since I've written anything, it's taken me a long while to get this story together and feel comfortable enough to share.
it might be a bit of a hard read to follow since its a different scenario to swapping but i think i got the wording in the right places, lol
i hope you enjoy it.

Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the weed, maybe it was I was having a break down or a mental lapse but there I was Friday night getting ready for bed and watching my wife drink the last of her drink, a drink I mixed special with the potion the little magical man gave me.

Ok I'm getting ahead of myself here, little magical man your thinking, you're probably laughing at me now but let me explain. It had been a long day, worked sucked and to top it off I had a flat, it was dark by the time I got it fixed and was on my way home, I had decided to take the long way so I could reflect on the day and unwind before getting home, I was taking a back road smoking a joint and sipping on a cold one when all of a sudden I heard a voice, I slammed on the brakes and jumped out of the truck, what the fuck I yelled looking in the truck at this little form of a person, I looked again and sure enough there he was, smiling and then laughing hello he said, I was like tripping out, what who oh shit I'm loosing my fucking mind here wait a minute holy shit that's some good fucking weed, he laughed again and said no your not loosing your mind my new friend.

Who the fuck are you, what the fuck are you I said trying my best to remain calm though not doing a very good job. I'm here to help you he said smiling still.
He was unusual looking, like a dwarf elf, only smaller, his eyes glowed and sparkled with blue and green, he had a calming appearance beside scaring the holy hell out of me at first appearance, his voice was calming and I began to calm down with the help of a couple more tokes, he asked if I was alright, I took a couple seconds and shook my head and looked back at him, depending on your definition of alright I guess im ok I said, I'm freaking out here but I'm ok.
He said good, now then we can get down to business, he smiled and said so you want to know what it's like on the other side do you? He asked. Holy shit oh no this is not what I expected the grim reaper to look like, huh I said the other side, whoa wait a minute, I'm not ready to go, I, I, I he interrupted quickly saying no,no,no not that other side and he laughed jumping from the passenger seat to the drivers seat and out of the truck.
You have questions and I have the answers, I'm here to help you friend. You're confused, you're intrigued, you're curious, I have watched you, I hear your thoughts. You want to know things, he smiled and said you want to know about her don't you?

Her I said, her who? Your wife silly, he laughed, you want to know her past, her secrets, her....what are you talking about, who are you?
Oh how rude of me sir, I am jasper, he said bowling and laughed, ok, jasper, what is happening here, I asked him he said its simple, no harm, no foul, I am here to help, I can give you 24 hours to be her, to be her body and mind to do with what ever you wish, what ever you desire, talk to people, her friends, remember her past, I can give you the key to her every secret but only for 24 hours and only once.
huh I said again, he laughed, look, its simple you want to know, I can help, you take these two bottles, mix it how ever you like in a drink, you drink one, she drinks one before you go to bed, you wake up the next morning you are her but still you, you see all, you hear all, you know all, you will be in her body and mind. And what about me, I mean her, wait what?
You give her this potion and you take one.... I said yeah I got that part but what happens to her, I mean me, I mean ok if I am her, in her body and mind, then where is my body and...oh I see he said you will be fine, all the potion does is switches you, your in her body awake and she is in your body safely sleeping, she will not be aware of anything going on, she will simply be sleeping comfortably and soundly, after the 24 hours are up, you will sleep and wake up back to normal, you are in your body and she in hers, no harm, no foul, no memory of anything, but I warn you, what you do will have its own consequences so be careful what you do and what you say for who you come into contact with, they will remember. I will return to you after you wake. All of a sudden I was standing in the middle of the road all alone, I looked around and nothing, jasper I called out, jasper, hello, hello. Oh shit I am loosing my mind.

I walked to the truck and holy shit there sat two little potion bottles in the seat, one was pink marked hers and the other one was blue marked his. I drove home thinking I had literally lost my fucking sanity. When I got home I sat the bottles down in the night stand and showered, and joined the wife for dinner like usual, we watched some t.v and talked, the whole time I was thinking about jasper, the potions and what he said. I got up and got the bottles, I figured to take them at the same time so I fixed her a glass of wine, poured the potion in it and mixed it up, got me a glass and mixed it up as well and we sat and drank our wine before going to bed.

The next morning I woke up, went to the bathroom and holy shit I was looking in the mirror at me only I was not me I looked down, touched myself, pinched myself, I looked back at the mirror and I was her. I looked back at the bed and there I was, or she was, or I was, I was sound asleep. I was freaking out again, I jumped in the shower thinking I was dreaming and was sleep walking or something, hell I didn't know what I was thinking but after the shower I was still her. Oh shit I thought, what have I done. Just then jasper appeared, hello he said, looking me up and down, he smiled and said having fun yet.

Jasper what the hell happened here, holy shit I even sound like her, he laughed and said I told you, you would be her, she would be you, she will sleep, you have 24 hours to find what your looking for, but remember what I said about consequences and poof he was gone. I sat down on the bed and thought about it, ok, no harm no foul, I just have to be careful what I do and say here but I have total control here. I looked at the closet, hmm, I'll just stay home and play dress up and see how hot and sexy I can make her up to be. I went through the closet and picked out an outfit, to her drawers and picked out her bra and panties, dressed and did the make up like I had watched her do a million times. Short pink skirt, tight pink blouse, matching white satin bra and panties, make up light but sexy, damn I was good at this. I can do this, I can be careful and stay away from her friends for a day, fuck it I'm going to go see how many looks she gets, I mean I get, I'm going to the mall.

I got out of her car and started walking toward the entrance, damn its hard walking in these hills, I should have worn the flats I thought when I looked and noticed 2 guys walking past me looking me up and down, hmm I thought, well that's 2 and laughed to myself. As I walked the mall I kept count and even dared so show off a bit, dropping something and bending over to pick it up letting the skirt ride up a little, I was surely getting looks and was also learning how to walk in heels.
I went and sat down at the food court for a cold drink and positioned myself so I could flash if the opportunity arose, I slowly sipped on my soda and waited for the chance, an older gentleman sitting with what I guessed was his wife was discreetly looking me over when his wife wasn't looking so the next glace over I moved slightly giving him a nice view up the skirt at the tiny flimsy panties I had picked out covering her bare shaven pussy. I know he got a good look because his eyes widened and a smile broke. I got up and deliberately walked nice and slow one step in front of the other making sure to swing that plump fleshy ass just right. I stopped and threw my cup in the trash can and glanced slightly over my shoulder, he was still watching, the second we made eye contact I licked my lips slowly and winked and turned and walked away.

I got out of site and was filled with excitement, I thought to myself holy shit what did I just do. that was so slutty she would have never done that I looked and noticed an older man looking me over as he walked my way, as he got closer he smiled and said hello, I smiled and said hello, he stopped and said if I may be so bold, I smiled and said yes, he said I hope I don't offend you he said but you are very attractive. I smiled and said well thank you, not to be rude I said well if I may be also your are handsome and I smiled hoping he would continue the flirting, I really had no idea what I was doing or where I was going with it but I was turned on and wanting to see just like jasper had said I wanted to know what the other side was like and still trying to be careful not to interact with her friends and people she may run into again. We talked and the flirting continued, he even walked with me a while as we talked he was on his way to California to start a new life, recently divorced from his wife of 20 years. he only stopped in town because his car started acting up and he took it to a dealership and it would be ready Monday morning.

he mentioned he was staying in the hotel right across from the mall with a devious smile and I caught it, I thought to myself he was a nice looking older man, in his early to mid 50's about 6' nicely built, you could look at him and tell he took care of himself, clean cut, very personable and friendly and as we talked I was thinking about the limits and boundaries when I noticed we were walking to the exit from the food court to the parking lot, once outside we walked to where I was parked, we talked a little longer, he asked me for my number and I told him I was married, he stumbled for words and I smiled as he tried to recover, I laughed and said relax, its ok.
I looked around and no one was around, a van was parked beside me blocking the view from the mall entrance, a truck was parked on the other side of me and a wall right in front of me, it was secluded, I was shaking, my stomach was turning somersaults as I stepped up close to him, he was looking at me, I could see the dirty thought written all over his face, lust filled his eyes, being a guy I knew that look, he wanted to fuck me.
OMG what was I doing, well handsome i said it was nice meeting you and talking with you, thank you for walking me to my car. I turned and went to put my purse in the car and dropped my keys, I didn't even think about it I just bent over to pick them up, I heard him moan out softly and it hit me what I had done, I rose up slowly and looked over my shoulder at him, his eyes were glued to my wife's ass, I slowly started to get into the car when he said your husband is a very lucky man.

I turned and looked at him and smiled and said thank you, I got in the car and started it up as he walked away, my heart was pounding, OMG that was so wild
Just then he walked back and tapped on my window, I rolled it down and said hello again. He smiled and said look I know this is very forward of me and your married but how married are you, oh geez not like that, oh I'm so out of practice at this, I smiled and he asked I mean would you have lunch with me at the hotel, they have really good food and well some company would be nice. Its just lunch, no harm no foul no strings just lunch and I do enjoy talking with you and I am so bored not knowing anyone or the area, I thought for a second and said sure, I unlocked the door and we headed for the hotel, we had lunch and talked, he was still flirtatious but was being polite, a few times I had to laugh. I knew this game all to well after all I was a man in his wife's body, I knew where he was trying to go and what he was wanting, he was wanting to get back in the swing of things, being newly single after 20 years of marriage, it was all new and strange and he was wanting to get back in the saddle so to speak.

After lunch, he paid and we sat and finished our tea with some more chit chat, I had been thinking about it, he was just passing through, the chances of him and her meeting up again would be very highly unlikely if not more like no chance of it happening, I moved over to the chair beside him and leaned in and whispered in his ear, lets go to your room. His eyes widened, he looked around and then back to me, I smiled and I got up and walked toward the elevator, he was right behind me. Once the elevator door closed there was silence, I could hear his breath, I admit it was very fucking strange, but I had to remember I was in a woman's body, at that my wife's body.
We got to his floor and walked to the door, once inside he was nervous, talking about this and that, he fumbled through the cloths on the bed tossing them into his suit case, he tuned and we were face to face, he froze looking at me then slowly I leaned toward him kissing him, his hands went to my waist then as our tongues began to dance his hands began roaming my body, he began taking off my cloths as he slowly backed me toward the bed.
I felt sick to my stomach, I was nervous, scared, turned on, excited, OH MY GAWD! What was I doing? He eased me back on the bed removing my panties and went right between my legs spreading them open and began licking my pussy, A chill shot through my body like I had never felt, his tongue felt soft and warm, I could feel his breath on me, from where I don't know but a moan escaped my mouth and my body began to tremble and I felt what I could only assume was what a woman's orgasm felt like, WOW

He continued and I had 2 more while he licked and sucked on my wife's pussy.
I watched as he rose up and took something from his bag, it was a condom, he opened it and rolled it down over his long thick shaft. Now I was freaking, he was a good 2 to 3 inches more than my own cock and much thicker. I caught myself wondering if it was her in her own body would she enjoy feeling his cock inside her.
He slid up along my body and was sucking on one breast then the other, he licked up her neck and I felt the thick head of his cock press into me, slowly more and more slid up inside my wife's pussy I could feel it stretching around his thickness, and another orgasm hit OMG this was crazy, I could feel every inch of his cock pushing deeper and deeper up inside me until our body touched and he was balls deep up inside my wife's pussy, I felt so full down there, it felt so wild, he began slowly sliding out and back in, the feeling was incredible, every nerve was on fire, he moaned out how incredible I felt around him, he began picking up his thrusting pace a little faster then faster and harder and in no time he was pounding his cock hard and fast into my wife's pussy and I was moaning and groaning and orgasm after orgasm rocked her body, I felt his cock swelling up inside, he was going to cum. He was groaning loudly and then stopped, his cock buried balls deep up inside my wife's pussy, I felt every throb as his climax over toke him and he slowly lowered himself down laying half on me and half on the bed, his cock still throbbing inside me.

We laid there in silence for a couple minutes, then he said sorry.
Sorry for what I asked. He said well being married to the same woman for 20 years, I never once strayed, I got a little excited and well, I smiled as he rose up, seeing me smile he smiled, was it what you thought it would be. Still smiling he said and then some, it was amazing.
He got up and went to the bathroom I heard water running and looked up to see him pulling off the cum filled condom and throwing it in the trash and cleaning his cock off, he walked back to the bed smiling. When he got close enough I leaned over and took his semi hard cock in my mouth and began sucking him, again strange I felt a bit gay but I was a woman, I wasn't gay, I was a woman sucking a mans cock, but more I was my wife sucking a mans cock and I must have been pretty damn good to because in no time he was rock hard again, he grabbed another condom and I stopped him and smiled and said not this time.
We fucked again and this time it was from behind, his hands caressing my wife's sexy ass as he pounded his cock hard and deep up inside her pussy, I even let him finger her ass while we fucked and that just added to the already building excitement, when I felt him swelling it was a whole new level of excitement I knew their was nothing between us and I was going to feel what its like to have cum shot up inside me, well up inside my wife's pussy. I collapsed on to my stomach, I couldn't hold myself up any longer, when I did his cock slid out of me.

As I laid there expecting to either feel his cum shooting all over my back and ass or him sliding back inside of me to finish I felt him touching my wife's ass, caressing it again, he moaned out how sexy my wife's ass was as he slid his finger back up inside her, I knew what he was thinking, the same thing I'm always thinking. I felt his weight straddle me as he pushed his cock back up inside my wife's pussy and began fucking me again going balls deep with each thrust growing harder. His breath growing more rapidly, his moaning turning to groaning and grunting, I was gripping the sheets pulling them to my mouth biting down on them and he pounded his long thick cock hard and fast in and out of my wife's pussy then he lunged hard balls deep up inside my pussy, groaning as I felt his cock explode hard shooting blast after warm blast deep inside my wife's pussy. I was in a constant orgasm, every nerve in my wife's pussy was on fire, I could feel juices flowing from around his cock leaking out of my wife's pussy. He held still inside me, his cock still throbbing.

I reached back and felt the wetness and his cock, I eased him out and lined his cock up against my wife's ass when I felt the thick head against my ass he said nothing, neither did I and then pain shot through my body, OMG the head passed the tight little rim and then was inside my wife's ass I was glad my wife's pussy was so wet and her juices were lubing his entry as more and more of his cock slid up inside her ass and again I gripped the sheets and bit down on them to keep from screaming out, I felt like I was going to pass out as he slowly slid the entire length of his cock balls deep into my wife's tight little ass I heard him moan out as he slowly started fucking his cock in and out of her ass oh my gawd darling, your amazing and to my surprise and thankfulness the pain subsided as he continued slowly fucking his cock in and out of my ass. he really didn't get going fucking her ass but he went from semi hard to hard nearly the instant he was balls deep in my wife's ass it didn't take long though, I felt his cock swell and then with a long drawn out groan he sank balls deep up inside my wife's ass and I felt his cock throbbing as he cummed.

He laid down on me kissing my neck, his cock still throbbing inside the tight grip of my wife's ass, after he had emptied his balls his cock was slowly growing soft but he kept sliding his cock in and out of my wife's ass. Thinking he was just using the tight grip around his cock to milk any cum out I laid there taking in the sensation and finally realizing the situation. I was in my wife's body, in a mans hotel room, naked with this mans cock sliding in and out of my wife's ass, I'd sucked his cock, gave him her pussy and he was still slowly fucking his semi erect cock in and out of her ass. As we laid there catching our breath he softly kissed my wife's neck and shoulders telling her how incredible it was and thanking her for a beautiful memory.
Finally he slid out of her ass and laid down on the bed, I felt weak, my legs were wobbly, it wasn't easy but I got out of the bed and made my way to the bathroom to clean up shutting the door behind me.
He waited till I came out and then went in to do the same.
While he was in the bathroom, I dressed quickly I'd left the purse in the car, and had only brought the keys with me, with keys in hand making sure I had everything I came in with I quietly slipped out the door.

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