just wanted you to know how much I love you...
Seems like all my dream-fantasies are about you...that striking, awesome, creation, my imagination can't ever get enough of...but you're just still a fantasy...alright, then, who's that walking on the beach?...must be your twin sister...what I'd give to let her love me, she's all I need to make my life complete...she don't look like no fantasy from this front row seat...

I can't remember when I've ever seen someone so attractive. Yes, there were girl friends in the past that had what it takes to be on the cover of Playboy, but there's just something about this gal that makes my mouth water profusely, yeah, and that's my heart skipping a beat, my soul's crumbling beneath her feet. It's not that she's drop dead gorgeous or even pretty, in a Playboy sense, she's so far beyond that superficial plastic look, she's just all about subtle exotic sensuality. Her eyes glow with a passionate lust for sex. Her body is symmetrically imperfect, she's so slender, to the extreme, which I just love the hell out of, and the fact that her breasts appear to be huge, only because the rest of her is so tiny. Oh, she's not that short either, just the opposite, stands about 5ft 7 or 8. Her walk is the walk of confidence, she knows who she is and doesn't give a hoot or a holler if anyone's watching her...even though when she saunters down the beach, all heads follow her every move. Her hips don't have that typical butt shaking formulated, atrociously obnoxious, wiggle-when-you-walk, her hips actually move in the direction of her walk which accents her shoulders moving in the opposite direction, which creates a strut unlike anything I've ever seen.

I just love spring time, girls can't wait to get into those low-rise cut off jeans, no panties, barefoot and a tank top that's a size to big allowing their tits to tantalize your peek-a-boo instincts...and this girl is a fantasy come she won't even give me the time of day. O K, so I'm in love with her body, what's wrong with that? Maybe she's in love with mine, but just doesn't know it yet. About her face, well, she is not the typical mesmerizingly gorgeous knockout queen that most people find attractive. For me though, there's something about those high cheek bones that draw her jaw into a tight, tense, on guard's the rest of her jaw that seems out of place and it's because of her teeth. No, they're not buck teeth, more like extended and evenly spaced, but she is embarrasingly aware of how awkward her jaw line extends because she covers her mouth every time she smiles. For me, I wish she wouldn't put her hand across her mouth like that, I love the way her jaw line affects the way her lips open up so wide. My God, she's got a mouth that fantasies could compete's also the sexiest mouth I've ever wanted to kiss. It's not just my mouth that waters when I look at her...yeah, you got the picture. I don't wear tight bathing suits because of her, I'd probably be laughed off the beach for not being able to control how she excites me.

My band is playing a yearly party up the coast around Leo Carrillo beach. She won't be there, it's a private party, but I wish she was. I even fantasize an image in my mind of her dancing by herself until the music stops. She turns, looks right at me, then starts dancing again on the downbeat of the next song. Her free style undulating routines are aimed right at my arousal bone, my how it does rise. Maybe if she likes the music I'll get a chance to talk with her, dance with her, get lost forever in her...but it's just a fantasy...

I just finish setting up the P A and guitar amps when I hear this melodic voice, "Hey, what kind of music do you guys play?" I turn around to see who's asking and it's her. As I straighten up to face her, our eyes meet, her smile drives me wild and she doesn't cover up her mouth. I want to kiss her so badly, my hands fumble for something to do, then she giggles, her playfull psycho-babble give us both away, "Me too..."

"What, are you some kind'a crystal gazing mind reader?"

"No, I've just wanted to kiss you from the first time we met..."

Now what?...this is embarrassing, where the hell did we meet. How could I have forgotten this exotic goddess from the depths of my wildest fantasies...only she's no dream...

"Clovis Community College, I was on tour when you came to play I love that slide guitar you play...felt it up and down my spine...I knew some day I'd just have to kiss you..."

I just stared at her for a moment, she had sat in the very back of the room and when the crowd got up to leave there was a line of people asking me all kinds of questions about the history of the Delta Blues. At first I saw her in line but by the time the last person stepped in front of me, she was gone...

"My bus was leaving and I couldn't stay any longer...I've been asking around and found out you were playing this party. The owner of that beach house is hosting the party, he's a friend of mine, so here I owe me a kiss..."

"Why didn't you say something when I saw you on the beach?"

"Then you would have owed me more than just a kiss. Why didn't you get up and follow me?"

This is embarrassing all over again...I clear my thoat, cough a couple of times...

"Don't even try to explain, I got it..." She looks right down at my thigh just as I swell up like a balloon.

"Do you have any idea how much I've wanted to get lost in a never ending kiss with you?"

"Oh really!!!..."

"Yes, Really..."

"Then shut up and stop wasting precious time..."

As we slowly embrace, I realize that I have the most beautiful, wonderful feeling body I've ever touched, suspended in my hands and arms. To hell with the kiss, it can wait, I thought, I just want to hold this luscious creature and feel every inch of her skin. Her body is so on fire I can feel it radiate with electrical impulses penetrating through our skimpy clothing, the kind of sparks that stand the hair up on the back of your neck and cause every appendage to radiate with tickling gleam. Her head tucks into my neck and her lips gently glide from behind my ear down to my shoulder blade. She cuts loose with a series of sensual kisses adding a touch of her tongue to every lingering nibble. I can't help but replicate her every touch then ever so delicately suck on her skin and lick in a circular motion. Her leg bends upward and her knee gently rests inside my thigh. She finds what she's searching for and yes, it's harder than I can stand it. Why the hell did I wear these tight jeans...

"How 'bout getting into something more comfortable, I'll be glad to help..."

"Not until I pay my debts."

"I like the sound of that, think I'll collect...all night long..."

Our lips touch and our tongues lick across their entire width ever so slowly bringing the moisture we need and want so desperately. She is a master of mouth control, teaching me the ultimate in sensual kissing pleasure. The way she controls here lips is nothing short of magnificently amazing. She allows my lips to melt into hers then she draws back to where our teeth barely touch. Then she tightens up and pulls her lips forward eliciting the fullest appreciation of her mezmerising sensuality. Our mouths move in unison and our tongues are slightly behind our lips following every move. As her tongue slips sideways mine moves in the opposite direction but the moisened edges stay in contact the whole time. Our heads shift from right to left, again and again while our mouths stay together uninterupted, adding another dimension of excitement. Her increased breathing affects her entire body and she blends her slender figure into mine like an anaconda wrapping around her prey. We start playfully working our tongues in every direction, childishly swiping at each others lips. Our light hearted giggles turn into moans of increasing pleasure and the way she presses her chest into mine...damn, I've gotta get out of these jeans. She can feel my awkwardness. I'm trying to use her hips to help straighten me out but my cock is wedged up against my belt line, kinked downward with a twist, it's so painfully tight...then I feel her hands unbuckle my belt and unbotton my jeans...

"Come on out of there fella, you can join in the fun..." Her childlike banter is so sexy. Her hands wrap around my swollen shaft and she begins stroking slow and steady. I unbutton her shorts and she pulls me between her thighs and starts riding me gently, like a mery-go-round horse. I finally stretch out all the wound up kinks and her juices are flowing, my cock is finally fully extended reaching up between her buttocks cheeks, she's covering me with a heavy coating of my favorite dessert, then she contracts her anal sphincter muscle sending a pleasure wave of excitement through my entire body. This is the first time I've ever wished I could suck someones own...just to taste her essence and mine combined...

Instead, she does it for me...she slides her hips back and just as the tip of my cock reaches her opening, her hands pull me into her pussy and she sits down all in one flowing movement. I feel like I've entered the kingom of heaven after plunging through the pearly gates of eden. We're so comfortably tight, her eyes close, my eyes close, her hands are still on the base of my shaft when she suddenly lets go, reaches around my hips and pulls me furhter into her. I go so deep it almost starts to hurt but she's so warm inside I just want to melt the rest of the way into her pleasure den. Then I feel her relax slightly and the last two inches disappear so smoothly, so completely. As her eyes open, her upper teeth bite down on her lower lip...

"Somehow I just knew you were going to be my knight in shinning armour..."

"Somehow I just knew you were going to be my precious princess of delight...

She steps backward and pulls completely off of me and drops down, puts her mouth around the head of my cock and with her hands around my shaft, her thumbs and index fingers squeeze all the nectar toward the crown and as she backs off with her mouth, she leans her head back collecting all the drippings, stands straight up and our mouths come together, we just get lost in giving each other a tongue splashing bath and gum massage, while her pussy searches for my cock. I playfully wiggle while her pussy connects, then I draw away, then she reconnects and I again pull away but I'm about to loose it, I want her so bad and her body seems to want me just as bad. The next time she connects, her pussy opens wide and I thrust all the way in and we force ourselves together as deep as we can go, our tongues go wild, our bodies spasm and convulse several times, we suck each others tongues all the way out to the tips, swallow every ounce of ambrosia and gasp for air. She starts a slow grinding rotation that completes my expulsive orgasm just as her body jerks and twitches into a climatic wonder. We start spinning around wanting to thrust against each other but we hold tight waiting for that explosive aftermath to drive us wild. We take a minute to lower and step out of our jeans and shorts. While I'm still inside her we shuffle our way around to the back side of the tall speakers and she lifts her right leg and rotates around so I'm able to continue penetrating her from the rear. Her tits fall into my awaiting hands, her leg is craddled across my forearm, her hands grab hold of my hips and we commence to take each other into an extended orgasmic state of bliss...

We hear voices in the distance but can't stop our long stroking, hard pounding thrusts...

"Come on Rod, do me once more...give it all you've got...I'm...almost...come on...yes...I'm there..."

Her hands reach up and while I'm still massaging her tits with a passion she starts pulling and rubbing her nipples as we go into an orgasmic fit of ecstacy.
She's slamming her body backwards and I'm thrusting forward, our breathing reaches an exhaustive state of arousal...we both know this is just the beginning of a union that will last forever...we slow down enjoying every inch of each other to the Nth degree...I get the sense that I'm going to be feeling her body do things to me that I never would have otherwise known possible...

Under her heavy breathng I hear, "My God, you're everything I've ever wanted..."

"I'd have given anything just to hear you say that..."

"You just did...and hey, by the way...I'm so in love with you..."
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