just when you think it's all over!
i just met the girl of my dreams and we hit it off so well...

fuck it!...suck it!
lick it!...dick it!

excuse me for being so blunt, but i'm fuckin' drunk...and i don't fuckin' give a shit...

us older guys gotta tell it like it is,
aint no tellin' when the well runs out of jizz,

god almighty, i just had the lunch of my life,
V-9's the place to let it all hang out,

if ya can't take it, this is the wrong site,
if you ain't into sex, go fly a kite,

i've been scopin' out this young gorgeous chick,
she gets me so hard, i know i wouldn't quit,
she laughs at my jokes, just loves to sit next to me,
loves rubbin' my thigh, gettin' closer an' closer, can't ya see,

i love goin' commando, it's a vietnam thang,
she spotted my bulging, lunging, radiance,

i aint so big, just love hangin' down my left side,
her hand finally rests, on what she knows i can't hide,

she whispers in my ear, "take me home, i've just gotta feel you inside",
i realize, this may be the ride of my life,

hot'damn, she's so gorgeous, i just can't back down,
i say, "you know, i'm older than hell, you sure you wanna get it on",

she says, "if you can keep it up, i can rock your world"
has she got a surprize in store, i just love it when i can make 'em purr',

"wait here, i'm off in an hour or so",
"pour me another, i'll just take it real slow",

"don't be goin' over the edge, i want you in the best of your prime",
"don't worry honey, i aim to please, i want you time after time",

god, she's got a body to crave, a hairdo to save, a walk so brave, raging hips to ravage and slay,

"come on, let's split this place",
her breasts caresse my chest, i kiss her for a taste,

"my god, you prepare yourself so well, i love a massive rusty nail",
her sexy no-nonsense smile, is truly the holy grail,

her voice bends my ear, "ain't nothin' like my place, i got all the oldies but goodies",
"lead the way, just let me say, your the meaning of all that should be",

"a compliment like that'll surely get you into my shower,
i love it hot, wet, sexy, hour after hour",
"take it to the limit, i'll just get more turned on by the minute,
after an hour, that's when the power kicks in, hope your ready for what i've got in store",

"just try me, you'll see, i was born for sex, uncensored and unlimited",
we undress each other, rub, slide, make out uninhibited,

"i wanna eat you, fuck you, suck you, all night long,
in the morning, grab your guitar, sing me a love song",
"you read my mind, i'm about to unwind, with you i know i can't go wrong",

she took me by the hand, we showered furiously, my soul was at her command,
she ravaged my body, like i was just about to make my last stand,

"i've never enjoyed someone so thoroughly and completely, mind if we just continue our plight?",
"i'm yours for the takin', you thrill me so, you're clean out of sight, hope i'm not too polite",

"you're still hard, care to do me again",
"thought you'd never ask, i'm just about to begin",

"you keep this up and i'm never gonna let you go",
"you say the word girl, and we'll just keep on rockin' this old insane world",

"you may be old, you may be grey, i love the way you fuck, in the shower or in the hay",
"you're the one i've been waitin' for, my life's been just an introduction to your awesome get-it-on ways",

"i'm yours for the askin', please don't let me down",
"i'll be by your side, cum rain or cum shine",

"just so long as it's your cum, you can have me any time",
"just so long as you'll have me, i'll cum for you, every day, every night, 'til forever ceases to unwind",

"my god, rod, you're the fulfillment of my every dream,
from the first time i saw you, bulging through your jeans",
"if that's all it takes, to satisfy your desires,
then we're a match made in heaven, 'cause, girl, you lite my fire"...

today's the day, my life's been fulfilled,
on a lunch break, i met the girl, that knows how to thrill,

she can't get enough, neither can i,
we're a match made in hotrodheaven, we're eternity's voodoo childe...

"hey jeanie, smile for these good folks, let'em know what it's all about",

"hey rod, i only care 'bout you, they can all go scream and shout",

you've heard it first, tell it to your friends,
V-9's the place to be, after lunch or, it just depends,

i can't believe this just happened...actually it was a while ago,
jeanie just got me to write about it, we're out of here, guess you know what for...

"hi, i'm jeanie, just want you folks to know, rod's doing well, he wanted me to finish this...'cause he's doing me, as i type...sorry i gotta go...he's got so much more"...
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