knowing unknowing
I sensed her lack of interest when I was exploring her deep, she seemed adrift like the tomb yet explored in the pyramid. I followed her one day and saw where she went. As she swam laps in the pool I noticed a guy lingering in the lane next to her maximizing his view with his goggles I felt his eyes on her flesh, my flesh. She left and he continued to swim, I decided to find out more about this obvious boy she had been with. He seemed to slow down once she was gone and was going to get ready to leave to follow her, he had the same face as the one I saw on her phone weeks ago. He headed for the showers so I followed. As he went into the water and undid his speedo, what loosed from them was baffling. It seemed to uncoil and lower down to his thighs as the warm water from the shower encouraged it to unwind. I was mesmerized. It was enormous and as wide as a soda can no wonder she would not respond to my eager thrusts the same way as in the past. I scurried to get dressed and walked out of the locker room. It was a long walk to the parking lot, and my thought was swimming about his cock and what he was able to do to her that I could not, what he had to give that most men would die for. As I was drifting I heard a guy say hey there did you like what you saw. I turned around and he was there dressed like a jock, so clean and fresh from his swim. I paused and felt caught as I did truly marvel at his massive sex. Before I could reply he said want to go to my car and smoke a joint? Next thing I know I was in his car, and he had his hand on my head as his huge member was going down my throat, was this a dream, was this real? I could barely fit the cap and crown of his glorious tool and I was so amazed at how truly thick and stiff it was it seemed denser and fuller than even my strongest erections yet still so responsive. I felt him surge then just when I thought he was going to cum his phone started ringing and a picture of my beloved was on his phone playing a depeche mode song I thought was one we only shared. He said I got to go. Maybe some other time, I have to meet this girl who I am sure I can convince to have a train with she does anything for my cock! Submitted by:

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