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The 5 girls were all a little drunk and laughing as the 3 guys tried to be all cool and aloof, trying to impress them, the poor blokes didn't stand a chance. It was a little after 1 am and the bar was about half full. Dele was in her new red dress, silky and clingy on her hips and boobs she wore the new lingerie Jon had bought . One of the guys leaned against the wall next to her strategically placing himself to catch glimpses into her cleavage. Katy walked over smiling at him and said

"We come as a pair can you handle both of us" winking. The guy muttered, blushed and made an excuse before walking off.
They both squealed with laughter. Soon after that they decided it was time for home, Dele shared a taxi with Katy and Val, dropping them she arrived at Jon's around 2:30, letting herself in "quietly" she slipped her shoes off and went upstairs. Walking to the bedroom she could make out his shape under the light quilt, she remembered a conversation they had a few weeks ago about fantasies grinning she thought she would make one of his come true.

Dele slipped the thin straps from her shoulders unzipping the side and letting it slide forming a red puddle of silk around her feet. She crouched at the foot of the bed and slipped under the quilt, her hands stroked his calves pushing his legs apart, he moaned but allowed his legs to open as she pushed.

She kissed and licked her way higher his musky smell filling her nostrils she could make out his cock swollen but not yet hard, she kissed the tip relishing the musky slightly salty taste of his circumcised cock, she sucked him gently feeling his cock swell and harden in her lips.

Suddenly she stopped pressing his cock against his stomach, licking and teasing his balls with her tongue, flicking them gently then rolling them. She sucked one of them into her mouth making him push his hips off the bed, she felt his hand touch hers, she made a noise of disapproval and he withdrew his hand, as she knelt she reached up and grabbed a pillow making him lift his hips so she could slide it under his buttocks raising him up a little making access easier.

Gently she nipped his ball sack in her teeth hearing him yelp before kissing the skin gently, her hand massaging the area behind his balls she pressed a little making his body squirm. Her left hand reached up stroking his stomach as she pushed her finger towards his ass, she expected him to stop her and was shocked a little when he moved to allow her finger through, she slowly pushed her finger in & out between his ass cheeks every inwards stroke a little closer. Her finger tip touched his asshole and he gasped as she circled against it applying a little more pressure she heard him start to pant, she pulled her finger back a little and he let out a disappointed groan, she pushed back against him and he hissed "YESSSSSSSSSSS"

He wriggled a little then she felt something pushed toward her, as she reached for it she realized it was massage oil, she smiled , her mouth sucking his balls as she popped the top open and put some oil on her finger.

She pushed her oily finger between the cheeks of his ass until she felt his asshole she lubricated him with more oil, then dropping the bottle onto the floor she pressed her finger with more force, she heard him grunt and felt his body tense as the tip of her finger slipped into him, slowly she pushed farther into him then pulled back his muscles relaxing a little, he pulled his knees up and her finger slid deeper.
He groaned "Fuck" as she slowly pumped into him.
His eyes closed he whispered "Suck me",

Adele nipped hid thigh between her teeth as she slowly twisted and curled her finger searching for his prostate, not totally sure what she was searching for when suddenly his body jerked he cried out as she wrapped her fingers round the base of his cock squeezing . Suddenly he pulled the quilt off, she looked up at his cock as he stared down at her she rolled her finger over his prostate and watched as he gasped his mouth hanging open, he panted. She licked up the smooth shiny skin pulled taught over the hard flesh and kissed the tip making him gasp "Please suck me".

He reached down to touch her but she pushed his hand away, she knelt between his legs, her head bet forward, he could feel her long blonde hair tickle his rampant manhood,
"SUCK MY COCK" he half commanded half begged.

Letting his balls pop from her mouth Adele flickered her tongue over the hole in the end then slowly sucked lower , he looked down her long blonde hair hiding the connection as she sucked him deeper her finger circling on his prostate applying more pressure he pushed his hips up from his feet and she felt his ass clench round her finger trapping it so she could only circle a little. He reached down and pushed her head farther onto him , she felt his cock head at the entrance to her throat, he pushed a little and she gagged coughing, "Relax" he said softly pushing again, each time he pushed a little further .

As she relaxed she could feel his cock in her throat , her finger in his ass working faster he cried out pushing and holding her head his cock slid right into her throat, she panicked a little but as she calmed he slowly pumped, he loved the constriction of her throat around his cock, she could taste his precum, she applied more pressure to his prostate he was panting his mouth dry as he felt himself get close.

His body arched supported on his feet and shoulders as he fucked her mouth and throat faster in a total frenzy her finger trapped in his ass the other hand gripping his muscular buttock digging in.

Suddenly his whole body tensed his muscles straining he could not stop and pushed into her throat as his cock thickened then pulsed sending spurts of cum into her throat he bellowed
"FUCK Yesssssssss swallow my cummmmmmmmmmmmmm" .

Caught by surprise Dele swallowed her throat tightening then relaxing slightly as she felt his cum jet into her throat, a tear ran down her cheek, she held him tight as she felt hid cock slowly soften

His body collapsed onto the bed his body covered in a sheen of perspiration, his cock popped from her mouth and she coughed, staring at his now limp cock shiny from her mouth, he opened his eyes smiling as he saw her kneeling staring at him, unable to move he grabbed her hand pulling her down next to him.
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