love in the shower this morning
I woke in a moment of heat. I moaned softly as i feel that familiar horniness stealing over my body, taking over my senses, leaving me helpless. I reached down between my legs, inside my thongs to feel the hot wetness coming from my pussy. As my fingertips brush my sensitive clit, i buck my hips, moaning again, biting my lower lip. my hands wandered up my hips, my stomach, to my full high breasts, pinching my nipples softly, caressing the soft skin around them. I turned my head and saw my roomate was still sleeping, but i knew she would wake up soon, so i slipped out of bed and grabbed my toiletries, heading for the shower. I tiptoed down the hall barefoot, not making a sound.
Once in my stall, i strip quickly, wanting the fabric away from my skin. I turn the water as hot as it can go, and step into the rush of water, moaning with delight. With my face upturned, the water slid down my face, trickling down my neck, my breasts, down my stomach. I place my hands on the stall wall and let the hot water flow down my body, reminding me of soft kisses and light nibblings. i close my eyes and feel them come to life, a thousand tiny, hungry mouths and tongues, lapping sensuously over my hard nipples, and my wet, wanting pussy. my hands begin to wander, rubbing my clit slowly, gently as my other hand caressed my breasts. My hands are no longer mine, but Ero's, gliding expertly over my skin, touching me in all the right places. I imagined his hard cock sliding into my hot pussy as he lifted me up, my back against the stall wall, my legs wrapped around his waist. I could almost feel my breasts pressed against his hard chest, his mouth making love to my neck. All the while the hot water caressing our bodies.
I could feel him thrusting deeply, slowly into my pussy, mixing my wetness with the water. My hips moved in rhythm with his, making me slowly go insane as my blood started to sizzle in my veins. I could feel my orgasm building up inside of me like a wave that was surely going to knock me over. With each slow thrust i was brought closer. I could hear myself moaning, begging for release. "Faster...please, go faster, oh my pussy is so wet, i need to cum, oh, please..." His thrusts become harder, faster, fucking me with such passion i feel we're both going to burn up. My pussy clenched around his cock as i cum hard, feeling as if i could faint from the release.
When i finally open my eyes, i'm alone, the shower still running hot over top of me. three fingers on my left hand were still deep inside me and my right hand was still slowly massaging my clit. "Ohh," i moaned as slipped out my fingers and shakily stepped forward to turn the nozzle off. My legs went out from under me and slid to the floor, not even trying to protest, letting the cool tile cool my skin...
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