lust at first sight
Lying in bed next to my husband thinking about another man, about the first time we met.

I was with my husband Mike at a night club, we were supposed to hang out with our good friend Liam and meet his boyfriend but he was late. Mike went to get us some drinks as I texted Liam to let him know that we're waiting for him.
when I put my phone away my eyes locked with a beautiful man

His eyes were gray, aggressive, and hot
he was muscular and had jet black hair.

I couldn't take my eyes off him until I realized he's approaching my table, Then I noticed Liam beside him
"Hey sweetie sorry to keep you waiting"
"Hey Liam"
"This is my boyfriend Jason"
"Jason this is Laila, and here is mike her husband, I was wondering where you were"

"hey, I went to get us drinks how are you doing?"
My husband was chatting with Liam and I took the opportunity to talk to Jason

"So you're gay"
"Yeah " he said smirking
" 100% ?"
"Are u flirting with me"
I laughed " so it's just me then "
I Turned to Mike told him I'm going to the ladies room I didn't realize how tipsy I was until I tried
to stand up and slipped, he caught me.

My skin was on fire, i Splashed water on myself and waited a minute until my temperature cooled

down a little.
when i got out i Found him leaning against the wall crossing his arms, my heart started racing when He started walking towards me and stopped an inch away, I could feel his hot breath on me .

"it's not just you.. I feel it too"
A drop of the water I splashed on myself was tickling me on my neck I reached my hand to wipe it
away but Jason caught my hand in the middle of the air and with his other hand touched my neck.

My breath caught

He wiped the drop with his finger and Put it in his mouth.
Our eyes locked, and electric shock rushed through me.
my heartbeat became almost painful then Someone slammed the door on their way out and I came back to reality.

"I have to go" i whispered

oh my god!! what the fuck just happened?
i went back to our table and tried to forget about him.
We drunk some more and danced until we were exhausted then i hugged Liam goodnight and Jason kissed my cheek and whispered sweet dreams.

A couple of days later I drove to Liam's house to go shopping for my husband's birthday gift.
I Found Jason there alone

" hi, come in.. Liam had to run to the supermarket. Would you like something to drink"

"water please"

He handed me the glass of water and our fingers touched briefly, I looked at him and found his eyes on me. The front door opened

"Hey sweetie you are here already"
"you know me, always punctual"
" do you know what to get him " he said hugging me
" I have no idea that's why I'm here.. Help me"
"let me grab my jacket"
"oh oh I almost forgot.. this perfume I got Jason will seriously make your panties wet ;) ... Its a treat for you too.. Hey u can smell it on him he wears it everyday "
and then he disappeared into his room

I turned to Jason and found him approaching me smirking, standing inches away
"would you like to smell my perfume "
If I wasn't so fucking turned on I would have laughed. He was so tall I had to stand on my toes and lean on him to keep my balance Then I smelled his neck
my mouth touching him "hmmmmmm" I saw him swallow.

"mmmm it smells like...Sin"
He smirked at me and then Liam came back
"Lets go"

The whole drive to the mall Jason kept glancing at me in the mirror while Liam chatted animatedly about the rude cashier at the supermarket.

I got mike a beautiful watch and then we walked by a Lingerie store
"come on girl, u know the best gift you could give him is your hot body wearing hot lingerie" Liam
said as We went inside.

He picked a set of black lace corset with garters, matching lace panties and sheer thigh stockings

i went to try that on and called Liam as i was walking out so he could help me with the corset

i found Jason staring at me his eyes burning with desire

"um i need Liam to help me with the corset "

"I'll do it"

i was in front of the mirror and he was approaching me from behind then he slid his hands from the back of my neck slowly to reach the top of the corset

I closed my eyes at the contact and when i opened them our eyes met on the mirror.

then he started to fasten my corset really slow never taking our eyes off each other. i could feel my panties getting wet
"jason.." whispering for him to stop

Then I heard liam walking with other lingerie sets in hand
"damn girl, you look seriously hot.. if i wasn't gay i would have done anything for just a night
with you "

"LIAM stop it " i said blushing
"don't you think so Jason?"
"you have no idea " Jason said under his breath so only i could hear him.

Liam handed me what he picked " here, try those on while we browse the store some more"
i went inside and got dressed when i got out i didn't find them so i just took the items i wanted
to purchase and got out of the store to find them waiting there.

we went back to Liam's house "see you tomorrow at the party " I said climbing in my car.

the next day was mike's birthday party all our friends were there and some of my husband's
work friends also.

Liam had a little bit too much to drink and was having more fun than the rest of us.

Every time i looked at Jason i found him watching me and mike. i can't do this to him on his
birthday. What am i doing!! i can't think of another man while I'm in my husband's arms.

I ignored Jason for the rest of the night and focused on my husband who was a bit too tipsy
than usual that he got some of the cake he was eating on my dress

"Oh I'm sorry babe " it's always nice to hear his Australian accent even after all these years.
he said that trying to wipe it out with his dirty napkin and that just put more cake on my dress
i laughed at his clumsiness

" it's okay honey I'll go wash up " i kissed him on his cheek and turned to go to the bathroom but he
grabbed me, squeezed my butt and gave me a hot kiss before letting me go.

i slapped his chest playfully "Mike !! "
After my failed attempt to clean my dress i just gave up and went upstairs to change.

When i came down i looked for liam but he was no where to be found. i texted him

<< where are you >>

after a few minutes i got a text

<< it's Jason, Liam had a bit too much to drink i'm taking him home>>

<<come back>>

then i got a text from a different number

<< it seamed like you were too busy for your guests>>

His number. i felt like a teenager talking to her crush

<< the party's almost over, lets hang out.. just us >>

he didn't reply after that.
by this time our friends were leaving and when i looked for mike he was really drunk.

"hey baby let's get you to bed okay?"
"noooo, dance with me"
he tried to dance with me then tripped and almost fell.
that made me laugh because he never gets himself this drunk. so i helped him up and pulled him by
his hand to follow me.

there were still a couple of our friends at home so i excused myself and took mike upstairs. on my way, jason walked in the front door, i told him that i'll be right back and then went into my room.

Mike fell face down on the bed and in seconds i heard his cute little snore.

i went back downstairs and found jason alone.
"they're gone?"
"yeah, just me"
"would you like a beer?"
"yes please"
i fixed myself a cocktail and handed him a beer. we went outside, it was a beautiful night

"so how did you and liam meet?"
"through a mutual friend" he said looking at me.
god, his eyes are so beautiful.
he still didn't take his eyes off me.
"what?" i said blushing
" why did you invite me back here?" his eyes burning with desire.
"stop looking at me like that "
"like what?"

when i didn't answer he put his beer down and started walking towards me, until he backed me up against the wall. he put both his hands on the sides on my head, leaned on me and whispered in my ear "like what?"

i was panting and i felt butterflies in my stomach
"Jason... my husband's upstairs" i whispered to him
his mouth so close to me i could feel his hot breath when he spoke

"why?... why did you invite me back?"

he then trailed kisses from my ear to my neck. when he sucked on it the glass i didn't realize i was still holding in my hand fell to the floor loudly.

it startled us both.
"fuck... i should go"
and i watched him get into his car and drive away.

his tongue on my pussy felt like heaven. like a dream, i could feel the pressure building inside of
me and suddenly everything stopped for a second, then i felt his cock teasing me. sliding up and
down spreading my wetness

"please" i moaned

i was about to say his name when suddenly i heard a sexy accent
"please what babe, tell me what you want"

my eyes open wide as i became fully aware of what's happening. Mike whispered on my neck
"tell me baby, what do you want"
"please, i want you... inside"

then he slid his cock slowly all the way inside and we both moaned at the same time.
when he started to thrust all i could think about was Jason's eyes, his mouth on my neck, his hand sliding down my back, his cock

"aaaah" i started whimpering i could barely breathe as his thrusts sped then i heard him moan my name and i came clenching around him as he released a deep groan then collapsed on me nuzzling my neck
"mmmmmm morning babe"

Now in my shower freaking out, i can't believe I almost moaned another man's name while my husband was fucking me.
I need to get my shit together, I love mike. And Jason is gay right? Or maybe he's bisexual
Either way, he's dangerous and I should steer clear of him.

A couple of weeks went by as I was trying to avoid being alone with Jason until that night.
Mike went on a week business trip and I decided to meet with Liam and catch up, so I called him

"hey sweetheart long time no see"
"I know, a was a little busy, you know... life"
" I know exactly what you mean, how are you doing?"
"lonely, mike went on a business trip. would you like to go out tonight, and catch up. I feel like getting wasted"

" yaaas girl I'd love to, but I was supposed to hang out with Jason tonight, do you mind if he joins us ?"

" um no, of course not.. but if you already have plans we can reschedule"

"oh nonsense, I'm sure Jason would love to be with us. Pick you up at 8? "

"yeah okay"

"I'm texting Jason now to let him know, see you later sweetie."

I wore my backless black dress with red high heels and waited.
Jason was so sexy in his leather jacket and black jeans.

"hey baby girl, you look hot" liam said hugging me and then went directly to the kitchen
"let's do shots before we go"

Jason kissed my cheek and let his lips linger a second longer whispering
"come on guys the driver is waiting"
"the driver? I thought you were driving us"
He laughed "like hell I am, we're gonna get wasted girl".

The energy at the night club was great, we sat at our table and ordered our drinks and more shots
A very sexy and energetic music came on, liam grabbed my hand and dragged me to the dance floor
"let's dance"

I danced with liam until my heels hurt we drunk some more and danced again
Liam is such a lightweight I could see that he had a bit too much to drink
I could feel I was a little tipsy myself... well a lot tipsy.

Liam said he's gonna get some air and I went back to the table.

"you don't dance?"
"I'm enjoying myself watching you two dance"

Tequila makes me happy, brave ... and horny
A dangerous combination.
I sat at the table, took my heels off and reached my foot under the table and touched his.

"let's dance" I said sliding my foot up his
"Laila!!" he warned
My foot kept getting up until it touched his inner thigh then he grabbed it forcefully.
Electric shock went through my body as our gazes locked

I was panting
"we should check on liam" I whispered
"yeah let's go"

He called the driver on our way out, we found liam next to a garbage can throwing up
"are you okay liam?" I asked a bit amused "god, you are such a lightweight"
The night was cold I started shivering, Jason noticed and then handed me his jacket
"here, the driver is gonna be here any second"
"thank you"

"oh my gooooood I'm never drinking again" liam said which just made me chuckle.
"I'm glad my misery amuses you"
"jason and I looked at each other and started laughing hysterically"

Fortunately the driver arrived at that moment, we went to liam's house.

"You can spend the night here" Jason said
" oh no I prefer to go home, it's just a few blocks from here anyways. Go ahead the driver will take me."
"im not gonna let you go home alone in the middle of the night"
"seriously Jason, I'll be fine"
"no wait here, I'll take liam inside and ride with you"

We arrived at my house and he came inside with me
As soon as was in my house I took off my heels and " ooooh shots"
The bottle of tequila was still on the counter
"let's do shots"

Jason laughed " you are still drunk from the club"
"im not drunk" I started walking in a straight line "see"
"come oooon Jason"
"I'll be right back"
He went outside then came back in seconds, I brought some limes and poured our shots
I was still standing in the kitchen when he joined me.

I handed him his shot, we both downed them at the same time
My head started buzzing from all the alcohol I consumed.

"are you bisexual?"
"I guess so" he chuckled
"you guess?"
"I haven't been attracted to a girl since college, a long time ago... until now"

"wow you are so tall"
Without my heels I felt too short next to him
He smirked and poured us more shots. he put his arms around my waist and lifted me onto the counter, here..

He let his hand linger on my waist a moment longer then he took my hand, licked my wrist and sprinkled salt then licked it off
He downed his shot, then leaned in close, his lips a breath away from mine.

His arms wrapped around me and before I could catch my breath he slammed me against him.
The taste of tequila and lust invaded my mouth as I moaned into his. My arms wrapped around his neck as I pulled him closer. Then my hand slid down his chest and to his jeans as I tried to unfasten them. He slid his hand between my legs, pulled my panties aside "fuck, you are so wet" his voice thick with desire.

I was losing my mind " Jason..." I whispered
Then he slammed into me "oh, fuck"
He groaned as he thrust into me a second time then I exploded around his cock

My fingernails digging into his back, after a couple of thrusts he came
"aaah fuck.. Laila ... fuck"

After a moment he pressed his forhead against mine, our rapid breathing penetrating the silence.
then, "FUCK !! fuck.. I didn't use a condom .. fuck"

to be continued
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