lust at first sight 2
"I'm so sorry Laila, I can't believe this happened. I'm sorry, I got tested just before meeting Liam... I.."
"It's fine, I'm on birth control so.."
"Well then, I'm glad I didn't use it. I like the feel of me inside of you, nothing separating us" he said touching my cheek, and when he tried to kiss me I stopped him.
"Jason please, just go... take my car you can bring it back tomorrow"
He pressed his forehead against mine for a few seconds, and then he left.

I opened a bottle of wine and drank myself to oblivion.

The next morning, I woke up with the worst headache, my mind had been frozen in shock for long minutes. Oh God What Have I Done? What the hell is wrong with me! I feel like a whore. A very horny whore.

Around noon, Liam and Jason brought back my car.
Throughout brunch, I tried to avoid Jason's stares as much as I could and prayed Liam won't leave us alone, but apparently god wasn't very happy with me.

"My stomach is still a bit queasy after yesterday do you mind if I go relax on your couch for a while"
"Uh, sure sweetie. Would you like some ginger tea, it'll help"

"Yes please"

As I was making the tea Jason stood up and started clearing the table.

"It's okay, you don't have to do it"

"Are you gonna keep avoiding me?" he said smirking.

"I'm not avoiding you" I said looking at anything but his eyes.

"Look at me" he said touching my cheek, then my hair

"What are you doi..." he slammed his lips to mine, but I pushed him back and turned my face away and told him to stop.

Then he painfully tightened his grip on my hair and turned my head until my eyes met his, leaned closer, a breath away from my lips and just stopped.

I tried to get away but he kept tightening his hand around my hair until I moaned, then we kissed. His lips so soft and aggressive at the same time. When he loosened his grip on my hair I pushed him hard against the fridge. My panties started getting wet from my arousal and my heavy breathing audible. I looked into his eyes then bit my bottom lip as I approached him.

I started unfastening his jeans while licking his neck
"Hmmmmmm, wanna play? Let's play"
I got on my knees, touched his hard penis over his jeans and when I started taking it out he gripped my wrist.

"Laila, what are you doing?!" he whispered

I wrapped my hand around his shaft and slowly started pleasuring him going up and down

"Liam's outside, he could hear us!"

"That didn't stop you two seconds ago, and the tv's on" I winked

I started kissing his dick and then looked in his eyes and licked the drop of precum on the tip.

"Hmmmmmmm you taste good" then I put his dick deep in my mouth

"Oh, fuck..." he moaned

I took it out


And in... and out slowly torturing him a few more times until I heard the kettle whistling.

I slid his dick out of my mouth with a pop.

"Oops, the tea"

I licked my lips and stood up smirking

"What? No Laila... come on"

And I left him standing in the kitchen his jeans at his knees and shock on his face.
"Sweetie, your tea's ready" I told Liam.

Mike got back from his business trip a couple of days after that. We hadn't had sex. Not once. He would come home, plop on the bed and fall asleep.
Since that time with Jason, I found myself masturbating a lot. But it wasn't enough for me. I needed sex. Raw, aggressive, rough but still sensual sex. I needed to feel the excitement, the rush. I needed him.

I went downstairs and opened a bottle of red wine.
As I lay on the couch remembering that time on the kitchen counter, how he touched me, how he bit my neck, how his dick filled me I found my hand drifting down to caress my bare moistening vagina. I was deep in my erotic fantasy when I felt my phone vibrating. I softly moaned from just the text. The same text he's been sending since our last time.

<<What are you wearing? >>

<<Stop texting me>>

<< Why? Am I making you wet? >>
God, my body had it bad for this man.

<< Actually, you are interrupting my sexy time with my vibrator>>

<< If you were my girl, you wouldn't need that>>

<<Oh yeah? What would you do? >>

<< kiss you, lick you, and make you scream my name. Fuck you until your body shakes with pleasure >>


<<Are you touching yourself? >> He said when I didn't reply.

<<Maybe ;) >>

<<Don't come>>

<< Why not>>

<< Don't, I'm warning you>>

<< Ooooh are you now? What if I do? >>

<< Well you know what happens to girls who don't

<< They're punished with multiple orgasms? ;)>>

<<Haha, they don't get to choose their punishments>> he replied a few minutes later

<<You're taking too long to reply ;) >> I was imagining his hand around his dick.

No response.

<<Mmmmm, well I just touched my wet pussy and I can't stop, are you gonna spank me for being a bad girl? >>

<< You'd like that wouldn't you? >>

<< Just so you know, I will fuck myself with this vibrator until I can't stand. I'll think of you ;)>>

I put my phone down and started teasing my nipples, then I put the vibrator on low speed on my clit moving it in circular motions moaning all the time. My other hand still pinching my nipple.
My phone buzzed.

<<Open the door>>


<< What door? >>

<<Your front door, I'm outside>>


<<Don't play with me Jason! >> I typed while racing to the door, my breathing erratic.

I quietly opened the door and found him standing there

"What the fuck are you doing here, do you have a death wish?" I whispered to him

He silently reached his hand to pull the belt, and my robe opened. I sucked in deep breaths and bit my lip as he slowly exposed my body. He just stood there, not making any attempt to touch me or move away.

My nipples got hard from the hungry look in his eyes, and I felt my body pulse with desire.

There was something extremely hot about the fact that he was completely clothed and I was naked.

After a few seconds, he put his hand on my neck and slid it slowly between my boobs, my stomach, and cupped my pussy.

He leaned in to kiss me.
"Not here" I said in in a whisper as I pulled him by his hand to the garage.

As soon as the door was closed his mouth was on mine, devouring me.
He kept backing me up until the back of my thighs touched the table.
"Turn around" he said

He then pushed on my back so my chest rested on the table, massaging my ass cheek with his other hand.
SMACK! He spanked me hard


"Shhhh now, don't make a sound" he said rubbing the same spot violently

"Mmmmmmm" he releases a quiet moan as his fingers dig into me.

If I thought I was wet before, now I'm dripping.
I could actually feel my wetness drenching the inside of my thighs.
He lifted my right leg up, put it on the table and started rubbing his dick on my pussy, teasing me as my juices coated him.

I let out a moan as he was spreading my wetness from the front to the back

"You like that don't you?"

"Yes, please"

"You're so wet baby"

Then I felt the tip of his cock entering my ass and my moans got louder

"Mmmmm I don't even need lube"

"Jason, please stop teasing me. I want you"

"Does he fuck your ass?"

I was enjoying it so much I forgot to answer


"No!" I MOANED louder

He reached his right hand to my clit and his left one to muffle my screams when he increased the pressure on my pussy and started rubbing it faster. Then I lost all control, my pussy clenching and pulsing.

When he felt me coming he swiftly pushed his whole shaft inside my ass.
I screamed louder from the overwhelming invasion and bit his hand so hard.

"JESUS... FUCK! Relax baby you're gonna make me come. I don't wanna come yet" he said fucking me harder

Oh fuck... FUCK...ahhhhh I'm coming" his movements stilled after a few more thrusts and his hand digged into my ass.

After a few moments, I felt his forehead on my back, both of us catching our breaths
As he pulled his dick out I felt really sore.

"Are you okay?" he whispered
"Um hum... SHIT!"
I winced in pain as his hand touched my ass cheek

"Ooooh look at that, there's even a little blood" admiring his work

"What!!!!" I said alarmed turning my head to see an already big ugly bruise and little cuts where his fingernails digged into my flesh.

"What the fuck is this?!"

"you sure like it rough, now that's a reminder to
never tease me and not finish what you start" the side of his mouth turning up

"You did that on purpose? You sick fuck!"

"Oh please, you're the one cheating on your husband" He winked

"Well, if he ever sees this, I'll make sure Liam knows too. This was the biggest mistake of my life!" gritting my teeth

"Get the fuck out!!!"

I stormed out of the garage, directly to the kitchen

a few minutes passed icing my ass, and reflecting on my bad decisions. I became the liar and cheater and everything in between that I loathed in a person.

I fell asleep on the couch sick with too much wine and too much guilt.
I cried myself to sleep most nights, I couldn't look into my husband's eyes. I didn't want to see anyone, especially Liam.

A few days later I received a text from liam

<< Okay, tell me EVERYTHING>>

My heart started pounding. What? Does he know?

<< What? >>

<< I tried to get you to go out many times. Every time I come over you're sulking on your couch so obviously something's wrong. Come on, spill.
What's going on between you and mike? Did he do something? Do I have to come and beat the shit out of him? >>

<< Lol, you can't beat him even if your life depended on it. You punch like a girl for god's sake lol>>

<< I know right, that's why I have Jason ;)
I'm coming over>>

<< It's okay Liam, I'm sure you have something more fun to do than babysit me>>

<< I'm bringing wine and ice cream.... coffee caramel buzz? :p >>

<< You know me so well>>

Fifteen minutes later he was at my doorstep
"I can't drink, I don't feel well" I said kissing his cheek

"oh please, you say that every time"

"shut up" I playfully hit his chest

Conversation flowed, and so did the wine. 2 bottles of wine later and before we knew it, I started talking about how mike's always busy at work and how sexually frustrated I am.
Liam's phone vibrated.

"Jason's going to my place, I'll just tell him I'm busy"

"No please, go, I'm fine. I have ice cream" I gave him a sweet smile

"no way, come with me. We'll have drinks at my place and you can text mike to come get you when he finishes work"

"no really, just go"

" come oooon, you know I'm not leaving you here"
I didn't bother change my yoga pants, or put a bra under my tank top.

When we arrived Jason was already home.

"hey handsome, look who I brought with me"
" oh, hi"

"hi" I whispered

Our eyes held a few seconds before liam broke the tention and kissed Jason on the cheek

Jason grabbed his collar and kissed him a deep hot kiss on his lips

‘‘damn, don't do that in front of her, she hasn't been getting her fix" he winked at me

"really? " jason said his eyes sparkling

"Shut up Liam"

"Well I'll gladly help" Jason smirked at me

The bastard

"Yeah right!!" Liam laughed at him

Some time later, when Liam left to grab more
drinks, Jason touched my cheek

"Sexually frustrated huh? "

"Don't touch me"

He pinched my nipple and a loud breath left me

"Mmmm feisty... I know you want me, I can already smell your arousal" the arrogant bastard was right

but I won't give in that easily

I pushed him off me and stood up the same moment Liam entered the room.

"Where are you going?"


"Probably to masturbate, lack of sex and all" Jason

told Liam smirking

"Jason, stop it" liam warned him

"Well since you already know what I'm going to do ill just do it here."

I went back a few steps and stood where Jason was sitting

Never taking my eyes off him, I put a hand under my tank top and slid the other one in my yoga pants
Finding my pussy already wet, I moaned closing my eyes.

"Holly shit" I heard Liam whisper
My eyes opened to find Jason widely looking at me
his mouth slightly open

I took my hand out of my pants, put my middle finger in my mouth and licked it flipping him off at the same time.

"Fuck!" Jason said probably louder than he intended to.

"Okay, this is turning me on" said Liam

"Happy now Jason?" I smiled sweetly at both of them and went to the bathroom.

"Daaaamn . my girl's back" liam growled

Holly fucking shit that was hot

My body was buzzing. There is no way I'll be able
to get out of here like this. I have to give myself some kind of relief.

I turned on the faucet to mask my heavy breathing and rested my leg on top of the toilet
Before I even touched my pussy, Jason started banging at the door

"Open the door Laila"

"Go away"

"Open the fucking door!!!!"

"What do you want" I said looking at him annoyed

"What was that about?"


"This!!" he took my hand and put it on his hard on

"What about it?"

"I thought I told you not to start something if you're not gonna follow through"

"Yeah well, deal with it... get out"
I tried to move my hand but his grip was tight
We stared at each other another second then I crushed my lips to his for a few seconds and then bit him hard.

So hard I tasted blood in my mouth
"Don't ever touch me again, asshole"

Mike was with Liam in the living room, the rest of the night went by calmly.
Jason never came back. When Liam went to check on him he said he didn't feel well and just wanted to sleep.

Weeks later.

<< I can't get the image of you touching yourself in front of me out of my head>>

<< I'm in the office and all I can think about is fucking you on my desk in front of everybody>>

<< I think about fucking your sweet tight pussy every time I fuck Liam>>

<< Please, give me one hour>>

<< One last time together>>

<< Laila, answer me, I'm going crazy>>

<< Stop it>> I finally answered

<<come meet me, I'll be home in 20 minutes>>

Maybe I should go, otherwise, he won't stop texting and mike could see one of his texts.
That's what I kept telling myself on the way to his house.

"Nice of you to drop by"

"I came here to tell u to stop, what part of stop texting me do you not understand?"

"Are you sure that's why you came?" smirking

"I'm trying to get through your thick skull this is

"Is it?"


"hummm, you could have called" he put his arm around my waist and pulled me against him " texted" he kissed my neck " or emailed"

He got on his knees and reached his hands under my dress and pulled down my panties.
Maybe I should do this, one last time to get him out of my system.
He took my left leg and put it over his shoulder and disappeared under my dress.

The second his tongue touched me, I knew that this isn't even close to being over.

Yeah, last time my ass.
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