me my wife and him part3
we were all resting on the bed when i felt a hot breath on my dick. l looked down and he had moved over to my cock gripping it tightly. he said he had never sucked a cock before but was going to give it a try. he took my limp cock into his mouth and started lightly sucking it. as it was getting harder he was sucking harder and harder. my wife got up and whispered something in his ear. he was taking my cock deeper and deeper into his mouth. it was feeling so good. suddenly his finger was sliding up and down my ass. my wife got up and got some lube putting it on my ass. while he was sucking me off he started sliding his finger in my ass. my wife had moved down to his cock and was getting him nice and hard again. my wife had used a dildo on me before but i had never had a real cock in my ass before. she came up and whispered to me are you ready for a hard cock in your ass baby? i said yea baby i want it. she said when he fucks you i'm going to let you suck my cunt and all the cum that's in it. i almost came right then. he stopped sucking me and got between my legs lifting them up . he took his cock and started running it up and down my ass. he found my hole and started slowly pushing his hard cock into me. it hurt until the head of his dick was in me. then it felt good. he was slowly pushing it in a little at a time. it felt sooo good. he was going in and out a little deeper each time. when he had his whole cock in me he started going faster. this is when my wife threw her leg over my head and with her cunt above my face said here it is baby now suck that cum out of my pussy. i gladly went to sucking her pussy tasting the cum as i sucked it out. she was pushing her pussy on my face and saying how good it felt. she turned aroung so she was facing him and kept that cunt tight against my mouth. by this time he was fucking my ass hard and fast. it felt soo good. she reached down and grabbed my cock bringing it up to her mouth . she stared sucking it hard. with his cock in my ass and her sucking my cock i knew i would soon be cumming. i felt him tense up know ing he would soon be filling me up with his cum. i too was just about to cum when i felt my wifes legs squeeze my head tightly. she started cumming on my face on in my mouth while i started shooting off in her mouth and i felt his cock pumping his jism in my ass. when all of us were done we fell in a pile on the bed and my wife came up putting a wet slimie kiss on me . i heard him get up and leave. she said well i knew this was one of your fantasies and had been wondering how to make it come true luckily it just happened. maybe next time we could work on fantasy. i said i could''t wait. Submitted by:

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