I skin across the crowd looking for anyone I know. Still there is no one I feel someone move my hair and lightly kiss my neck and my nipples harden in response. I turn around only to find myself face to face with Jay "I was hoping to find you here" he says in his deep voice. I pull him closer by his pants."Yea? Hoping for a repeat of last week?" I say as I stand and kiss him gently on the lips still holding on to his pants. He pulls me towards him and kisses me hard. I can feel his hardening cock through his pants. He trails his hand down my body and grabs my ass. I jump in reaponse and he knows hes got what he wants. I break and start walking away leaving my purse behind. He follows me out to my car. reaching me as I get in."hey you forgot your purse!" "Get in"

We pull up to the water and I start undressing as I get out of the car "What are you doing? This is a public beach!" I slip my thong off as he gets out of the car and hand them to him as I walk towards the water.

He strips his clothes and chases after me. I stop once th water is up to my waist and once he reaches me I pull him to me and Kiss him as I start stroking his hard 8 inch cock. I back him up and push him on the ground.

"We are going to get caught!" "Sshh." I whisper as I slid down to his dick and start sucking. He grabs my hair as he starts humping my face. I feel his cocck pulsing and know hes about to cum and start to move my head faster and suck harder as he cums in my mouth.

I lay next to him and he climbs ontop of me. He kisses me down my neck to me breast and starts licking and and sucking on my nipples. I move my hips towards his as he moves from right to left with my breasts. He moves down my stomach to my wet pussy . Licking my clit and sliding his fingers in and out of my pussy. I start grinding my pussy into his face and he slids his tongue into my pussy. I start moaning louder and breathing faster as he moves his fingers to play with my clit. "Im cumming! Im Cummmmiinnng!!! oh YES!"
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