my girlfriend's father 1
last night, i went to my best friend's house to get ready for our night out. we went upstairs to her room to put makeup on and get dressed. her parents were out. she went to take a shower and i was trying some outfits on.

i was wearing black thigh lenght stockings, a sexy black lace boyshort and a white loose shirt that could barely cover my ass. i was looking at the big mirror trying to make my hair in a ponytale, when i raised my hands to do so,my ass showed and i felt someone else breathing in the room, it was her father.
i ignored him, and started to touch my body sensually he was still watching.

i layed on the bed on my back and i raised my shirt untill my boobies were in the air, i touched them and slid my hand to the panties i put my hand inside them and moaned."holly shit" he whispered unconciously, i looked at him and smiled i could see that he was so embarassed he hid behind the wall for a second and then i moaned again, he came back to the door to watch and his daughter said from the bathroom " are you talking to your self you crazy girl" i laughed and he hid again behind the wall, he thought that she's gonna come out and see him, i said " are you done yet", "not yet i'm washing my hair". i stood up and walked to the door, he was touching his pants, he looked at me and stopped, he pulled me with his back to the wall, i kissed him and bit his lower lip hard, he turned me over and put his right hand on my panties and the left one on my tits he started massaging them and i felt his hard cock on my ass, i was so wet, he slid his hand on my panties and squeezed, he kissed me on the neck and whispered " naughty girl" he squeezed so hard i screamed and moaned a little, he took his hand and put it under the panties to touch my wet pussy.
he started playing with my clit with one hand and squeeze my tits with the other, and then he was moving his hand faster and squeezing harder i couldn't stand that, i was moving, shaking, and screaming i could hear him breathe on my neck, i came immediately.

5 seconds later his daughter came out of the bathroom and yelled my name, he ran downstairs and i went back to the room.
her : " what's up,where were you?"
me : " i was in the kitchen looking for something to eat, then i heard someone coming i ran cuz i didn't want anybody to see me like this"
her : " oh it must be daddy"
we got dressed and went downstaires to find her father eating in the kitchen, "hey daddy ...i'm starving" she said, she took a sandwich and her father gave me a banana and said" here, you look hungry you might need this" and winked at me. she went upstaires to get her keys, i peeled the banana and started licking and sucking it like it was a real cock, i looked at him and he was touching himself,he said " i can't wait", his daughter called me and we left...
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