neighbor number 5
Walking back from the river, my energy levels were in high gear. My fantasies of my neighbor were turning into reality. Just trying to curb the sexual attraction between us is nearly uncontrollable. I feel the grip within my soul and the hunger to join with her soul. What's happening? It feels so good and I know there is a dark side and a light side of any relationship.

I just don't have the ability to stay cool (cold) make some moves and still be unattached to a partner. Most guys, I would say, enjoy spreading their sexual prowness throughout the gender without an after thought. I prefer an exclusive high intensity relationship concentrating on a special one lover. Another words, I don't want to dilute my love making via quanity of lovers, however, an awesome, intimate and quality relationship of one is my preferance.

Conflict: But what happens when a person is married to someone who grows uninterested in a sexual ties of the partnership? Experimenting or trialing new stimulus to improve and grow the love connection is not wanted. After a couple years that sex bond weakens plus this sexual bond erodes. Solutions such as getting outside help resources are unsuccessful. Eventually, it feels better not to request sex, just not to feel the rejection. Unless, you have other puzzle pieces that fit and compensate the weak piece, the relation is doom to failure and this cause risks new influences. My mind rambles with tidbits of these thoughts while holding my neighbors hand and feeling her brush along side of me. Energizing my body and soul.:-)

Moments before my stomach is churning with nerves like a school kid. I fear the disappointment of possible rejection of someone so special. What can I say, cross over the line and the neighbor be pissed and then get cancelled out of the picture. Will she be there, is a friendship possible? Is it worth the risk developing the extra relatioinship?

Walking back from the river, we get close to the development and walk toward our houses. We smile into each other's eyes and say "later" thrilled with the togetherness and as we turn to each of our properties thinking how good it feels to be alive but yet the fear of being watched and our descrete relationship is at risk of being voided.

I start again with the cleanup yard work again from the storm. The damage left some limbs, branches and leaves all over. I notice a broken limb hanging over the fence and draping into the neighbors yard. It looks dangerous if it lets loose someone could get hurt and maybe sued. I have that special job to clear out damage tree limbs on the list but decided to continue with the easier stuff. A good pile is forming at the curb.

I come around the fence and check the limb out. While I am planning the next steps to carefully remove the limb, my neighbor comes out to check what is going on.

She has a nice short shorts outfit on. We start tugging together at the branch. I feel her breasts rubbbing on my back. Now I'm getting a hard on. I turn to say something and she grabs me and presses her lips into mine. I feel her tongue slip in and dance with mine. I embrace her and push her to the fence. I slam my buldge against her croch and feel her pelvic bone. Trying to lift her up with my shaft and attempting to impale her through her shorts. She gasps "Baby I want you to fuck me good and fuck me hard, I am so horny. I need you".

I pull her into the middle and under the tree branches. I reach into her shorts from below. Her nectar was pouring out of her 'gina. I taste the freshness of her juice. Helpful with no panty on, my fingers spread her juices to her arse bud. Inserting the cream into her as the ass opens readily. I lean her against the fence and she spread open her legs. I soak my rod and slide it back and forth through the cunt lips and then gently slide it up to her well lube crack. Placing the helmet into her rosebud very gently, I push the penis head into her ass just enough for the helmet to be inserted. Feeling the heat of her insides my little egg navy is building up quite a force.

Suddenly she arches and forces her arse back and slams into me, impaling the full length. I feel her griping and milking me. I embrace her hugging her while holding her breast nipples. The heat, motion and moisture of her rectum enlarges my dick and I feel the coming as one. My lover as she begins her groan of pending climax as her buttocks clamp around my dick. I whisper to her," let's cum together". With a final tug and squeeze the rockets of sperm jettison into her nesting in her bowels. I reach and squeeze her clit. Wave after wave ropes are filling her with the warmth of my manhood. She comes again, I ramp up and drive hard into her inner regions while releasing another round sperm safely deep within my lover.
I whisper, "you have me deep within you."

The limb finally let loose while under it. It came crashing down but, mostly missed us. However, my neighbor got a small cut on the back of her leg.

"Let's take care of that" I said. "We are lucky it was not more serious."

Inside the house I had her lay down. I began cleaning the wound and placed a bandage pad over the cut with some antibiotic cream. As she was thanking me for the first aid, I looked up into her shorts and a cream pie was forming. "Sweetheart, let me pull your shorts down a bit to keep them clean. Oh! You have a creampie I would like to taste."

"Okay" she said, have some fun.

I lowered her shorts and placed a pillow under her stomach. I then started to kiss her buns while looking at the cum oozing out. Evidence of a good fuck. I flick my tongue over the bud and through the cream. She moaned. I reached with my hand and gently found her clit. My fingers clenched the knob as I continued with my tongue rimming her.

Her girations and moaning brought her to another climax.

"Fuck my clit again" she asked. "It's sort of dangeous, I know".

"I'll do it another way" I said. With that she laid on her back. She was soaked between her legs and a lot trickle down and covered her pubic hair. My finger scooped some more juice. My fingers rubbed myself with her lube and h er center pelvic area. I laid my shaft onto her clit. My balls warmly pass through her soaked hair. What a great feeling. My immediate thought was to suck the hair for the remaining juices but I continue on. I centered my shaft on her clit and just started pumping and sliding on her mons. Somewhat like a dry fuck but with plenty of natural lubricant.We grind together plowing our senistive parts into each other.

I'm filling your belly button. She cums with a scream and I let loose filling her belly button and flowing unto the stomach. Now looking into her eyes as we cum together my thoughts are about our heart beating and vibrating into each other. Sharing each others feelings and holding each other so close feeling the body heat and sweat makes the world just a little bit brighter. I taste her just to have her in me.

Eventually we catch our breath, and I begin kissing her body and cleaning things up. I gather the reclaimable cum that I will recycle into her next time. lol.

After a brief rest I suggest "should we get the tree limb to the street?"
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