nightmare or paradise
Monday, February 28, 2011
my life, nightmare or paradise?
i was born in a small town in the midwest bible belt. it was me,my mom, and sis , tawni. tawni was 4 years younger then me and mom was 15 when she had me. sis and i never knew our dads. mom was a stripper, and a damn good one. we lived in a four room house , five room if you count the bathroom . i remember mostly there was no doors to the bedrooms or bath room, so mom hung sheets on the door ways. me and sis shared the same room and had only a full size bed we had to share. this was before all the dcfs laws concerning siblings and sleeping arrangements. since i was five i remember hearing sounds of moaning from moms room almost every night . but i aint gonna start there. i was 13 and we still had the same livin arrangements.i was gettin tall was into sports and partying.sis still slept in the same bed as i ,and even though she was nine she had already started to blossom. she was thin with long red hair, and a short stature. her breasts had already reached a small b cup. uncle joey said mom was the same way.we lived four miles outside of a small ass town and had no neighbors for 3 miles in every direction. it was a small place but we loved its suclusion. sis slept in a short nightgown and no underwear. nether of us wore much underware, mainly because mom didnt buy us much of it. i slept in gym shorts. mom always slept naked i know cause only time that curtain was pulled close was when she would bring a guy home after work and fuck all night. i use to sit on the couch as mom would pull back the bathroom curtain and shower. it made my cock grow every time. i always ended up jackin off that night to that thought. sis would be asleep , atleast i thought she was anyway, and i would lose myself jackin to the vision of moms naked body, while i say in the easy chair in the corner at the foot of the bed. well one night i walked past moms room and saw her fuckin and i went to jack off, it was after 1 am cause thats when she got off work. so i got my eyes closed jackin off, for which i always did naked seein as how sissy has never woke up in the two yrs i been doin has walked in on me though a few times and said she just stood there and watched. now she knocks cause she says my cock is bigger then any she has ever had . so i measured it. now though ya may not believe this , but it is very true this whole story is. at age 13 my cock was 13 inches long and as fat as a fully riped banana when hard. 6 inches long when dead soft and as fat as as a popcycle. so i jacked it off that night and came on the bath towel in the floor as always and as always i kept my closed till i was done. except this time i opened my eyes to see sissy sittin up on the foot of the bed watchin. what ya doin bubby? does it hurt. no i said its alike sex that mom has but with myself.
why do you ask sissy? she said cause it made water come from her pee area and made her happy from watching me. she said shes been watching me jack off for 6 months now. why does it do that to me , happens when i get tickled to. i explained sex half assed. her next question was, so thats your cock as you call it , okin me in the lower back at night ? yes i said . it was still half hard since i was sittin there naked. can i touch it ? she asked . i let her .i never could tell her no. she wrapped her little hands around it and started sliding her hand up and down asking if this was howit goes . and my cock started to grow again.are all cocks this big . i said no sissy most are half that size. she kneeled beside me and continued to stroke it rock hard ,not even knowin what she was doing.whats that stuff that it shoots out ,pee ? i said no and explained cum and an orgasm to my sissy.after fifteen minutes she asked is it gonna happenen soon my hands are gettin tired and just then i shot all over her night gown.she then touched the end of my cock where some cum was still slowly seepin out , got some of it on here finger and licked it off not bad ,then she licked it off her hand.i had to explain to her what mom did with guys in her room. we went sleep my arm around here restin on her belly. she had put o a fresh gown.she wiggled her ass in close to me and let slip a lil ,'ooomm'. her asss was up against my cock ,her gown had slid up alil so all that was between her as and my cock was the material of my shorts.
we woke up the next morning around 9, it was summer. sissy musta got wet though the night cause i had a wet spot in front my shorts. it was my sissys cock was already solid with mornin wood, so i started strokin it.she pushed my hand outa the way and said here let me. i let her she layed by me with her knees at my head. i said sissy ya wanna feel how good i feel when i do this ? she said oh yes i do. so i slid up her gown and started rubbin her hairless pussy like i had saw guys do on the 3x movies i have seen.she started wigglin and said sorry i cant help it its like my body does it with out me knowin it. i said its ok sissy, its normal. i rubbed her cum button awhile and then she tighened up, moaned alil, mmmmbubbyooooo. and then juices came out her puss like a flood gate was released.i licked the juice ff my fingers and thats when i realized i really like the taste of sissys pussy juice. i came then and there. as i got dressed i told her she can do that to herself to . she smiled and good ilike that feelin better then ice cream as she got the bed clothes our night clothes and took them to the washer in the kitchen.
mom was sittin at the kitchen table one her nighties. she had lots of them and every damn one was see through.she was smokin a cigarette and drinkin coffee but had a weird expression on her face. kinda half disgusted and half proud.ssissy come with momma to he room we need to talk. you go on i will be there shortly. after she was gone she told me she had pulled the curtain and saw it all. and asked if i made her do it and i said no. she asked if i fucked her i again said no. she explained how most people dont look on this kinda thing very well and that it was called incest and that no one could find out. i said okay. sorry. she said dont be . and she told me how when she was 13 she had lost her mom to cancer and the only way she could sleep was with either her dad or her one her brothers and one night her dad came home high and drunk and thought she was her mom since she looked a clone of gran. and how he started foolin around with mom and she let him because it felt nice. she basically fucked my gramps all that night . and has every since atleast once a week. she also fucked all six her brothers but not as often. she said to let her show sissy some stuff and for me never tocum in her. she stood up rubbed my large cock through my levis , said you have such a big nice fat cock ya might need to let me resize her pussy so when you do fuck her as i bet you will eventually. then went to her room to introduce sissy to girl hour later sissy came in the room and said oh that was very nice talk bubby. and put a 12 inch fat fibrator in her drawer. cant wait to show what mommy taught me. did you know girls like it in the butt to. i said yes.
mom then sent sissy to the park . she always wore short skirts and tight strapp tshirts or tube tops. i never noticed till know that was always braless. and was vey much of a turn on. she then came to the couch undid my jeans , pulled out my cock , and started strokin it. she said ,' acer, my son. every since i first saw how big your cock has gotten i wondered how it would feel in my puss. and since i was showin sissy she didnt know how to show me, so i am very, very, horny and dont work today i found out what it feels like to fuck my son.she then leaned her head towards my cock and started lickin and suckin it while rubbin her twatty. i said hold on mom , stood up undressed my young muscular body and sat back down. mom after pullin her jaw in , did likewise. . i layed her back and started lickin her puss hoppin her juices were atleast half as delicous as tawnys.we ended up in moms bed in a 69 when i heard mom start moanin loadly ,' oh acer thats it imma cummin keep suckin your mommys fuckin pussy. umm ya fuck oohhh shit damn son yaaaaa!' she said fuck thisshit let me ride your cock my son. she climed on and slid down the hole length of my cock sayin damn son i havent ever seen or felt a cock like this in this county or even in my had a very sexy body . her ass was what today is referred to as a bubble butt but moms was firm. her legs where medium length and smoothe. she had a very slim tight belly for a woman with 2 kids.her tits where 38 b's , nipples as round as dimes. isee now where sissy gets her tits from, moms hair was coal black and 2 inches past her shoulders and smoothe as silk. she bounced , and grinded and,wiggled on my dick for an hour. she must a com atleast 5 times, l switched from grabbin her as cheels , suckin ,kissin,lickin,and bitin her tits and nipples, and evry no and then jucin my finger up and sliddin it in her asshole, mom was in her biggest orgasm,' umm ya fuck ya momma bitch like whore acer,son, ummmm fuck ya do it boy, cum in me. so i flipped her on all fours and doggie banged the hell out her 28 yr old as as it never had been before. then my balls tighten and i leaned back on my legs and pulled her by her hair to me till her back touched my chest,puttin her on her knees to, put one hand on her tit squeezin it tight with my other hand i hand rubbed it which made her cum again, thats when i let loose and filled my 28 yr fuckin beautiful mothers warm tight pussy with my cum for five minutes. she rolled over licked me clean and said damn son ,if thats how you fuck your whores ,then your lil momma here will be your whore any god damn fuckin time you want her too. just then we heard sissy ask was hat as fun as it looked mommy. we didnt close the curtain and tawny sat on the couch for the whole time watchin her mom fuck her brother. mom said yes it was baby girl and i give you permission to do any thing you saw me do to your brother yourself anytime you wanna. as soon as we go to bed mommy okay?
well me an sissy went to the park . there was a lttle wooded area with a lil clearing in the middle. makin it totally hidden . i took tawny there. she said whats up. i said i wanted to kis her. so we kissed and she was like a professional seasoned kisser.

now its was 3 yrs later. my sissy was a 12 year old nympho, my mom was the same ,even her sexy beautiful body. i was an adult and considered a biker. i worked at the bar in town. i also still shred the same room with my lil sister.who at 12 had 38 c tits and a gorgous body of a 20 year old and slept in the nood in the same bed as her naked brother.
it was 2 am when i cam home from work , i only worked two days a week . mom was in bed alone and sis was asleep. i stripped sat in my chair and started strokin my dick while i smoked a joint that i sprinkled with meth. i coughed and sis awoke hey lover my sister said to me. then please fuck me like the whore you had tonight. i always fucked one the waitresses on brake. i stood over her and she grabbed a hold of my cock and stroked it long and hard,while suckin it on intervals. i layed down and parted her pussy lips and started tongue fuckin her clit and fingerin her pussy, mmmmmyes acer face fuk your sister good and felt a hand wrap around my dick, makin it pulsate in my mother hand as stroked it and licked my ball sack. i rolled over on my back, sissy climbed on my dick and mom on my face while the kissed each other. mom gyrated on my face as tawny ground her puss down tight on my cock they changed places like three times and i told em to lay side to side and i kneeled over them and jacked my cock til i shot cum till they both were covered from mouth tto twat.we all three then fell asleep in the same bed . well later that month mom moved in to gramps house to take care of him til he dies. so sissy moved into her room since it was already filled with half moms clothes and things . which was cool sis fit most her clothes better then mom does.and thats how it was me in sissy in our own house fuckin 3-4 times a day.
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my life, nightmare or paradise?
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