nonconsensual wife Pt 4
i tossed and turned all night. i just kept crying and crying. Nothing i did would put my mind at ease. i finally got up about 3 am and went into the bathroom. I started very hot water going into the tub and in just panties i paddled out to the kitchen. i took the opened bottle of white wine from the refrigerator, a tall wineglass, and the box that i store candles in. In the bathroom i lined the tub with candles, cut off the overhead lights, filled my glass, dropped my panties and slid into the hot water. The water was so hot i could only get a little of me in at a time, but soon i was covered up to my neck. i could feel the water burning my tender thighs and labia. my breasts and nipples also were stinging and burning, yet the pain was somehow soothing and even stimulating.

Thoughts of Mr. Bullmann kept intruding into my brain. No matter how hard i tried to chase them they kept coming back. It was like he was lying in the tub beside me. i kept hearing his words, kept hearing Him tell me what i must do. i kept thinking about His monster Cock and imagining what it would feel like inside me. i suddenly realized my fingers had entered my vagina. The combination of very hot water and thoughts of Mr. Bullmann had stimulated me and made me internally wet. i opened myself to let the hot water flood inside me... a low moan escaped my lips as the burning water rushed in and filled me to my cervix. i gulped several large swallows of wine to calm me, but even this i imagined was His ejaculate!

my fingers sought my clit and began scrataching it with a fingernail. my other hand was busy stretching and twisting a nipple. With thoughts of life with Mr. Bullmann flooding my brain i masturbated till i was exhausted and my clit became numb and swollen by the abuse of it. The orgasms calmed my brain and i finally dropped off to sleep.

When i awoke, the house was quiet. The bath water was cold and i began shivering. i climbed out and dried off afraid that i had overslept and Cecily would be late for school. With just a towel around me i ran down the hall to her room and found that she was not there. i ran into the kitchen and saw that it was after 9 am, and found a note on the table. My husband had written it.

Dear Emily,
I couldn't bring myself to wake you. I must tell you how beautiful you were lying in the tub with fingers inside you and fingers holding a nipple. It was all i could do to keep from getting in the tub with you. Cecily kept asking me why you were sleeping in the tub but I really didn't have an answer for her. Mr. Bullmann will be here at 10 am. He wants to show you His home, hopefully soon to be your home. He says to dress in a short skirt and blouse and to forget underwear. He also wants you to wear your tallest high heels.

Darling, i am packing a small suitcase of clothes as Mr. Bullmann has instructed me to move out until you make your decision. Cecily and i will be at my Father's house until you make your decision. I do hope you decide in favor of Mr. Bullmann, it will be best for all of us... you, me and Cecily. I will finally be free to seek the kind of love I need, you will receive the kind of love I am convinced you need, and because of His wealth Cecily will have things I can't give her. Mr. Bullmann will keep me informed as to any decision you make. Goodbye dear.

Love timmy.

i was shaken to my core! How could timmy do this to me? How could he just give me away like i was a stray kitten. Didn't our ten years together mean anything to him? Didn't our daughter mean anything to him? Again unbidden tears began flowing from my eyes. Great racking sobs escaped me and i could hardly breathe. i sat there in shock. my naked flesh cold and trembling in the morning air. The words... what to do... what to do... what to DO.. kept running through my brain. This was the lowest moment of my life. i felt so alone and unloved. i had no one. i didn't even have a girl friend to talk with. NO ONE!

But then i thought... there is one person that wants me... one person that doesn't want to throw me away! i looked at the clock and saw that Mr. Bullmann would be here in ten minutes. i looked at timmys note again and noted how i was to dress and ran to the bathroom. i found my razor in the cabinet over the sink and with a bit of hand cream for lubrication i ran it over my mound and labia. i spread myself and saw my red and swollen clit peeking at me. "At least your happy with the prospects of seeing Mr. Bullmann again," i told it. Thinking quickly about how i could prepare a surprise for Him i ran to the bedroom and got out my jewelry box. A gold chain had broken some time back but the small split gold rings were intact. i spread one a bit and slid it off the chain. Nodding to myself i thought it was the perfect size. i ran back to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and tried to slide it over my clit. i could only get it so far and it kept falling off. i needed to push it back much further if it were to stay. The ring was the perfect size though, it was just a bit smaller than my clit.

i opened the medicine cabinet again and found a roll of medical tape. It was about an inch wide so i carefully tore off a strip about an eighth of an inch wide and about two inches long. i got out the bottle of alcohol and a gauze square and after wetting the gauze with alcohol i dried my clit and inner labia. Ohhh god the alcohol burned my clit but it instantly erected and began to tingle! After a moment the alcohol evaporated and i stuck one end of the tape to the bottom of my clit and the other end to the top. After pressing the tape to its self i had a sort of handle to stretch my clit. i took the small gold ring and slid it down the tape till i got it to my clit. i pulled the tape both stretching and thinning my clit i could work the ring down over my clit and as far back as it would go.
The ring forced my inner labia that are attached to the underside of my clit back so that just the head of it was forced out of the ring. It felt fantastic! i was constantly aware of it and the sensations it kept sending into my pelvis were exotic.

i hurriedly dressed as ordered. i wore my bright red silk blouse, and white short wraparound skirt. i was going to have to be very careful when i sat, however. i thought about a garter belt and hose but decided against them because they were not in my orders. i slid on a pair of 5 inch black heels, decided against a purse and ran out of the house. i was standing by the drive when He drove up about a minute later. my heart pounding, my clit throbbing and tingling and my breathing labored.

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