nonconsensual wife Part 2
"The significance of her name?" Mister Bullmann had just made a statement about the significance of her name. He still had me pressed against my kitchen cabinets as we waited for my husband and daughter to return with beer for supper.

" i don't understand Sir. my husband insisted we call her Cecily. He said he really loved that name. i kind of liked it too."

Mister Bullmann just shook his head. His long curly grey/black hair flying wildly with the movement. "You don't get it yet? My name is Cecil, timmy was honoring me when he named your daughter! He was showing his love for ME! He is telling me he missed being my slave and my cunt when I didn't have a date."

"OH GOD! i never thought about that! it never crossed my mind. But that explains a lot. i now understand the truth about my husband."

"What do you mean. What do you understand now cunt? What did timmy do to her? You saw him doing things to her didn't you?"

"When she was a little baby, just a few months old, i caught him kissing and licking her bottom! She was lying face down and he was spreading her cheeks. He had a finger inside her! I asked him what was he doing to her? He stammered and told me that there was something in her bottom a bit of corn or something! i reminded him that her corn was finely ground and mashed. But it never occurred to me that he was molesting her. He never touched me that way."

"Cunt, your husband is a total fruit. He sucked his way through college. I have no idea how many cocks he sucked during those 4 years. It amazes me that he has been able to fool you all these years.

Mister Bullmann pressed me harder against the counter in my kitchen. I kept hoping timmy would hurry back with the beer, but i knew down deep that it would be a while yet. His huge Cock was pressing hard into my mound. No matter how i moved away it followed me like a guided missile.

He backed off and... ordered... me to unzip him and take out his Cock. He said it was time i met my Master! With trembling fingers i unzipped his trousers and reaching inside them found it pointing straight upward. I worked it out of his pants and looked at it.

It was the biggest most beautiful Cock i had ever seen. timmy and i had often watched sex videos of large cocked men with little girls but this monster was HUGE. It was about twice as long as my hand from wrist to fingertips and so thick i could not encircle it with my fingers. i didn't need to, though, since it was already encircled! There was a gold beaded chain around it just behind the head. The gold chain appeared to be heavy but strung with gold balls about 6 or mm diameter. Between the balls were gold disks with spiky edges. Just looking at it made my pussy feel as though it was rolling back and forth inside me. I could feel it shredding my inner tissues and making it burn like it was aflame. my knees got weak just looking at it! i was unable to speak but a low moan escaped my throat.

"you may kiss it cunt! you may not take it in your mouth yet. KISS MY COCK CUNT," He ordered. i wanted nothing less than to pull it inside me... to envelop it with my sensitive lips, but i just bent over at the waist and kissed the mouth of it. my head was spinning. i didn't understand what was going on inside me. I didn't understand why i had no control with this Man!

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