nonconsensual wife part 5
The big car slid to a stop beside me. He was driving and i found my breath was labored. His shirt was unbuttoned and His washboard belly and muscled chest were fully visible. His tits were centered on heavily muscled pectorals with black/grey curly hair. He had on white shorts and his muscled legs totally filled them. His calf's were also heavily muscled with fine curly hair. He was uniformly tanned with no tan lines visible.
"Get in emily," He ordered. With a trembling hand i reached out and opened the door.
"Before you get in, lift your skirt and show me what is under it."

i felt my face turn bright red in humiliation, but i lifted the hem to reveal my clean shaven mound and labia. i stood there for about ten heartbeats with him examining me closely. Seeing Him combined with his hard stare made my juices begin to flow. my ringed clit throbbed harder and faster till i felt lightheaded under His gaze. i could tell he caught a glimpse of the ring as His eyes narrowed and then i was caught in their intense stare.

"O.K. emily, get in the car, but I want your naked bottom against the seat. I want it pressed against the cold leather seat."

Following His instructions i sat with my naked bottom on the seat. Its coldness lowered the intensity of sensations flooding my pelvis, but i was totally aware that my labia were spread wide on it. i kept my eyes down and my hands folded in my lap. Afraid to look at him. Afraid of the feelings flying through me. my nipples were fully erect and with a quick glimpse i could tell he was looking at where they were pressed against the slick silk of my blouse. When i wore this blouse without a bra my nipples revealed even the bumps salted around my areola.

He drove for about half an hour. He kept asking me personal questions which i tried to answer as truthfully as possible. He asked how i had met timmy. i told him that i had met him at work. i told him i was a waitress and timmy always ate alone. That one day timmy said he had tickets to a concert and invited me to go with him.

He asked if i had sex with timmy that first date... i admitted i had sucked him in the parking lot after the concert with people walking by the car. timmy loves making me expose myself to strange men!

He asked if timmy was able to make me cum. i admitted that he had never made me cum unless i fingered myself while he was riding me.

These questions were totally embarrassing and i was glowing bright red as i tried to answer.
Finally, as we pulled up in front of a huge house, He asked about the bit of gold he saw glinting from my clit before i got in the car. i had not thought he could see it... i had thought it was my secret... "it's a clitring Sir," i said.

"a clitring... mmmmm... who put it there and what does it do?"

i put it on after i bathed and prepared for seeing you, Sir. i imagine it is much like cockrings i have seen men and boys wear to keep them erect and stimulated. i just felt i wanted my clit to be stimulated constantly for some reason. i hope you don't disapprove since it was not in your instructions. It is not pierced or anything it's just like a finger ring."

"Show it to me emily!"

i lifted my skirt and twisted in the seat so my puss with its hood was visible. Sure enough my clittip was fully visible poking out from my hood with the ring visible across the top. He reached out and tried to pull the ring off but his fingers just slid off from all the slime i had been producing. "very nice dear... maybe we can make it permanent and a bit more exciting if you agree to my terms for your enslavement.

There... He had said it... the words that have been banging inside my head ever since i heard His proposal. The words that both excited me and horrified me. It was one thing to think about timmy as being his slave in college but He is talking about enslaving me for life! If i agreed to His terms i as a person would disappear and i would become a plaything.

idontknow... idontknow...

He unlocked and opened the front door. i walked into a large vestibule with an equally large closet off to one side. He removed his shorts and ordered me to undress and hang my clothes in the closet. He said the main rule of the house was to always be naked... never clothed inside. i tried not to look at his large Cock as i undressed but it kept drawing my eyes like a moth to a flame. He took my hand and placed it on His Cock. emily, your hand will always be in contact with my Cock. Think of it as your lifeline. Severe punishment will result if you drop it without permission!

As we entered the living room sitting in the center of the floor was a HUGE Rottweiler. Mr. B. introduced me to Him. This is Duke emily, shake his hand. i reached out tentatively and Duke raised his right paw and i shook it. AS i shook it Duke's eyes were glued to my naked labia. When i dropped his paw his huge tongue lashed out and licked my crease. "yes," Mr. B. said. "He is showing His approval of his new bitch!"

Get on all fours emily. your bottom facing Duke. i slowly decended to my hands and knees. looking over my shoulder i could see Duke licking his lips... again that huge tongue lashed my puss. jolts of sensation raced through me. i could feel a fresh oozing of my puss juice. Duke reared up and mounted me. His huge paws on either side of my neck. His thick claws digging in to keep them from sliding off. i felt a blinding sharp pain in my puss... over and over... my swollen clit harshly grated by his rough Cock with each of his rapid thrusts. He was lunging forward driving deeper inside with each lunge. i could no longer withstand it. intense orgasm after orgasm immediately began racking thru me. i heard myself howl like a bitch in heat. i could feel his boiling sperm flooding my insides... pounding against my cervix.

i must have passed out because when i regained my senses a bit later i was lying on my face. Duke licking his cum out of me... my puss was boiling with sensations.

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