nonconsensual wife pt 3
i spent the next fifteen or twenty minutes becoming acquainted with his Cock. He just stood there in front of me and let me slowly stroke it. He let me run my fingers over the silky head and the evil looking gold chain on it. i examined the manner by which the chain stayed in place and found that the skin of his Cock had been pierced three times. The frenum was deeply pierced and the chain threaded through it. It was also pierced in two other places just behind the mushroom shaped head. The disks were semi encased in gold troughs or fenders that kept the spurs from digging into the sensitive cock. The spikey edges of the disks were not real sharp, but i knew that i would definitely feel them rolling in and out of me.

The shaft of His Cock was thick. i could not encircle it with my fingers and it had that hard softness aspect that my husband's Cock had. It appeared to be about nine inches long and over three inches diameter. i had heard of beer can Cocks before but i was now seeing one in person. i kissed the small mouth one last time and was rewarded with the slightly salty taste of precum.

Mr. Bullmann then lifted me and laid me back on the kitchen table. He flipped my dress hem up to reveal my swollen pussy. He slapped it very hard with his hand. The crack jolted me out of the space i had been in and made my clit sting

He inserted a finger inside me and brought it out soaking wet. He redirected his aim and forced it in my bottom! i knew i should object! i knew i should stop Him, but all my will had vanished with my husband and daughter. He spent the next few minutes memorizing my most intimate tissues. He mumbled to Himself about how the piercing would be placed and how it would affect me when i moved. The thought of Him piercing me there scared me back into reality and i tried to sit up. He slapped my puss again even harder this time... leaving his hand print on my hood.

He finally let me go when he heard timmies car in the drive. i tried to stand but my knees were shaky and would not hold me. i sat down on one of the kitchen chairs and felt its cold hardness cooling my inflamed tissues.

Dinner went fine after that, except i was constantly aware that my pussy was naked under my dress. i was able to pick up my discarded panties and shove them into a little used drawer. Mr. Bullmann and timmy cooked the steaks out on the grill while Cecily and i finished setting the table.

i just about died when Cecily found a wet spot on one of the kitchen chairs. She thought she had spilled something so just wiped it up. But all through dinner i thought about her sitting on my moisture and that it was seeping up inside her.

Later that night timmy and i were talking about Mr. Bullmann. i asked him if he had named our daughter for Cecil. timmy just hung his head and nodded. i had missed him so very much after college and he was constantly on my mind. Every time we made love it was Him i was making love to. i had to think about Him or i couldn't get hard emily. Emily, i want you to sleep with him while i watch. He and i talked about it when we played golf this afternoon. He told me He wants you. It would mean so much to me to see him stretching your sweet cunt with his Monster Cock! Hearing you moan and squeal as it pounds into you.
i told timmy what Mr. Bullmann had said to me. That i would have to write out a contract giving myself to Him totally and without reserve. i told him that Mr. Bullmann insisted that we both sign it. He wants Cecily and i to move in with Him!
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