out on my own..3
... continued from part 2.

"Mine." The word stays ringing in my ear as you thrust all the way inside me. "yes sir" ... i mumble as you cover my mouth with yours. there is a released tension in your breathing as you settle into a fast, percussive rhythm in and out of me. your fingers grip my hips and hold me close to you.

as you near your orgasm, you push harder inside me -- driving me to a climax that leaves me gasping for air. you press me into the building while your cock is still all the way inside me and bite hard on the soft spot above my collarbone. You growl at me as you drag yourself out of me and adjust your clothing to be street-presentable again. i find my feet under me and I straighten my dress. we won't see anyone in the block back to the hotel. i hope...

you're walking quickly, but i'm mentally chastising myself all the way home. you're clearly mad, and though i didn't mean to cause it, even angry sex is still good sex with you. i'm barely keeping up with you as we walk back to the hotel, but you hold every door for me as we walk through the lobby, the garden patio, then our room. i kick off my shoes as you roughly grab my shoulders from behind to still me and unzip my dress. you inhale quickly - almost in pain - as you see the scratches from the alley's brick wall on my bare back. "Come..."... you lead me into the enormous bathroom and draw a warm bath. peeling off your clothes and helping me in, i'm a little sore from the rapid beating i enjoyed earlier. as i settle into your arms, tears overwhelm my eyes. "i'm sorry for doubting you sir..."..."Shh.... you should know better by now baby girl. from day one you've been mine and i protect what's mine." you slide the warm washcloth over my back and press me back to you tighter. you feel my whimpers subside as i relax into your arms.

i step out of the tub with loose wet strands of hair from where it wasn't caught in a ponytail. you help me dry off and slide a cotton nightshirt over my head. i'm absolutely exhausted, so the bed is so cool and welcoming. as i drift off to sleep, i feel your fingers tracing up and down my back and i feel your heartbeat on my cheek.
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