pet takes over
Pet knew things were going to be different tonight when sir texted her and said she was in charge tonight. She knew it was going to be amazing she knew her sirs wants and desirers as much as he knew hers. When he walked in the door she pounced on his forcing her tong in his mouth sucking on his tong before nibbling on his bottom lip, grinding her necked body on his fully clothed. She leads him down the hall way to the play room. She undresses him before she pushes him on to the bed. She takes and hand cuffs him to the bed, she looks at him with lust filled eyes, o sir she says all the fun pet things pet has planned for you tonight, and sir just like when u make me cum you had better beg to cum or else sir.

She reaches behind her and grabs the feather before she trails it up his leg lightly brushing it agents his balls and up his cock teasing the tip with the feather brushing it round his tip, she keeps teasing his cock over and over, as he moves with the sensation she looks at him and tells him don't move or I will stop, just to get her point across she slowly makes her way to the door. Don't go he says I will stop moving as much as I can. She slowly makes her way back to him, she grabs the lube and two butt plugs before she coats her own ass and one of the plugs. Going to the head of the bed to where he can watch she slowly put the plug in her ass stretching it as she slid it in and out; she pushes it in hard and fast moaning out in pleasure. She kisses him hard and deep before making her way back to his cock she licks the tip before she sucks him in to her mouth increasing her pace she sucks him hard and fast she can taste the little bit of pre cum that is seeping out as she sucks him.

She lets his cock fall from her mouth as she grabs the other butt plug lubing it up before she runs it from the tip of his cock to his balls teasing his ass with it slipping just the tip in as she slowly pushes it in inch by inch twisting it and turning it before she pushes it in all the way hard pulling it back out before pushing it in hard again. Looking up at him she can tell he is so close to Cuming. She looks at him and asks sir are you going to be able to last or should I stop, no my pet keep going mmm. She reaches over and grabs the flogger tracing it down his shoulders before she smacks his nipples with them hard causing him to cry out in both pain and pleasure. She trails it down further to his cock and balls noticing that he is seeping pre cum licking his cock clean making sure she did not miss one single drip. Before she takes the flogger and lightly smacks sirs balls with it before she runs it up to his tip lightly smacking his tip with it. He moves with each smack causing the butt plug to move in his ass causing more pre cum to seep out pet puts down the flogger and goes to untie sirs hands telling him to turn over as she goes and gets the strap on that they have hanging on the wall. She slowly takes out the butt plug as she re lubes sirs ass and the strap on. reaching around she takes his cock in her hands milking it as she slowly pushes in to his tight ass hole, mm sir coat my hands in your cum as I fuck your ass sir.

Pet slowly thrusts in to his ass driving his cock in to her hand as hard and as fast as she is thrusting. His cock explodes all over her hand as she continues to thrust in to him her titties rubbing his back. Her hand coated in his cum she brings it to her lips and licks her fingers clean before she tells him to turn over so that she can lick him clean. She lays on top on him taking his cock in her mouth sucking it clean. He looks at her pet sit on my face, he slowly licks through her wet folds sucking and nibbling on her clit. He reaches behind her jerking her butt plug out causing her to cum hard on his face, she grinds hard riding out her orgasm, thrusting two fingers in to her pulsating pussy as she screams out in her release. Mm my pet that was simply amazing he tells her as he pulls her in to his side.
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