pool party exposure
Years ago we had the experience of being invited to a pool party. My wife was young and sweet, very innocent, and nice looking. The party was hosted by an older couple in celebration of their indoor pool finally being functional. I had known this guy through my wife who, actually worked with him. My wife was somewhat nervous about swimming... (showing herself in the swimsuit)... yet came prepared with her one-piece suit. While in the pool I could see her coworkers giving my young sweet wife the extra look. Their eyes seemed to run over her figure in admiration and pleasure. I'll admit that I did my share of observing their wives as well. I was chatting with the host of the party and he made a subtle comment about how attractive our wives looked, I agreed.

Time passed quickly and soon we found ourselves one of the last couples still at the party. Noticing the time my wife signaled that she was ready to leave and so we venturing into the divided dressing rooms. The rooms were side by side marked, "Mens", and "Womens". They were bathrooms complete with a shower stall and changing area. As I was changing the host along with my wife's boss walked in to change out of their swimsuits. I noticed that they seemed anxious. The host looked at me and said, "I want to show you something if you can keep a secret". Having no idea what was going on I agreed assuring him I could keep a secret. He moved toward the wall that divided the two changing rooms asking me to turn the light off. Then directed me toward a gap of light that came from the plywood wall separating the rooms. The instant realization of what was about to happen sent shock waves through my mind. I was unsure just how to respond. "Just look through there", his tone urgent. I stood close to the gap and peeked through. The separation between the wall boards was enough to give a clear vision of the other side. My eyes suddenly caught sight of his wife as she stepped into my view. My mind was reeling, my eyes registering the sight of her bare ass cheeks. Her body moved around, my eyes lingering catching sight of her bare breasts, her pink nipples parading before me. "I can see your wife"... my voice softly whispered. My wife's boss wanted his turn, nudging me to move out of the way he said, "We are here to see your wife." I looked as the host of the party quickly set up a small digital video camera and moved next to his boss peering through the gap. Suddenly it really hit me what was happening, these older men, one the man my wife worked for... (her boss the past two years)... and a man she worked closely with everyday had been waiting the whole party to see my sweet innocent wife exposed. The reason for our invite?... perhaps the reason the very gap existed?

"There she is!!! come look!!" The words send a rush of sheepish anticipation through my wavering mind. Placing my face near his I saw my wife step into view. She was still sporting her swimsuit. I guessed the very reason his wife had stepped out of our view, giving my wife more space... I found myself hoping my wife would remain in our view. I wanted her to slip off her swimsuit, wanted them to see her. She was standing right before our eyes.... Reaching back she tugged on her swimsuit beginning to draw it from around her body. It was happening!!! We all watched as she slid her suit downward exposing her bare breasts. "I love the nipples on those little tits"... her boss quietly commented."Look at those sweet, tiny tits!!" Her swimsuit continued to be pulled lower. Down from around her hips, it fell to the floor. My wife was standing in front of their peering eyes and video camera completely nude. Her neatly trimmed little bush now exposed for their complete examination and pleasure. They could see her bare hips, her breasts, her unguarded pussy all right there before their eyes. "Look at her.. she's beautiful... better than I imagined!! Dave (my wife's biggest client) will love seeing this video. He has been trying to screw your wife for years." We sat and watched my wife get fully dressed, I listened as they commented on her sexy panties, and mocked her for even wearing a bra on her small tits. After we saw her exit they both turned to me and made sure I would not say a word to my wife about what just happened. They both commented that they were looking forward to next time... This was my introduction to wanting others to see my wife exposed, and the birth of my main sexual fetish.
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