retelling of a dream: at long last prt 1
at first things were a little shy n awkward... you were unsure about us playing even if we did finally get some time alone
so we enter the room n lock the door behind us...
seeing your nervousness? I figure best to take things slow...
start with just what i had gotten away with at work...
though amped up a little bit
i give you a good long hug... finally getting my hands on your tasty little ass for more than just a quick squeeze
was nice being able to actually enjoy it with out worrying about someone walking in or around the corner or what not
keep in mind that we had led those involved to believe we were going off to work so you were still receiving your usual morning texts n what not so
we sat on the couch drinking coffee n having a smoke...
my hand blatantly enjoying your thigh slowly moving up till i could ease it between your legs and gently squeeze and massage your kitty
as you began to relax more and more i moved closer till i could get an arm around you so i could not only pet your kitty but my free hand slowly moved to caress your breasts as i kissed n nibbled your neck and ear
as your testing slowed down even got you to "retaliate" a little bit, your hand moving to my lap and squeezing n teasing through my pants
so there we sat for about an hour lightly fondling each other through our clothing
as it was time for you to "go in" and the texts stopping i moved to slide my hand under your shirt
you were a little... timid still but i guess still wanting to play
so after turning my hand away... you tell me to go first
so standing in front of you i strip down, revealing just how much i had been enjoying our play
as i stood there before you i guess you lost some of your inhibitions
licking your lips you took me in your hands stroking it slowly
felt amazing in your hands
griping me you pull me closer as you lean in
with a... slightly predatory smirk you kiss the tip, swirling your tongue around the head before taking it in your mouth
all I could do was stand there watching and moaning... felt so good, and well call me a pig if you will... but was a beautiful sight watching your lips slide down my shaft
after an eternity you pull me from your mouth... seemingly reluctantly... smiling and licking your lips
pulling you to your feet i kiss you deep n hard getting my hands on that yummy ass again
before slowly pulling your shirt over your head, caressing your back as i kiss along your jaw and down your neck and chest
standing naked before you kissing the tops of your breasts as you moan softly your hand stroking my saliva coated cock
one hand massaging your ass as the other caresses up your back to unhook your bra
letting you bra slide down your arm i nibble my way to your nipples kissing and licking them before taking one between my lips as i cup your other breast in my hand
moaning around your nipple as i gently suck and tease it with my tongue
your hand on my dick making me gasp as i savor your taste... your nipples growing hard at my touch
reluctantly i release your breasts and pull myself from your hand as i kneel... my hands giving your ass a squeeze before trailing over your hips to open your pants
slowly pulling your pants down i press my face into your panties noticing the dampness... savoring your scent
nuzzling your crotch licking it lightly through your panties my hands slide back up your legs and my fingers slip under the waistband
tugging them down i sat there savoring the sight of your beautiful pussy my hands moving to finally cup and squeeze your bare ass
caressing your ass... my fingers teasing your asshole i lean in and kiss your soft lips moaning as i run my tongue slowly up your slit to flick your clit
gods your ass feels so good in my hands... your pussy tastes so good as i lightly suck your lips and push my tongue between them
love the feel of your fingers in my hair as you push my face into your pussy
gasping for breath as you grind your pussy into my face my tongue trying to explore all of you at once... flicking over your lips deep inside and pulling your clit between my lips as i suck on it
moaning as i lightly tug your clit with my teeth i trail a finger between your lips getting it nice and wet before tracing it slowly around your tight asshole
flicking my tongue across and around your clit hoping to arouse and relax you i tentatively ease the tip of my finger gingerly into your ass my free hand sliding up your inner thigh to caress your pussy
my fingers working deep into your pussy seeking that special place as you buck and grind against my face, your fingers griping my hair tightly
my eyes roaming up your body enjoying the sight... the sound... of your pleasure i slowly, gently push harder with my fingers easing one into your hot tight ass as the others find and massage your g-spot
gasping in pleasure at your tightness... your heat... your acceptance i redouble my efforts on your pussy working my tongue and lips hungrily at your clit as my fingers massage deeper into your pussy and ass working gently... hungrily
with a final body wrenching shudder you buck against my face your cum bathing my face, your ass tightening around my finger as i desperately try to lap up every drop
gasping for breath i lean my face against your crotch lost in your taste and scent as you run your fingers through my hair
taking my hand in yours you slowly pull my finger from your ass before pulling me to my feet giving me a tight hug as i kiss you deeply enjoying you moan as you taste yourself on my lips ...
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