seducing a married man .... isn't that hard
It happened in a nightclub, it was my night out with a couple of friends out of town. when i walked in the club i immediately noticed him standing at the bar he was so charming,probably in his late thirties, tall, strong, with a gorgeous body,and he seemed like he was waiting for someone, he saw me walking in and stared at me all the way from the door to my table. i was wearing a red sexy knee lenght dress.

i sat down and he couldn't take his eyes off me, i ignored him for a while, talking and laughing at my friends jokes and then my eyes met his suddenly, he smiled at me and gave me a lustful look, i felt my heart beating and my temperature rising, i crossed my legs slowly and passionatly, i wasn't looking at him, then i bit my buttom lip and looked him in the eyes then down his pants and into the eyes again. He smiled and drunk what was left from his drink in one sip. after a minute or so, a woman apparently coming straight from work hugged him and then i saw a shiny gold ring around his finger, that was his wife. He sat with her in a table that was near mine, and i could see him look at me when his wife was busy chatting with friends.
the music was loud and the club was crouded but all i could see was him and all i could hear was his voice inside of my head saying "i want you".

after a while i stood up and walked to the women's room, he did the samething and followed me there, when he arrived to the door i was inside with the door opened playing with my panties in my hand, i dropped them on the floor, and i slid my hand from my neck to my stomack, he was enjoying the view until he heard some girls coming our way( it was his wife). he quickly walked towards me and closed the door,i grabbed his ass and whispered "i couldn't wait any longer", "you are torturing me" he said, i could hear him breathe on my neck, while he was sucking on it, i went down on him and bit his dick with his pants on, he moaned very hard,i dropped his pants and kissed every inche around his dick; i didn't touch it though, he was shaking and screaming from pleasure he begged me to put it inside, the girls out there heard him, his wife looked under the door and she saw his legs and me on my knees, she went out with her friend telling her that a horny couple was inthere. " i can't take it anymore" he said, i looked him in the eyes and i stood up slowly. i kissed him a deep passionate kiss, then his phone was ringing it was his wife i hung up and wrote my number and i whispered " i want you inside of me" then i took off quickly.
i went to my hotel room, 5 minutes later my phone was ringing i picked up and he said " i wanna fuck you" i said the hotel and my room number and i hung up, another 5 minutes and he was infront of the door i was totaly naked, as soon as i opened the door he pushed me against the wall very hard and started kissing me while he was taking his big hard cock out,he grabbed my ass and put me on the table and pushed his dick inside my pussy very hard, i screamed really loud, and he said "you drive me crazy" he pulled it out of my pussy slowely and then pushed it back inside really hard and he said "you wanna play ... let's play then" and he pulled it out again slowly and the third time he pushed it we came at the same time and he was shaking and he almost fell down.

he hugged me and bit my neck really hard i could see some blood in his mouth and he whispered "i have to go" i was in pain but i felt amazing i didn't care about the blood and i pushed him on the bed and started kissing him ...he was still shaking and he said i've never felt like this before, it was so intense between us. he looked me in the eye and he put both his hands around my head and kissed me a slow long passionate kiss, his phone stareted to ring again he stopped and gave me that sad look, i smiled and told him " the last 10 seconds" we kissed again while he was putting his clothes on i walked him to the door and he kissed me on my neck and whispered by the way i'm Mike i smiled and said my name then he left.

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