sex with my first love
The night was cool and crisp and the moon was full as I stepped out of the car and looked at the sign on the bar. Taking a deep breath looking to fulfill a desire and need that had been absent for 2 years, I pocketed my keys and walked across the half deserted parking lot.

My attire simple, no bra, shorts and a t-shirt, I like to keep things simple, if anything was going to happen, I needed to be comfortable. I opted for a tighter than normal shirt so my ample 44DD breasts would show off, and more cleavage exposed than normal.

I enter the bar and find a seat at a table. The person I'm supposed to meet is here, we quickly find a table and order our first drinks. Now that I think about it, a table is too public and we opt to move to a booth in the back.....We slide in next to each other, both of us obviously uneasy and unsure of ourselves, acting like a couple of nervous school kids.

Our drinks arrive and we order light appetizers to help offset the alcohol. Our eyes meet, I pick up an appetizer and offer it to him, he opens his mouth and instead of the food, I lean in and kiss him full on the mouth. Shocked at first he leans in and responds, our tongues touching each other doing battle. His hands are now stroking my back and my hands are stroking his back, feeling the way to the front of his shirt. As we separate I look at him fearing he was going to slap me. His first words to me were I've missed you. I stared him straight in the eye and said I still love you.

As we sit there, his hand reaches over and pulls me close, as he does this his hand caresses my breast. A shiver goes down my spine and I place my hand on his thigh.....

I know this is a public bar, but I am hoping the dark table in the back will give us enough privacy to be able to not be noticed.....As I run my hand on his thigh. His jeans are tight, I make my way up to his cock which is starting to bulge through his jeans and I stroke it. His hand finds his way to my thigh and my choice of panties this night is a bit unusual, for me, are crotchless. Chosen for the occasion to give access to my pussy, which is already wet and moist.

My date lets out a soft moan, and when this happens I shove a bite of mozzarella stick in his off the dribble of marinara sauce with my tongue.....(I know napkins are available but what's the fun)

My reward is him pulling me close, almost on top of his lap, and putting his hand up under my shirt, fingering my already hardening nipples, squeezing my breasts...Once again I reach down and fondle his hard cock, only this time I unbutton his jeans and slip my hands down his pants. At this point I am no longer caring who sees us. But, we are still trying to be discreet. As I lean into him he crushes my lips with his, forcing my mouth open with his tongue, oh the rush.

I need to excuse my self to the bathroom, before I cum all over the booth bench, I'm sure he wouldn't mind, but I want things ot slow down.

I find a 'family restroom', and before I can lock the door he enters. We lock the door, and strip his pants down. I get down on my knees right there on the bathroom floor and take his 8 inch cock into my mouth. I start by licking the tip, sucking it, swirling my tongue around it, and slowly taking it into my mouth. Slowly at first and then hes if fucking me faster and faster as I suck on his cock, I open my mouth as wide as possible and try not to gag. He lets out a low groan and unloads in my mouth, he leaves the bathroom first, and gives me a minute to compose myself and I head back to the booth. (well at least one of us is satisfied, for now).

Back in the booth, he is leaning against the wall looking fairly pleased with himself, or maybe it was me that he was pleased with I'll never know. But I slid in next to him once again, and this time his hand found his way up my thigh, I made no sound, as I tried to focus on eating and drinking. Very slowly he parts with his hand my pussy lips and inserts first one finger then 2 fingers, keeping his third finger to massage my clit.....I'm holding in my moans as much as I can, my hand is back on his crotch, and once again growing bulge. His fingers are moving faster and faster and I can no longer hold back the orgasm as it runs down my legs.........I feel like every eye in the place is watching us, but I'm not wrong.

One beer and I'm already a little buzzed, I should have drank slower. My second one sitting in front of me half gone, I blazenly take his hand and place it on my breast and pull him down. I lift my shirt up just enough for him to take my breast in his mouth and suck on my nipples. As he is doing so, I help work the nipples into tight buds.......

Our waitress stops by, seeing what's going on offers us a more private room......not much, but a little more privacy. We collect our food and drinks and tip her and tell her to bring us each another drink in 45 minutes. We make our way to a booth as far back as we can in a deserted banquet area.......I push my date back as far as I can so that he is recling against the wall, feet up on the bench, I then proceed to pull his pants down. While stroking his cock with one hand hte other hand is fingering my pussy.

Slowly his hands make their way to mine and we finger me together, slow and steady to start building speed as we go, both of us being mindful of wanting to cum. Knowing we are both near orgasm, I slide on top of him, yes its uncomfortable, but I fanigle my position to accomodate his hard cock without moving him, and I ride him like a horse. My tight wet pussy riding his shaft up and down. He grabs my ass and works me to a rythm that he is comfortable with.

I lean into him and kiss him, he breaks away as he finds my breast right near his face, and takes turns sucking my breasts while we fuck each other.

Suddenly we both let out a moan and we climax together.....As we sit in the slightly darkened room gathering ourselves, our thoughts, we quikly pull ourselves together pay our bill and head out to my car.

We had not seen each other for 30 years, but sex with my first love was everything I expected, and I couldn't wait to fuck his brains out and I hoped he felt the same way as I did.

I would soon find out as we headed back to a hotel that I had reserved.

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