sir and his pet
As she took a bath to get ready for sirs visit she could not help but to get excited thinking about the look on sir's face when her walks in and see her is her see through pink teddy with a crotch less thong. Earlier that morning sir had sent her a package with not only a butt plug but ben wa balls. After she finished drying herself off she but the ben wa balls in her damp pussy as she lubed up the butt plug and her hole to prepare them for her sticking the but plug in.

When sir walked in to the door and saw her kneeling in her see through teddy her nipples were hard from her desire he could not help but to look in awe as he felt his cock stiffen at the sight of her. He gives her the command to go down to all fours after she takes off her thong so that he can see if she fallowed directions with the butt plug and ben wa balls, but she takes him completely by surprise when she bends over to show him before she takes off her thong. he see the butt plug through her see through crotch lees thong, he is now Hard all the way he goes to her and spanks her so that she knows how surprised he is by his pet and what she has on. Fallowing sir to the playroom, she can fell the butt plug move with her movements along with the ben wa balls arousing her further.

When the get to the playroom sir strips her down and pushes her back on the bed. He reaches and starts to tug and turn the butt plug as she fights the approaching orgasm. Sir takes the butt plug out of her as he licks her slick folds; he has her flip over on all fours, as he stands next to the bed looking up at sir she knows what he wants before he even asks as she licks the tip of his hard cock. She than licks her way down his cock to his balls, pulls them in her mouth, and nibbles on them. As she makes her way back to his tip she makes sure that she traces the vain on the underside of his cock when she makes it back to the tip she suck his cock deep into her mouth.
Pleased by his pet sir reaches down and massages and pinches her nipples whale thrusting her hips so that she gets the message that he wants her to increase her pace as she sucks his hard cock pressing her tongue agents his cock making her mouth tighter . She looks up at sir as pleading to play with his balls that are hitting her chin as she is sucking her cock; sir gives her a nod of his head to show his approval. She takes sirs balls in her hands as she massages them she slowly lets his cock fall out of her mouth before she takes his balls in her mouth and starts to suck and nibble on them.

Sir gives her the command to get on the bed and lay down spread eagle for him as he walks around the bed enjoying the look of his pet laid out on display for him. He takes out the scarf's he keeps under the play bed and ties up one wrist after the other. Sir knows how far his sub is to finding her release but he wants to hear her beg for her chance to bum before he gives her what she really wants. He goes over to his floggers and gets the father flogger out before making his way over to her to blindfold her to enhance her senses. He starts by dragging the flogger through her slick folds before he flicks his wrist and hits her swollen clit with the feathers. She cannot help but to moan out in pleasure as he counties to use the flogger on her clit. She knows what sir want he wants her to beg him to pull out the ben wa balls and to let her scream out her release but she want to show sir that she has been working on her control but she can't fight it any longer. When he knows she is close he takes the blindfold off of her so he can see the desire in her eyes.
Looking him in his eyes, she begs sir to let her find her release. Since she has been such a good little pet sir decides that he is going to let her find her release. He first takes the ben wa balls out of her dripping pussy but she knows better than to cum before sir tells her to cum she keeps fighting her fast approaching orgasm. Sir licks her juices from his fingers before he takes and runs his tongue through her slick folds before he takes and sucks on her clit. She starts to buck her hips. He places on hand on her hips to keep her from moving as I counties to eat her pussy. He takes and rams two fingers start in to her dripping wet pussy as he sucks and nibbles on her clit. He lets go just for a moment to tell her to cum, She screams out her release as sir continues his assault on her clit and fingering her pussy to draw out her orgasm.

She knows by the look on sir's face that he is nowhere near being done with his pet and he won't be until he finds his own release. He unties his pet before he has her turn over on all fours lying with her ass up. When she is in the position he wants her in he gives her the command not to move at all. He takes and teases her lips with the tip of his rock hard cock spreading his pre cum along her lips. She sticks out her tongue to lick his cum off her lips, as she does so her tongue barley brushing up agents the tip of his cock so that she can lick up more of sirs pre cum.

He has been waiting for her to slip up like that he loves to watch her ass turns read as he spanks her for not asking permission first. As soon as she licks his tip she knows what she has done wrong, she knows what is coming, and the anticipation makes her pussy pulse with desire. He takes and sticks the ben wa balls back in her pussy as he raises his hand for the first spiking. Sir barks at her that she had better count them for she will be getting five spankings for not asking to lick his tip first. He rubs his hands on her ass before he strikes her the first time. One sir, he rubs her checks alternating between the two, two sir, three sir her ass cheeks pink with his mark , four sir, she is on the edges from the ben wa balls moving in her as he spanks her that she did not expect the last spiking to be on her now dripping wet clit. She screams out five sir as she fights back her orgasm. Sir is so turned on from seeing his red had prints agents her white skin that he has to be in her. He reaches besides him and grabs the alligator nipple clamps that he has by the bed, he twist and turns her nipples getting them harder than they already are before he puts them on each nipple. He goes behind her and slowly pulls the ben was balls out of her wet pussy. He replaces them with his fingers before he takes them out and offers them to her to clean off. She licks and sucks on his fingers as she moans at the nipple claps pitching and pulling on her sensitive nipples.

Sir takes her hips as he passions himself at her wet entrance; he slowly pushes in before he pulls out. He keeps teasing his pet by going at a slow pace keeping her on the edge of her orgasm without letting her cum; he wants her to beg him for her release. She tries to meet sir thrust for thrust and he smacks her ass hard telling her not to move, between his slow pace and the nipple clamps she is so close she looks over her shoulder at sir and begs hem to let her cum. Please sir I need your hot cum in my wet pussy sir, I want to fill you cum inside of my tight wet pussy. Hearing those words he begins to increase his pace as one hand finds the chain to the nipple clamps pulling and tugging on it as the other goes to her long hair and he starts to pull it. Her head tilts back and she cannot help but to moan out as she fights her orgasm, sir picks up is pace as his balls slap agents her clit and he pulls her hair harder along tugging more on the nipple clamps. He fells his balls tighten as he draws closer to his own orgasm.
He keeps pounding in to her tight wet pussy from behind, he pounds hard and fast in to her holding the chain for the nipple clamps so that her boobs say and pull on them even more he lets go of her hair so that he can reach down and start striking and pitching her clit. She moans and screams he knows she won't last much longer he also is to the point of Cuming. He lies across her back as he sucks and nibbles on her neck, while he whispers in her ear you may cum my pet. She screams out in her release and he picks up his pace pounding her hard and fast pulling on the nipple clamp chain with one hand and spanking her with the other. He spills his hot sticky cum in to her pussy as it keeps milking his cock for more. His now softening cock slips out of her pussy as he goes to untie her hands. He pulls her in to him as they lay on the bed in the playroom her fingers go to her pussy that is now dripping with both of their cum before she plays with it and brings it to her mouth to taste their mixed juices. Sir laces in fingers in hers and returns them to her pussy before playing with her clit with both of their fingers as he draw her fingers up to his mouth and sucks them clean he tells her that he likes the taste of their cum mixed together . Sir carries his now exhausted pet to the bath room to draw her a bath so that she can clean up as he cleans himself up. He watches her every move with a longing in his eyes wondering how he was so lucky to find such a good little pet

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