sirs pet gets punished
She is feeling quite ornery tonight and she knows that without a doubt that she is going to push sir limits to what she can get away with and what her punishments will be. Her pussy was dripping with the anticipation knowing that he will punish her for what she has on and she doesn't plan on stopping there. She knows that when sir walks in the door and sees that she is not is the proper lingerie but a sun dress and to top it all off she doesn't plan on kneeling in front of the door to great him. when he walks in the door and his pet is not there he knows that he is going to be in for a night of epic fun for himself, as he rounds the corner and she is standing there in that sun dress that she knows drives him wild he knows that she is seeing how far she can push her luck.

Not being able to resist he walks up to her and gives her a forceful kiss before he walks right past her and in to the play room, when he comes out she know that there is something behind his back but he won't let her see as he puts it in the freezer. Knowing his pet as well as he dose he looks at her and tells her don't peek or no play room for pet tonight. Knowing she has pushed his buttons enough for one night she sets the table as they get ready to eat. Shen knows she's in big trouble when he goes without saying any thin throughout the meal when there done sir disappears once more in to the play room as she cleans off the table.

She wants to push sirs button one more time knowing this will be the icing on the cake, when she enters the play room she is supposed to kneel in noting and have her hair down but as she walks in to the play room she walks past where she is supposed to kneel and stands by sir. He looks at her and with one look she knows she is in for it, she backs down and strips out of her cloths and go to the spot where she is supposed to be and lets her hair down dropping her head in submission. Sir walks over to his play chest and talks out his favorite nipple clamps he makes his way to his pet and pitches and pulls on her nipples making sure they're nice and hard before he claps them on.

He goes back to the play chest and takes out a blind fold knowing that his pet is already wet and ready he wants her to beg and scream for her release if she is lucky enough to earn it. He tugs on the chain on the nipple clamps as he tells his pet to get up. She stands up keeping her head down as he leads her to the cross. He first ties up both of her hands and then her feet he makes his way to the toy chest and takes out the vibrating but plug and the vibrator, he lubes up her ass and the plug before he slowly inserts the butt plug in; turning it on after it is her ass. He takes the other vibrator and starts to run it through her slick folds and gently grinding it on her clit.

She tries to squirm from the sensation of it all but it's imposable for her to move. Sir stops with the vibrator and pulls hard on the nipple clamps stilling her movements. With one hard thrust he pushes the vibrator in her dripping wet pussy she moans out in pleasure. He returns to the table grabbing a small weight and attaching it to the nipple clamp chain so that it's pulling on her hard nipples ever so slightly. He bends close to her ear nibbling on it as he tells her don't you even think about cuming without begging for permission first.

she hears him leave the room she has no clue how long he was gone but buy that point she is so close to cuming she is having a hard time fighting back her orgasm, he reaches down and grabs the butt plug tugging and twisting it she cries out in frustration as she fight back her orgasm even more. He comes back up to her face and tells her now pet you have better have control over that because I am just getting started. He reaches down and pulls the vibrator out of her pussy.

She shudders from the sensation and the loss of the vibrator. Sir reaches down and slaps her clit hard making me jerk agents the hand restarts, he brings his hand to the chain on the nipple clams pulling one last time making her cry out in frustration even more before he takes them off and sucks and licks her sore nipples she can't help but to moan. He looks at her and asked me if she remembers her safe word because things are going to get intense and she can't cum until she beg or he tells her that she has earn it .

She can hear him messing around with different objects before he comes to me and tells her it's time to cool me down before she ends the fun before it can really began. She feels something ice cold touch her sensitive nipples as she cry out. This my pet he says is a glass dildo that I put in the freezer yesterday waiting for the chance to use it on you, as he trails it down from her nipples to her clit causing her to scream for the ice cold on her over sensitive clit. He runs it from her clit to her hot core sticking it in and fucking her pussy with it causing her to moan and squirm even more.

He leaves the ice cold dildo in her pussy as he grabs something metal from behind him and this my pet he says is a pair of nipple clamps I put in the freezer when I got home as he puts them on her hard and sensitive nipples. She can help but to cry out from the pain as he reaches down and starts to fuck her with the dildo again as he pulls on the clamps. Sir can tell she is fighting her orgasm he looks at her and asked her if she need to use her safe word she just shake her head no.

Before she knows it he is taking the nipple clamps off of her sucking her cold nipples in his mouth to warm them up. She cries out in pain and pleasure. My pet you're doing amazing we are almost through my pet if you keep this up sir will even let you cum. Sir unties his pet rubbing her hands getting the blood flowing he takes her to the bed and lays her down he takes off the blind fold and tells her that if she can be good and not move he will leave her untied.

She shakes her head yes that she will be good because she cannot form proper sentences because she is so far gone with the need to cum. He takes out the flogger and tells her pet since you have been so good I am only going to give you three shakes if you move you will not cum and if you cum sir will not let you cum for a week.

He raises the flogger and tells her pet I want you to count them. Smack as she struggles to say one sir, he repeats it and she just barley is able to say two sir and with the last one she screams three sir pet is going to cum sir pet is trying so hard not to cum sir. Sir pulls down his pants and tells her pet once I am in you, you may cum. he begins to strokes his cock as she watches knowing that when he slams hard in her tight dripping wet pussy she is going to cum hard and he wants to cum with her.

He can feel himself about ready to cum he slams hard in to her pussy not giving her any warning pumping hard and fast he tells her cum my little slut cum hard she screams at the top of her lungs o fuck yes sir I am your slut sir and with one more hard thrust he cums hard in to her pussy his hot cum casing her orgasm to go even longer and she scratches and pulls at sirs back. He pumps in to her once more before he pulls out of her. He can see her body still shacking with the intense orgasm that he just had the pleasure giving her, he goes to the bath room to get a towel to clean them both up with.

Coming back he sees that she is fast asleep and gently cleans her up he throws the towel to the side and pulls her in to himself kissing her head pulling her in close covering them both up he looks in to her face knowing that this is so much more and a sir and his pet he fells himself falling for her.
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