small town
i was livin in a small town in illinois , right on the kentucky/illinois line, when my world changed forever. my sister had married some guy named rick and that made her step-mom to a girl named nikki.well sis got busted makin meth in upper illinois,goin away for 10-15 years.well thats when i heard a knock on my door, it was a guy in a 3 piece suit with a briefcase,a lawyer. i opened the door and asked can i help ya . i was in my boxers and it was 7 am.he said my name is paul chainey, and i am your sister rena's attorney. so i invited him in we sat at the kitchen table . you are angel don right he asked i said yes. he informed me of the criminal staus of my sis and said that there was a fifteen yr old girl who was signed over to me as gaurdian for 10-15 years or she reached 21 yrs old. well i was 24 at the time and livin in a one room apartment with a kitchenette, its what i could afford and was comfortable with it. i was tattooist and not makin alot of money at the time. but along with nikki came 50,000 dollars to take care of her. so i agreed and signed my john hancock on the line . he said she was in the car waitin to see how it went. he went out and got her bought her , an envelope of cash, and two duffle bags in. then shook my hand and left. so now there stood a 15 yr old nikki in my apartment, wearin a flannel shirt 3 sizes to big and pink house shoes. i said i am angel , your step-uncle but you can call me angel . she was about 5ft tall had shoulder length dark red hair, and a skinny build ( probably close to 90-95 lbs). her body was lookin as if she was still maturing.
and there stood me in my boxers with my mornin 12 inch wood and thats where her eyes where glancin towards frequently.i said so what ya want to do , the whole chat thing now ,or get some sleep and talk later . she said both, and since it was a one room apartment we could do that i folded the couch bed up and she laid on the love seat and me on the couch.
i told what i do and that i had no experience her and was gonna treat her like a room mate.she said cool.told bout sis and her her dad shot it out with the cops and lost his life. i said sorry she said it was okay.
and as she started talkin i noticed she was positioned to where i could see she had no under where on and her teenish twat was a lil glistening. but then i heard the words ,..."and i am on the pill so its cool"..... i said hold on what. she replied i said dad put me on the pill cause of my tendencies to walk around the house 3/4 nude infront all the methers.
then she said look dude, i mean angel is it? can you please put your hard pulsating cock back in your boxers, its kinda makin me wet ? i said sorry and she said it was cool she was used to it, after seein a bunch horny methers fuck in every room at her step-moms house she was use to it. i hadnt notice before but she had undone the top four buttons of her shirt and had her hand in her shirt fondling her nipples.
'so that lawyer guy seemed nervous and in a hurry, got any ideas why?' i asked,. she asked, 'well are we gonna have a totally honest thing here or the i really dont care thing?' i said honest . she then told me he was nervous cause he woke up to his cock in her mouth and her fingers in her twat, and probably thought he shouldnt stay long incase i told you. ya see i am sorta addicted to cock sucking, cant help it i love the whole process.'
i visiblly adjusted my large wood and asked what, did sis and your dad know. she said yup and that sis and her pulled threesomes on her dad and sometimes on other guys. now one hand was up the bottom of her shirt. i just sat there and watched, all she said is i am sorry but your sister said when a person gets worked up its good to work it out yourself cause you sleep better. i shrugged and watched her do her young self. she srugged off the un buttoned shirt, and rubbed her firm b cup tits and her fingers on the other hand rubbed her clit as she wiggled and moanned ,' emmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh.'i drank my beer and started touchin myself. as she slid her finger in her hole , i stared rubbin my nut sack cause my dick was already rock hard and didnt wanna cum yet.
she then stopped in midsession jumped up and came over and dropped on her knees and plopped my cock out and started suckin it like a cum crazed whore. but damn it felt good. she moved her tongue around the head just right ,every now and then takin my cock out and lickin it like a popcycle. the whole time jackin the bottom of the shaft with one hand and softly rubbin my sack with the other .the sight of her suckin my cock and the slurpin head job sounds made me high.then she did what not most women could do. she engulfed all 12 inches of my very fat cock in her mouth . and still had her tongue massagin the shaft. i couldnt help it i came right then and there. she swallowed every bit except for the lil bit that trickled down her chin and dripped on her nipples. i guess she had started finger fuckin herself while deep throatin me ,cause as she swollowed she came very hard moanin loudly with my cock deep in her throat.
after we each got a shower and sat at the kitchenette table, whole time neither of us spoke.
she said,' well damn say something. are ya upset or something ?' i then asked her,' are you comfortable with doin all this sexual stuff , nikki?' and she said,' oh fuck ya i enjoy it.its like a diabetic needs insulin i need sex in some way ,whether it be me doin myself , a guy ,or a chic. i just physically need it.'and the more we talk about it the more i need it . i got up said come sit with me on the couch .
she sat down as i was puttinin a storyline porn dvd. i told her i got hundreds of these and she could watch em any time , i took off my towel grabbed hers and threw them in the floor .
she smiled and started strokin my half limp cock, suckin it now and again , turnin it back to wood. i said climb on facin the tv and she did . ohhhhh, fuck oh fuck your so fuckin big angel, and started slowly grindin her wet twat on me,as the action got more intrigueing i reached around and played with her lil tits and rubbed hey clitty.with a hand on each of my knees she started to bounce up and down on my cock ohhhhhh. yaaaa uh huh mmmmhmmmmummmm FUCK ME ANGEL.ooooooo! she turned around to face me with out lettin my dick fall outa her hole . she passionately kissed me . i kissed her chin then took a tit in my mouth to massage it with my tongue and she came hard, mmmhmmm,yaaa oh shit mother fuck i cummin, pump me hard uncle fucker. so i did and after an hour and a half i pulled out and buried my face in her crotch and tongue and finger fucked her to ecstacy and three more orgasms . as she dropped to the floor i stood up and stroked my fatty a few , her mouth wide open for her drug,cum. i started cummin and she wrapped her lips around the head and sucked every bit of my jiz out she layed on the love seat and me on the couch both totally naked smellin of sex, and we went to sleep.
i was startled when someone was bangin on the door. it was maesy, my younger cousin. she was fourteen, wavy blonde hair softball tits and a bubble ass no stomach.i got up and opened the door after wrappin a towel around me and throwing a sheet over nikki. she walked in and looked me straight in the eye. who she? i told her. why you so mad. cause , she said, i been tryin to get you interested in me and you give it to her. i watched through the window . you should drop shades when fuckin cuz. i aksed her what she meant and she said every time she saw me she remebered my hard cock in the bath room when she walked in, and since has wanted it in her twat and now was the time or she was blowin this hole seen to hell by tellin her dad what she saw.
i dropped my towel and said get naked now maesy girl and we will see how it goes. she did and hopped on the counter /bar and spread her legs
wide open , revealin a pink wet pussy. i asked if she was a virg still and she said no.i lit a joint and opened a beer. she caressed her tits slowly as she hit the joint . i leaned in and whispered in her ear ya i always tuoght youd be sexy when you would get older and i was wrong, your very sexy now . i was already half hard.i moved down an licked the tip of her nipples, they were like the tips of a cue stick and hard.she reefed with me every mornin before she went to school. i guess to see my mornin wood, i dont know or care at this point. i was lickin her belly when she moaned, ummm ya cuz this is what i am talkin about that big fat dick and tongue of yours. i parted her young pussy lips and licked her cum spot, she dropped the joint on my back and said oh damn sorry , but i reallly like that. and remeber cuz you fuck all and whoever ya want but i cum first from now on, or else.we heard an mmhmmm, from the couch and maesy said, look darlin nikki ya had him last night he is mine now just sit back and watch. nikki kicked off the sheet grabbed her vibrator and slid it in sayin ok. but i want you girl.
i slid two fingers in as i sucked on her cum button and she came after 30 minutes of it , but came hard.i stood up straight and had total wood from both girls bein naked and cummin at the same time.maesy leaned down and sucked my cock and licked it for like 20 minutes. i told her sit up and positioned the head of my dick at the openin in her twat and slowly teased her by insertin the head only and pullin it out, she pulled me towards her wrapped her legs around me and buried my cock in her to my balls and just stayed there with out movin lookin deep into my eyes.
there we stood with my cock all in her tawt as i held her with her legs wrapped around me. i grabbed her hips and moved her up and down on my fat shaft. she came hard on me ,oh shit cuz, imma cummmin again , mmmhmm hold the fuck on its gonna get wild. i layed her on the kitchen table and put a tit in my mouth as i humped her young pussy like she was the last twat on earth. she tightenned her puss muscles repetively on my cock and after about 30 minutes of this position i let her know i was ready to blow, she said shoot it on my belly and pussy lips, so i pulled out and did as she asked. i shoot it for 10 minutes or so.her belly and twat was covered with my jiz. i gave her a deep passionate tongue kiss and grabbed a beer ,another joint walked over and sat down on the easy chair. she just layed on the couch. i looked at nikki she said damn , wow. and lit a smoke.
after a bit i asked maesy if she was okay and if she wanted to use the shower. she fuck no i want that nikki girl to lick up. as soon as she said that nik was up and at her twat lickin away . so there i sat naked in my chair, drinkin a beer and smokin a doobie. i pulled the lil table in front of me , pulled out a baggy of powder ,it was some of my sis' product and did two long lines. and then layed out two more for the girls if they wanted them. after they fucked each other for an hour we all showered, and got dressed. me in my button fly levi jeans, a t-shirt, and boots, maesy in a silk loose fittin blouse, a cotton black maxi skirt and flip flops, and nikki in a my flannel shirt with cut off sleeves, a pair of tight daisy duke jean shorts. hey both were very sexy and coulda passed for twenty, now days any way.

well, i took them and got em both work permits for adolesents and put them to work as clerks in the tatt/coffe shop i managed. this way when we said maesy was spendin the summer at my place it made since to everyone. we tried not to be like sexual infront of others , but it was very hard on the girls and they slipped every now and then. and as you probably figured we became a threesome.

well i came home to them one saturday night, after their apparent she fuck session as they were naked and geekin all over the apartment, they said it was to easy to clean. i said well i can change that . they said huh sittin at the kitchenette table. i said well we are moving. a guy came by last night that i use to bounce for and he said he needed to meet with me and discuss a buisness venture with me. thats where i have been at.
he has a biker band bar he wants me to run and a three bedroom house comes with the job. only prob is ya cant work there cause its topless. plus i make a grand a week.

the girls liked it and said cool when do we move. trucks out side and the house is furnished . and maesy your parents know and went outa town for a cruise. a three month cruise i bought them. so ur still with we moved and we have been there two years now. its one the most popular biker bars ever.nikki , now 17 , has graduated highshcool early . and maesy, now 16, has talked her parents into lettin her drop out and live with me as long as i give her parents a grand a month. the property we live on is across the river in kentucky so , there they are legal to persue their sexual escapades. but they mainly only do me or each other. iam now 26 and rich.

i only had two rules no makin drugs and no sellin.we all three liked beer , jose, pot, and meth every now and then . i made sure it was a once in a while thing with the meth so the girls dont hooked bad on it.
it was sunday and i dont work sundays or mondays. so i was sittin in boxers at 2 am horny as hell, wonderin if the girls were awake in their rooms. i did like a gram by myself and needed to fuck. i went to nikkis room and she wasnt there. but the light was on in maesys room . i opened the door and said time to party girls. they jumped up and came into the front room. both in tshirts and thongs. i had lines laid out on the coffee table, 10 joints rolled, a bottle of jose, and 2 cases of bud in the fridge.the girls had each done a line and we each had our own joint goin, when maesys phone rang. it was our cousin lucy. she was 16 tall , built very sexy, and already had dd tits.she had stayed the night with the girls a couple of times and when she did no sex at all . we didnt want anyone tellin peeps on our lifestyles. well i guess she said come on over to lucy and forgot to tell me she was out side . it was hard for me because she came in and had her shorts off and in a thong and tshirt in seconds.she saw the lines and joints and looked at me and said i thought so. i said thought what. she came back with your all freakin on each other with out me. i assumed she knew the biz cause her mom was one of my topless waitresses. and i assumed right she focused in on the porn and asked for a line. after the girls tellin her if she told anyone they would beat her real bad, i gave her one.she handed me a note . it said call me , from her mom . so i did. she had decided to go get married to a guy in nevada and spend some time there and asked me to take care of lucy while she was gone on this last minute venture , hell it was 3 am and all this.we filled her in on everything. she said count me in, then took off her shirt, licked her finger, dipped it in powder and whipped it on her nipples. who wants a lick . i told her before she can group fuck she had to fuck me first,alone.she said to the girls is he a good fuck? they oh hell ya.i shed my boxers and sat in my easy chair, and said when ever ur ready . she was starin at the size of my of cock lickin her lips and said huh, oh ya i am ready. she dropped down ans started to give me what was the best head job i ever had she had me cummin in 30 minutes and harder then i have ever been in 15 after i stopped cummin. she didnt even stop for a break in between. then climbed on my lap , puttin both those big ass titties in my face. i knew then and there i was fuckin those tits tonight. she road me like no chic has . half way thru i heard maesy say i am in love with her and i am next, nikki said me too, and i said fuck ya its unanimous. as she lifted up off my dick , rubbed herself alil , positioned her asshole to be entered and lowered down slowly, and took it all.she let me fuck her ass like it was her second pussy. slammin my cock to hilt up her shit balls tightened she jumped off my cock sucked it clean then i fucked her tits till i shoot jiz all over her face. the girls licked it off and me and lucy took a shower.we all were naked by now , i did another line and all 3 girls followed suit.lucy said where do i sleep ? i said ur pick. but you tell every body on the couch. she said fine i sleep with you and fuck all three of you whenever i want. we all said cool.lucy then had the girls on the floor switchin back and forth between them tongue fuckin them like a made them cum literally dozens of times, and they returned the favor.we all fucked for two days and two nights and then i ate her pussy once more and fell asleep ,with her cum on my face, knowin i was fuckin them tits when i woke up.

well its nowspring and i woke up to a phone call, the police. they said maesys parents had been on a cruise liner and was lost at sea and the search has been called off , and the case marked cold. maesy took it ok and the lawyer had no problem signing gaurdianship to now i am gaurdian to 3 teen angers, who is related to me in one way or another , and also fuck me.

iwas wonderin how maesy was doin , so i went to her room. she said she was okay but needed something to get her mind of shit. she then basically demanded , so lick my twat cuz. she slid her thong of and laid spread eagle on the center of the bed i leaned down parted her pussy lips and licked slowly around the clit and hole. i then darted my tongue in and out her hole as she moaned ' oh fuck ya cuz you know just how to make things better mmm yaaa.' i then focused my tongue on her cum button and slid two fingers in her pussy. i finger fucked and sucked her hard.' OH SHIT FUCK ! MMMMPH YAA , THATS IT IMMMA CUMMIN OHH FUCK YA. ONHHHHH YAAA MMMPH OOHHUHUH OH SHIT, DAMN!' SHE CAME REAL HARD GYRATING HER CUNT INTO MY FACE. SHE THEN JUMPED UP AND PULLED MY PANTS OFF AND STARTED SUCKIN ME , I WAS ALREADY HARD. she licked and slurped till i grabbed her, put her on her hands and knees and slammed cock in her cunt to the hilt.i basically grudge fucked her for an hour and she came four times more, i then pulled out ,let her lick her cunt juice off my cock and came in her mouth long and hard . she rolled over and went to sleep sayin , i love ya , oh and now that your my gaurdian i guess i am fuckin my cuz and dad at the same time. i said shut up and go to sleep girl. it made my dick get half hard at the thought.

i guess she threw that idea at the other girls cause they all started callin me either daddy or big daddy. well, about a month back they found lucys mom with a needle in her arm but no life in her body. lucy got dressed in a mini stretch dress and stilletto heeled boots and came in to the kitchen , i was about ready to go to work at the bar. she slapped a fake i.d. and said she was goin with. i said okay since she looked 24 at 16.imma bettin she left her bra and thong on the dresser.her large nipples bulged in the dressed, i tweaked one and said come on then. but you do as i say , stay near me unless its a fight. only drink or do what i give ya. they ask your a cousin stayin with me.i put my pistol in my duffel and we left.
when she got in th car she pulled her dress up over her ass and rubbed her puss lips the hole ride there.she pulled a napkin outa the glove box and wiped her juices dick half hard from the meth i did earlier. i smoked it , cause it makes me aware and my cock always stays atleast half hard when i do. it was easily noticeable to all who wanted to look. my high school bud , garth ,was my head bartender. people said we looked like damn near twins. lucy drank a couple of sunrises, and said hey angel, got an idea just hear me out. just this once, i wanna do two guys at once. please daddy she whispered in my ear. i basically was also daddy, i paid all their bills and bought em whatever clothes they wanted. i gave them everything they wanted, except cars.
well what two guys, when , and where. she said you and garth, your office, and now before it gets busy. i asked garth to meet me in my office in 10 minutes. the girls where all on the depo so i knew they wouldnt end up pg. and hell i fucked other girls so they can fuck who they want to.i didnt have a desk , just a large leather couch three leather easy chairs and a big coffee table. the main wall was a big double platted, bullet and shock proof two way mirror. i can see out they cant see in.
lucy was half layin on the couch, which revealed her ass and twat that way i was in a chair. a knock on the door an garth came in. i said i got an favor but first i gotta tell ya something and i trust it doesnt leave this office .i filled him in on me , the three girls, and the fuckin. he said cool and no prob on the hush hush but whats the fav. i said lucy wants us three to have a threesome right now. thats when lucy got up kneeled in front of me pulled my cock out and commenced to suckin it. she wiggled her ass as she rubbed her cum button till her dress was up around her waste, leavin her cunt shinin right at garth. he also had a big cock always half hard.he sat in the chair by me, just watchin, and said cool lets do this.she then pulled garths cock out and said nice. it was almost like mine , one exception, it curved up, mine curved down.she started lickin his shaft and strokin it, while i rubbed her ass and twat. she then slipped the spaghetti straps to her dress off and slid it around her waist, which is where her entire dress was she spit down on her double d tits and started to lrub them on on gaaths now fully erect big dick lickin the head every now and then.i got down laid to where my head was under her so i could lick her ass hole and cunt. see lucy loved ass sex. after i licked her a while i sat in my chair again , her ass hole was good and lubed, she got up and lowered down on my lap with my cock in her ass, she grinded on it a little after my full 12-13 inches was in her and told garth to fuck her pussy. he put it in and it was a good thing my office was sound proof cause lucy moaned very loadly,' oh fuck now thats new and nice very fuckin nice, now you boys fuck me like the biker bitch you always wanted and never had.we did . we took turns in every one of her orfaces. 45 minutes later lucy sat on my dick in the chair again as she jerked off garth , ashe was in mid cum on her tits, jewls, my head waitress, walked in cause she never knocks. she was built like lucy except shorter and red hair. i have fucked her several times. jewl looked at us mouth wide open said damn sorry and started back out and lucy hey want to lick this off and help me cum again , honey? jewl did and i shoot a large load rght up her ass hole till it leaked out on my balls. then both girls licked my cock and balls clean garth too. after we was done jewls said wait till i tell the gang. ya cant i said if ya want to keep your job. she said why. and lucy said cause angel here is my cousin and gaurdian, which makes him my dad, and i am really only 16. so you tell and you get told on to.she said i will keep it a secret, but only if i get lucy to myself for 30 minutes. i said cool and me and garth went back down to the bar . on the way garth asked if he could rent my lil cottage in back the house on the other side of the pool. i said ya but no charge , the girls will like havin two dicks instead of one. i let the girls do a line of wake me up before i came down . i guess they had good sex cause they frenched in front of the whole bar. she said in my ear softly , to make things go easy we are sayin me and jewls are new found lovers. i said cool and went about buisness. it was a good night no probs and no fights but sex every now and then.

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