summer magic
Summer on the farm/ranch in eastern Oregon was a scorcher. High school was finally behind me, college was approaching in September. All work and little play was common for those of us that lived so far away from town.

Two younger brothers provided the opportunity to be in the company of boys, but they were just that - silly, immature, ridiculous boys. Loud, annoying, clumsy.

A family reunion on my mom's side was scheduled for 5 days in August at a private resort on a lake in Idaho. My dad and brothers stayed home, Mom and I left for a much - appreciated get-away.

Typical reunion. Aside from grandparents, I knew no one. Lots of introductions to people I presumed were relatives. There were plenty of young people my age. I hung out with the girls. but kept to myself mostly. The boys were flirty and brash and enjoyed taunting and showing off, except for one guy, who I may have been related to, who also kept to himself within the group.

He was tall and handsome. Tan and muscular. Short, dark hair with ringlets across his forehead that framed dark, sparkling eyes. His smile was charming and his deep, mellow voice hypnotic. He seemed older but barely - perhaps 20. All the girls flirted and giggled in his presence. He seemed not to notice.

Somehow he seemed to be near me day after day. We didnt speak, really, other than small niceties. But I was keenly aware that he watched me each day and smiled that charming smile.

My last day at the reunion I'd grown tired of the pretenses and immaturity. Time alone, away from them all, was enticing. I found it late that day.

We were in the lake for the last swim together. The dinner triangle rang - the burgers were ready. Everyone clamoured to the ladder on the floating dock to gather their things and head in for dinner. I hung back - no one seemed to notice. I was alone, had the swimming area to myself, and I took a deep breath. Lovely. I laid back in the water till my ears submerged. The sound of my breathing and heartbeat amplified, rhythmic and soothing. The sun was hidden behind the western hill, and pink streaks of sunset made me smile.

Time to go - I swam to the ladder at the deep side of the floating dock. He was waiting for me there and asked if I was okay. I assured him I was, and he said, "I didn't want to leave you here by yourself. " I said, "thank you", he offered me his right hand to pull me to the ladder. My foot found the bottom step, but as I started to lift out of the lake, his right arm wrapped around my waist and held me tight. His lips found my ear and he whispered "wait". It seemed a tingle of electricity shot from my ear, down my neck, and into the core of my body. I held very still and waited..

He pulled me tight to his chest and his fingers slid down the flat of my belly to the top of my bikini. Slowly but firmly they crept lower till he massaged the hair of my pussy. I didn't resist and he ventured further and found my clit, tickling it sweetly. My legs spread a little, inviting more. No man had touched me like this. His touch was irresistible. His fingers slid easily into the warmth and wetness of my pussy. It was magic.

His cock grew and wedged against me as he held me close and fondled my pussy. In one smooth and quick motion, his arm spun me to face him directly. "Touch me." I complied and lowered the waist band of his suit to fully expose his swollen dick to my eager hand. Our eyes locked. His hand again found my throbbing juicy pussy and his fingers fucked me slowly. Magic.

He hooked the crotch of my suit to guide my wetness to his erection. The huge swollen head of his cock positioned perfectly for stabbing me, he waited for my ok. I swung my legs around his waist, laying back in the water a bit . My heals dug into the back of his waist - I could feel his muscles tense with anticipation. Using my legs, and steadied by his right hand under my back, I drew my body slowly closer to his. His dick split the swollen lips of my pussy, and I drew him into me.

Intense hot, throbbing, tingling, pleasure. Slow, rhythmic, deep, slippery. My cunt was tight around his glorious cock. He moaned softly from deep in his chest. I arched my back in ecstasy, my ears again submerged, which again amplified the sound of my racing heart and shallow, short panting. Sliding, slippery, hot penetration. Fucking for my first time.

Suddenly he held me still, pulling me deeply onto his cock. I could feel his balls against my ass. Warm juices flowed from my pussy, his deep sweet voice moaning. All was still.

Is it over? Please don't let this end.... he opened his eyes and smiled. It was over. I lowered my legs from around his waist and he held me close but didn't speak. I whispered in his ear, "Thank you."

We gathered our stuff from the float and made our way to shore. Someone yelled from the mess hall: hey, where you guys been? Awkward - what do you say after an experience like that!? Mr. Charming replied: she had a cramp and I stayed with her till she felt good." "Well, come on! Dinner's ready!"

We didn't spend any time together the rest of that evening. But all evening his warm cum licked and caressed my pussy. I could not stop smiling.

Next morning Mom and I drove away after breakfast. I never saw him again.

I hunger for him still.

His name was Ben.
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