taking a hike
I am out walking in the forest and as usual the only thing I have on is my smile, i love hiking naked and this day was no different. the summer breeze caressed my body and i felt a familiar stirring as my cock began to swell. i came around a bend in the trail and caught a glimpse of her a woman who was leaning against a tree i noticed her eyes were closed and a hand was down the front of her shorts. she obviously was close to bringing herself to a wonderful orgasm, her breathing was getting ragged and a moan escaped her lips. i knew i should leave or at least clear my throat but the sight of her was breath taking.

just as she came her eyes opened and she saw me standing there with my cock in my hand stroking it slowly. I thought she would scream or at least run down the trail but she came over to me and replaced my hand with hers, stroking my now fully engorged member. i whispered to her how beautiful she was while she came, my hands slowly found her breasts and i began to roll her erect nipples around between my thumb and fore finger.
she then wiggled her hips and her shorts fell to the ground, that's when i noticed her mound was clean shaven and clit protruded ever so slightly. i slid a hand down and began to rub her now moist clit with the back of my middle finger just slowly rubbing it back and forth i then slipped two fingers into her wonderfully wet and hot box and we both shuddered.
her stroking became more feverish and i new we were both close so i slid my other hand down behind her knee and lifted it up she took my member ans slid into her pussy and we just stood there joined as one. we both were holding on to each other in a very tight embrace and as if on que our hips started rocking back forth until we hit our stride both fucking now as though there was no tomorrow. we clutched at one another as our climax's exploded almost at the same instant she growled and i felt her grip me tightly and that pushed me over the edge as pumped my seed deep into her. slowly our breathing returned to normal and i slipped out of her. she looked into my eyes and all she said WOW!
i gave her a kiss the first one we had shared and she pulled up her shorts and walked away. i never saw her again but i hike that trail all the time know and if i ever come across her again she won't get away that easily.
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