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She loved her tennis and it had replaced her sexual desire at home. She played 4 to 5 days a week in league matches, team practices, drills, or just getting out on the court to enjoy more tennis.

Then after one of her Wednesday morning drill sessions she mentioned that they had a new pro running their Wednesday drill. Her husband did not pay much attention any more as he pretty much had given up on any sexual fun with her. She just showed no interest as it was all tennis for her at this point. She had told him the other 3 gals really liked how the new pro worked with them and how much more fun it was now. So he asked her what did she think. She said he is nice looking and is fun and he has great strokes. She also commented that he was in good shape.

Well every Wednesday after the tennis drill it seemed she could not stop talking about that mornings tennis drill. The husband finally said does the pro ever make a pass at any of you? She said no of course not. She mentioned the pro was probadly in his mid 40's and the gals are all over 50. She just laughed but had such a little wicked smile.

Two weeks later she said, you know the
Wednesday morning tennis drill. The husband said yes, well he asked me if I wanted some individual lessons on Wednesday evening. Her comment inferred the pro was thinking more than tennis. He said, you are kidding right? She said, no I think he was hitting on me. So do you want to find out if he was, he asked? Well I do not want you to get upset. He told her lets see what happens if you really want to find out. His suggestion came from his wondering if she would ever be sexual again. She said are you sure and he said yes what harm can it be. He was hoping he was hitting on her just to find out how she would handle it, since at home there was no sex. She said she would consider it and had a bit of a smile when she said it.

The next day she told him she agreed to have a private lesson with the pro on the following Wednesday at a club not to far from the house. In fact less than 30 minutes away. He got a bit excited just thinking that maybe she was right, he might be interested in giving more than a tennis lesson.

Wednesday night came and she said I am going to my lesson and I should be home in about an hour and half. He watched her walk out the door in one of her regular tennis outfits. It was nothing out of the ordinary for her as she alwasy dressed pretty conservative.

He watched some TV but really could not get the idea of her tennis lesson out of his mind. She did come home after about and hour and half and every thing seemed pretty normal. She had worked up a pretty good sweat from the lesson and the sweat marks under her tennis top showed she had worked hard at something. He asked how the lesson went and she said it was a tough work out and I said OK but what about the non tennis part. She blushed a bit and said well he really stood close to me more than a few times showing me the proper strokes of my racquest and body position on some strokes. He asked, do you still think he has more interest in your tennis abilities or maybe something else. She commented that, Yes my tennis but he did touched me once. She relayed what had happened,the pro was helping her with her service toss and he brushed her chest trying to correct her arm position on the toss. His hand glanced across her chest and he had a simple smile and she said she said, that was close....She replied they both laughed but that was it.

He asked her how it made her feel and she said you really want to know? He said yes and well it was fun and fun to know that maybe another man found me attractive. He told her lots of men find you attractive, so enjoy it. She said are you OK with that and he said yes just enjoy the lessons and let your guard down a bit.

to be continue.....

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