tennis anyone 2
Continued from Tennis Anyone......

She took the next lesson with her husband's thoughts in mind, to let her guard down a bit. The lesson was a good workout as usual and during a break in the lesson she told the pro how much she enjoyed the lesson and his company. The pro responded with a nice smile and said he was hoping she would. They took a long break and just sat to talk a bit and she felt pretty relaxed and shared how nice it was to be in his company and have attention paid to her for more than the tennis. He told her how attractive she was and she blushed a bit but really enjoyed the comment. She extended her hand to touch his shoulder and he meet her hand and slowly caressed her hand. She remembered what her husband had said and she let him touch her and she enjoyed the feel of him against her hand and arm.

She felt herself getting aroused, a feeling she had not had in a while and she leaned in to kiss him and as she did said, thanks for paying attention to me. He responded with his lips soft and gently on hers and he said you are very lovely and I hope you would consider more than a tennis lession. She felt herself getting a bit wet and that had not happend in a long while. She smiled back as the kiss broke off and she said we need to finish the lesson.

They returned to the court and finished the lesson but she had a tough time with her concentration but he did not seem to mind.

She arrived home a bit late but her husband did not seem alarmed. He was doing some of the house work which he found himself doing more and more of. He asked how the lesson went and she said it was another tough work out but fun. No other comment was made until that night when they went to bed.

The husband was very intrested in asking more about the mornings lesson. When she arrive in bed next to him she noticed his cock was already hard. She was in her flower print nightie and no panties. She said so what are you thinking about. He responded, your morning tennis lesson. Oh, she stamarded, and then said why? He responded you were a bit later than normal and wondered if everything went OK. She was now blushing and said yes it went well and I took your advice and let my guard now a bit. So what happened he asked. She decribed it all to him and she told him she really enjoyed it. He calmed her concenr by saying it was OK. He reassured her that hee was happy for her. He was really stroking his cock now and she noticed and said let me finish that for you.

to be continue.....
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