the back seat
Tonight the air was cool and crisp, we arranged to meet at the most secluded spot I could think of, the skypark. Yes there were a couple people there, but it was dark enough and those that were there were in hangars working on projects.....

We got out of our cars and embraced. His mouth coming down on mine our tongues dancing in heated passion.....his large hands braced me and kept me up as his other hand reached under my top and pinched my nipple in a way it's never been pinched before. Who needs nipple clips when you can have experienced fingers that will do a better job. Lifting my shirt up and lowering his mouth on my sensitive breast. Was enough to push me over the edge.

I slipped my hand down my pants and began fingering my clit, giving myself one hell of an orgasm. I told him I was cumming, and his hand joined mine and worked me to an orgasm like I never had before. I had cum running down my legs.......I was so horny.....all I could do was take his hand, unlock my car open the back door and lay down.

He leaned in and pulled my pants down exposing my dripping pussy leaned in and drove his tongue and mouth on my pussy. Oh my gosh I was in heaven, driving my hips up to his mouth, bringing me to the brink of another orgasm.

All I could say was fuck me.

He stood up, unbuttoned his pants and postitioned himself and slid into my wet pussy, My pussy was so wet that he slid in no problem Even without having had sex with anyone in a long time.....I thought having gone without sex for so long that I would be tighter.

Oh what a orgasminc adventure it was.

Afterwards I sat leaning in his arms getting a massage on my breasts and nipples, that rivaled any masseuse massage...

Tonight was an adventurous night, the first time I've ever had sex in the back seat of a car, an orgasm like I've never had before, and being made to feel sexy and desirable, something I haven't felt in a long long time.....

Oh how I wish I were younger, I would have fit in the back seat better, but oh I felt young tonight.

but as I pulled out into the crisp night air something dawned on was the first time in 23 years of marriage that I'd had sex with a man other than the one I married.....(yes we are separated).

I look forward to more memorable nights.

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