the first kiss
What would our first kiss be like, would you press against me inviting more as I pulled you deeper into my embrace the eagerness of our desires spreads like fire as our bodies touch for the first time....

Will you thrill as my hands explore your body, gently sliding over the roundness of your breasts pushed against my chest and as I enjoy your nipples rising hard against my body as my fingers move down your body. Our lips locked together, and our tongues search for each other's as my fingers slowly caress the curves of your hips and continue to move down your womanly delights pressing your round buttocks they gently guide your hips against mine that strains for your touch. Finally, my hands come to rest on your warm bare thighs sending a tingle through my body and I ease you back to lean against the wall for balance.

I raise your leg to wrap around my waist and our kiss is harder as our passions are set alight, your honeypot rests on the tip of my straining manhood protected by the sheer fabric of your panties but it's heat upon my body urges me on...
Your hands move to my jeans as we press harder against each other as our lust builds to a fever pitch. Your fingers tremble as they unzip my fly but soon they calm as they wrap around the warmth of my wanting manhood. My hands are on your breasts squeezing teasingly as I enjoy you stroking me. I free your breasts from their confines I gaze admiringly at your erect nipples and lightly teasing them as we kiss deeper.

You guide my manhood past the sheer cloth of your panties and will me to enter your warm wet honeypot and as my throbbing red tip parts the petals of your flower I thrust deep into you, I'm lost in the bliss of our first coupling. With your hands on my buttocks firmly pulling me deeper into you I give myself to the pleasures of our bodies grinding hard against your wetness as we kiss deeply again.

I feel your body tense as your orgasm builds deep inside you and I withdraw my wanting manhood until only the engorged head is held between the petals of your flower. Your fingers dig into my buttocks as you urge me to enter you again and I obey slowly winding my way deep inside as your juices flowing over me greets me to slide deeper. Our bodies trembles in the pure ecstasy of your orgasm triggering my own, and my white seed shoots forth to mingle with your cum. Sated and breathless we hold each other tight not wanting the sensuality of the moment to abate until your honeypot eventually releases my manhood.

Our hands hungrily explore each other's bodies once again. I need more of you and take your hand guiding you to the bed and undress you slowly kissing each new naked part of your body as it bares it's delights to me. Now naked I lay you down and standing beside you undress as your eyes watch my excitement grows, as does my manhood which shines with your juices. Naked I lay beside you my fingers caressing your body as I watch and as they touch your labia my tongue circles your areola and you arch your back as the pleasures of my touching takes you again and I smile at the beauty of the scene as I imagine the seduction that is to come.
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