the need
I know you are near I can feel you. I can feel your breathe against my skin as you pull me so close to you.The goose bumps rise on my bare arms as I stand as still as possible, not wanting to lose the feeling.You trail your hand down my side. Big muscular hands with a tender touch, causes me to moan ever so slightly, but it doesn't escape your lean closer as your grab my butt and lift me up. The velvet soft words caress my ear..." I want you badly".I can't help but wrap my arms around your neck and softly kiss your lips. they are strong and your kiss is sweet. I suddenly feel like I am light-headed, my heart racing and my skin tingling. I deepen the kiss, I can't get enough. You are what makes me complete. I never thought I would find that in this life. I look into your eyes and see a tenderness I have never seen before and a passion that burns me in an instant. I melt against you. I want you, need you, I cannot control the feeling knowing that you feel it too.You start to undress me but I stop you.I want to have my way. I want to see your broad chest glisten in the soft moonlight coming through the window.As I pull your tee shirt up, I cannot help myself. I have to taste your heavenly body. My tongue starts at you navel and slides up to your nipples tasting the saltiness of you. your nipples are hard and I gently play with them as I slip your shirt the rest of the way off.You are a god, my god, and I plan on pleasing you anyway I can.I run my fingers down your chest to the button of you jeans. I slowly undo them and slide them off.I start a trail of kisses back down, stopping at your hips.I can feel your muscles tense hard beneath my mouth. I feel your rock hard cock pressing between my breasts. I know you are on the edge, I am just as close. I slowing ease you back and forth between my breasts and I lick and suckle on our index finger. I am going to explode but not ready to let it end. you groan with hunger, begging me to let you have me. I stand up, kiss you once again as I push you down on the bed. I straddle you,let your hardness rub against me. I am so wet, and I know that I am not the only one who feels this wild ache that needs to be healed. I can't stand it anymore,my lips are swollen and my juices flowing, I cannot wait. I need you now. I slide down onto you slowly,taking every inch of you . I gasp as you enter me and I feel you rhythm starts slow and the moans escape my lips as you again cover my lips with yours. my hands become frantic as they roam across your chest, touching you, feeling the sweat start to bead up. I continue to move my hips up and down,taking control of each move that is made. I can't get enough. you start to move quickly, bucking you hips upward, as your breath becomes ragged. I am wild, I cannot hear,or feel anything but you, my soul mate.
You want the final control and I let you have it. you roll me over onto my back and force yourself inside as deep and hard as you can. it's done, we can no longer hold it bury your head into my neck as I cry out. I can feel you fill me up. you moan as you make your final thrust then collapse against me.
Hot, sweaty, I can barely catch my breath. my eyes open slightly and I reach out, just to realize it was only a dream. I am crazy for you, how much longer can it be before we no longer have to dream?
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