the old barn

The rain was falling harder now, as she ran through the flowered meadow, her shirt was soaking wet, she could feel the cold rain against her flesh, she seen an old abandoned barn covered with honeysuckle vines, an old willow tree hung over the roof swaying in the wind.
She made her way inside and began to remove her shirt, ringing it out, the cool air caressing her uncovered skin, her breast barely covered by the tiny fabric of her bra.
The rain beating down on the roof, watching the drops explode into mist as the slam against the old wood walls, the sweet smell of the honeysuckle in the summer rain.

She began to explore her self, slowly running her hands across her small breast, the feel of the moister under her touch she explored further down her stomach.
Her small hand sliding down between her damp shorts and her cool flesh, she settles down into the loose straw back in the stack of bailed straw.
Her finger slipping in and out of her tight little pussy, her juices beginning to flow.
Standing unnoticed at the empty window frame a young man watches as she slowly arches the small of her back moaning as she feels her walls contract tightly around her fingers.
Her young voyeur growing hard in his pants as he watches her body react to the feeling coursing through her little body.
He finds his own hand is now rubbing his hard cock through his pants.

She hears a soft moan at first startled, she looks around to find a young face in the open window, rain running off the roof, falling across him dripping from his hair covering his boyish face.
The excitement of her new found admire she feels her urge to continue, she watches him as he is surely stroking his young hard cock as he watches her satisfy her body.
She closes her eyes for only a moment, when she realizes that her young admirer is standing at the door she can see that he is indeed running his hand along the hardness of his young hard cock.
No more than 18. his slender broad shoulder tanned by the hours in the eastern summer sun. his toned body surely from working on his family's farm.
His slender hips naked as he slowly rubs his hand along the length of his hardness. She could feel her pussy getting wetter as she motioned for her young handsome viewer to come closer.
Reaching out grasping his slender hips she pulls him closer to her, her mouth slightly opens wrapping around his young hard cock.

To her self she can hardly believe she's doing this, taking a young stranger into her mouth, but the lustful excitement built within her body, driving her to explore her erotic desire.
She pulls him into her, sucking his entire length into her mouth, the head of his cock reaching the back of her throat, he moans out loudly, as she runs her hand under his balls, cupping them in her small hand, she feels his hands wrap around her head, holding her still as his cock twitched in her mouth, was he going to cum, she could feel his cock swell, she had only allowed her husband to cum in her mouth on special occasions, and then she never swallowed his juices, her young lover was about to fill her mouth full of his young hot cum.
She felt his cock throb inside her mouth then the warmth of his young seed as it blasted from his pumping cock, the taste of his fresh young seed sent her body into a spasm as she came from the feeling of young hot cum being pumped into her mouth.

she tried to pull away but he held her still as yet more flowed from his cock, she swallowed, she felt the warm thickness slid down inside her stomach as she swallowed again drinking more and more of his juices .
He pulled his cock out of her mouth when he had finished emptying his balls in to her stomach.
He pushed her onto her back climbing on top of her, his young cock still as hard as a rock pressing against her bare pussy, he lurched forward driving his cock into her wet pussy. He wrapped his arms around her shoulder and began to thrust into her hard and fast.
His young cock couldn't have been no more than 6 inches at most, but the circumference was incredible, she could feel the lips of her pussy stretching around his thickness as the big head of his cock slid paste the tight opening of her pussy, his cock was pressed tightly against the walls inside of her pussy as she cried out each time he drove into her body again slamming his cock into her driving her deep into the straw under them.
The rain leaking through the roof falling onto them has their heated lust spurred them on.
No words were spoken but what was being said was pure driven desire.

The excitement of her young hard lover stretching her pussy .
A pussy that only her husband had entered for the past 16 years.
Now was full of this young strangers thick cock.
She felt his thrust growing harder and faster, she tried to speak, her throat was incredible dry, he was kissing her neck biting her shoulder, the rain water falling onto her face, into her open moaning mouth was all the liquid she could muster, thunder rolled through the hills, as lightening filled the stormy sky. she felt his young thick cock swell again, she knew he was going to cum, he drove into her burying his hard cock as deep inside her body as he could, the head swelled, she cried out as the water caressed her parched throat, blast after blast she felt his young warm seed flow into her pussy.
She felt her own climax rattle her body. Cumming with her young lover.
Her mind was racing, not only had she allowed her self to get wrapped up in her excitement, she had been so caught up in the passion she let her young unknown lover cum in her pussy.
She could feel the warmth inside her, the feeling was satisfied.

But what would she tell her husband waiting for her to return home from her walk.
Surly he would be able to tell she had be ravaged. Her pussy was hot, wet and on fire. His young cock still amazingly hard, he pulled out of her, thinking that he was finished with her, to her surprise he took hold of her hips turning her over, pulling her up to meet his hips, she felt his warmth, his still amazingly hard wet cock press against her pussy lips again, then she could feel his cock entering her yet again,

He felt much thicker this way, and feeling as if his young thick cock drove deeper inside of her.
she tried not to cry out, his thick cock was stretching her mercilessly, she felt every inch of him pressing against the inside of her pussy. she lost her battle within and cried out.
He pulled her back against him as he began to slid his cock in and out of her body.
His thrust again became hard, she could feel his stomach slamming against the flesh of her ass.
His hands now gripping her hips, she cried out Cumming harder than ever before, her body shaking, the inside of her soaked pussy gripping the thick young cock buried deep inside her pussy.
His cock exploded.
Her convulsing pussy milking his thick young cock for all of its cum that remained.
She could feel their juices flowing from inside her, her pussy so full that it was unable to take any more. He pulled out as he lowered her into the straw, she laid there listening to the rain, recovering from the pounding her body had just received by her young mysterious lover
She turned to look over her shoulder to find her young lover was no longer there. She heard breathing from her side, she turned excitedly,
Her husband laying spent at her side smiling contently.
As the rain fell upon the old barn roof.
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