the professor and I
I always think of you inside of my lust filled thoughts
My imagination inflamed with passionate arousal as I carefully contemplate which law of physics we should attempt to break during our next sexual interlude
I don't think it's ever registered until now just how very lost I would be if you ever decided that my pussy wasn't worth pleasing anymore
To know you is to want you, to want you is to desire you and of course to desire you is to need you
Need is such a deep and vast word, that can easily becum confusing (CUM), SO please ALLOW ME TO BREAK IT DOWN FOR YOU
The breakdown, I want to be broken down from the top of my dirty little parted lips connected to this luscious mouth, all the way to my toes
There is nothing I would rather have than your succulent penis, raging back and forth against my asshole and thrashing inside it with the force that the ocean waves hit the shore
But let us slow it down a bit, and take our sweet time since this is all on paper, so I can pretty much do as please with you right now
Right now, in my fantasy your dick is in my palm, all hard and aching to be stroked
So I will give you a little story in which you might gain some insight into my creepy little perverted mind

One day I was sitting in class waiting for everyone else to show up
I was a bit early and had entered through the side door
Usually I came through the front door, and if I had that day, then I would have seen the sign that said : "CLASS CANCELED"
But I did not see it and as a result there I sat, with my mini skirt on going over my notes
When the professor walked in he asked me what I was doing there
He said there would be no class that day, but as I got up to leave, he said I should stay for a few minuets in order to discuss my grade so far
I agreed, after all, I hadn't been doing very well
I came and sat next to him at his desk, my skirt more than half way up my thighs
He began asking me what I was having the most difficulty with, and as I answered him, I couldn't help but notice his eyes
They were wondering all across my body
He had favored me a few times in class, but I never once thought anything of it because, let's face it, who sits around and thinks like that?
He asked if I had the last hand out with me, and as I turned around to reach into my backpack, I felt his hand slide unto my left thigh
He gripped it firm and asked if that was ok
The sheer gripping strength of his hand made my pussy throb with an unforgettable erotic pulsing sensation that caused me to think I was going to began melting between my knees if he went any further
I looked him in the eyes and nodded yes
Finally he made the gesture with his knuckles to press apart my legs
He slid two fingers all the way up my inner left thigh and peaked inside my panties
He commented on how hairy it was and the fact that he liked it
The he slipped those same two fingers inside my underwear and began playing with my pussy hair
He asked me if he could see the whole thing and as nervous as I was I said yes
We both forgot where we were, and of course anyone could have walked in, but no one did
The professor stood up and unzipped his pants and he pulled me up, jacked up my skirt and pulled my satin thongs down to my ankles
Then he ordered me to sit back down and spread open wide
He stood there for a moment just looking at my pussy, then slowly he began extracting his penis and once in his palm, he started to stroke that strong thing up and down with a forceful motion as if he was trying to stop himself from cumming all over his fist
For a few minutes his slid his fingers inside me while still jerking his dick
He fingered me relentlessly and told me how smooth it felt inside
Then once neither one of us could take it anymore, he ordered me to get out of the chair and lay down flat on the classroom floor
Climbing on top of me, he kissed me roughly once and pushed his penis all the way inside my area
It felt so thick and good, I moaned loudly
Back and forth up and down he pushed and as he did so, he would ask me if I had ever done this with any of my professors before
I told him no
He said they did not know what they were missing out on
He grunted like a grizzly bear as he dug further and further into my cunt
Pounding me hard, he called me a tight little slut and said how good it felt to finally fuck me
He said he knew every time I wore that skirt that I was just begging for someone to throw me down and climb on top and take complete advantage of all my goodies
The more shit he talked the wetter I got
And the more moisture that secreted from my vaginal walls, the harder and more ferociously he fucked me
Finally as he was ready to shoot his load, he demanded that I open my mouth
All of the sudden he jerked up off of me and rammed his cock down my throat
I pressed my soft full lips together firmly and as he came, I sucked his penis and gulped down every ounce of dick juice he shot into my eager little mouth...

Let's just say, A very good time was had by
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