the workout
I was working out late one night, gym to myself when I noticed a guy come out of the locker room. Tonight was chest and I hadn't been able to go heavy because I didn't have a spotter. He walked to the press right next to mine and started loading weights on the bar. I pulled my earbuds out and asked him for a spot, it was then that I noticed what he was wearing.

This guy had on extra short, blue track shorts, and a white tshirt that clung to his tall, swimmers build. He had a thick mustache and wore cologne that smelled pretty good. I averted my eye's from his when we talked hoping he wouldn't catch me checking him out.

I bulked up my bar as he sat down for his first set, I moved in to spot him and he began pounding out reps. When he was done I sat down and he moved into position above. He counted down from 3 and lifted the bar for me and I did my set. When he pulled the bar into place I looked up his hairy legs, through the leg hole of the thin blue material and there was his cock and balls on full display.

At that moment time seemed to stand still and I couldn't get the visual out of my mind even as he walked over to his bench. His thighs were muscular, tanned dark and cover in hair. His balls were shaved and his limp, circumcised cock looked thick. I pleaded with my cock not to get aroused but it twitched and grew a little.

I purposely stood back from this face hoping he wouldn't see the lump in my shorts, I stared down at the front of his shorts looking at the outline of his dick through those blue shorts. I must have stared a moment to long because he had tilted his head back and as said "ready"? He wasn't looking at my face either but right at my swollen crotch. I stepped foward and counted down from three and he did his set. I looked in the mirror and felt my face flush as I looked at my crotch, the outline of my dick was clearly visible.

I racked the bar and sat down stretching my arms, dreading laying down, dreading the thought of seeing his cock again. I had messed around with a few guys in college but that was years ago, now, here of all places those thoughts and feelings were emerging again.

I swallowed hard and layed down, he moved into position as I adjusted my grip on the bar. I looked up and once again, there it was. I adjusted my hands as I looked at it, my mouth watering, my own cock growing, almost fully hard now. I did my set, my arms tired, chest burning and breathing deep, he told me "good set" and moved onto his bench. I looked at his crotch in the mirror and then his face, that's when the secret was out, we made eye contact, he'd caught me looking.

He layed down again and said ready and I lifted the bar and off he went, pounding out reps, grunting and breathing deep and steady. I was embarrassed but rock hard and TOTALLY turned on.

Soon we went to an incline machine, did our sets, then moved to the decline, this is where it got interesting. He went first and as soon as he layed down his shorts rode up to the hip exposing his entire cock to my eye's. I almost came.

"I thought I felt a breeze, sorry bout that" he said in a deep voice when he caught me looking again. "It's cool" I said, "I'm just glad your here". He looked at me and smiled, "here to spot me I mean"...I just wanted to die now.

The other four sets were exactly the same thing, his cock jumping out my eye's staring. I was rock hard and leaking precum when I thanked him for the spot and shook his hand. I put my earbuds back in and finished up my workout. My shoulders were spent when I gave a wave to the guy and made my way to the locker room.

My dick had gown down by the time I turned on the water in the shower, I felt it hanging there, thick and aroused but not hard. The hot water felt so good on my skin, I just stood there, massaging my shoulder and letting the water sooth my muscles. Thats when he walked into the showers, naked. I diverted my eyes, not daring to look at him but he just started talking not knowing how turned on I was. We made small talk and then he noticed me rubbing my shoulder and announced he was a massage therapist and he cld rub them for me. I declined, but he persisted and playfully told me to turn around, which I did.

The second his hands hit my shoulders my cock went from semi hard to raging hard in an instant. His hands did feel good, he went down my arms then he stepped in close and went around to my chest. I felt his cock grazing my ass as his thumbs flicked over my nipples while his palms rubbed my sore chest.

He moved back to my shoulders but stayed close behind me, I cldnt help but tell him it felt good. He told me to bend over a little so he could do my lats n back, I obeyed. His thumbs n palms worked my back from the spine outwards as his hard on was poking behind my balls. My mind was lost and my knees were weak, everything felt so good.

I reached between my legs and stroked the head of his cock, then spread my ass, hoping he would invade it hard. I felt his finger in my ass, fucking me deep, then there was two, stretching out my tight, horny hole. He withdrew, next I felt the head of his cock being rubbed hard around my hole until he found the entrance, then he pushed hard. I gave up little resistance and moaned n screamed as he plunged into me.

By his third stroke I was into it and and he fucked me easily. He held my hips and pounded firmly, I never new it could feel so good. Deep inside my ass, the head of his cock was massaging my prostate, it was about to make me cum when I felt him slow down and start grunting, he was filling my ass with cum.

When he finished he had me stay bent over and started fingering my ass again. He was draining his cum out of me and into his hand. With his palm full of his cum he pressed me against the wall and rubbed his cum all over my hard cock. It was slick and he expertly stroked me, it was heaven. I felt his mouth on my neck, his moustache tickled my ear and his hand worked my cock into a frenzy.

I moaned loud and he spun me around, and bent over and let me finish in his mouth. As my cum erupted onto his tongue I almost passed out. He massaged my balls and stroked the last of my cum into his mouth then licked the head all over.


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