two becoming one part 4
After a few days on a business trip, I returned to come home. Really horney from missing my sweetheart and the Love of my life. With plenty of time for the harmones to collect, the semi life of my penis has come alive. Just the ride and time to think of my one and only seem to go on endlessly. Just driving along and dreaming of being reunited again. My dick was getting harder and starting to throb.

Remembering back on the trip I started going crazy horney for my lover and just couldn't sleep one night. I needed to be sharp for the next days business. Thank goodness for some nice pillows and a lubed condom and with the nice memory of my lover with a few pelvis thrusts seem to be the outlet I needed. Oh, did I cum. Then just rolled over relaxed and went into a deep sleep dreaming of my love. Being I had left the condom on during the shrinkage it gently leaked onto my balls. The nectar felt nice and added to my dream. In the morning, got up, showered and had a nice breakfast and started out the great day.

Plenty of time for a recharge, my dick was again ready and primed to go again. Just had to get home and into the arms of my Lover. Checking the time schedules, I knew she would be in bed. She had an idea when I would arrive late but, fortunately, I caught an earlier delayed flight. Usually there is a history of delays especially at this airport, so I skipped mentioning the possibility of a different flight knowing the airport's fondness with circling around in the sky before landing.

Arriving at home, I quietly enter the house. The light was on which is always a good sign. Gently and quietly I safely closing the front door. I was making sure my hard-on didn't get whacked closing the heavy door. Yes, the love rod was very hard. Thinking of my girl, I always have had the same reponse, it does that! I quietly go up the stairs. The house is nice and warm for this winter day. Thinking of the fuel bill and the comfort balance. The door to the bedroom was open. I peaked in and saw my Love on top of the sheets and with the blanket push aside. She was on her stomach/side holding on to a large pillow. Her eyes were shut and breathing relaxed. I followed her contour down, a small teddy and a nice tight panties.

I started to undress very quietly. My dick was pulsing and throbbing now.I got out of my shoes, shirt, pants, then the socks, undershirt and while I intently watching her, kicking my undies off ...somewhere on the floor. They were slightly wet with precum.

I slowly got onto the bed and kissed her neck and ear and whispered "I love you and missed you so very much. I'm home now...go back to sleep." She moves a bit and drifts off to sleep. Her movement shifted the balanced her pretty arse while opening her legs somewhat. Kissing her again, my lips went from traveling from her ear...smelling the fragrance of her newly washed hair. My penis lying on her thigh, I could feel her warmth. I move down her spine messaging each vertbrae with my tongue and my rod feeling down her smooth leg.

I get to the start of her crack and begin kissing gently. Her fragrance is making me high and I lift up the panty beltline. I begin to gently lower intending eventually to remove them.

There, there was her rosebud waiting for me. I continue to lick and kiss her. I slowly circle her sweet anal opening. I lower her panty some more, revealing a nicely soaked pad of. Fresh sweet fragrance of her ultimate womanhood. I could feel the precum oozing. I go back to the rosebud and let my tongue dance on its door.

I feel the motion in her body getting in rymthem for an orgasm. My tongue spears open the buds door and thrust deep into her. Thrusting in unisun as her moaning gets louder and breathing heavier. She picks her butt up abit, I quickly get a small pillow under it. I start licking and sucking on the taint, tasting the gift of her monthly peachy nectar. She is slowly bucking my actions. With my hard-on pulsing stronger, my love, wetting the inner side of her thighs, shes whispers softly...."baby, just ram me please and fill me with your cum. Now... please just fill me now, my arse is ready for you.

I get both my legs between her legs... my precum and throbing are becoming an issue.Reaching an explosive action.

Her panties still are lock between her legs and I can't get close enough to impale her as she needs. I grab the sissors on the night table and just cut the two sides. Gently laying the pad down between her legs. I grab my dick, lubricate it in her blood mix while rubbing her inner lips and transferring it to the rosebud. I gather more of her juice laced with precum and letting it puddle on her bud. I place my love sword's helmet at her entrance. Gently I lean into her and the helmet slips gently in. Immediately, she thrusts up to me and with both our efforts arrive deep in her rear love canal.

She cums rather quickly and I continue trusting deep into he regions. Feeling my Lover's back door juices becoming a little more lubricating she begins milking me. My dick is throbbing uncontrollable and with her milking and her squeezing, I let loose. I groaned that the neighborhood could hear. Squeezed and her release....squeezed and her release... my cum just kept on flowing deep into her. My lover could feel my actual penis pumping and its delivery of a whole bunch of nice warm and sweet cum.

Then she went into an intensive orgasm that kept rolling onward. Riping the sheets that she was grabing and squeezing the hell out of the pillows. A beautiful ride to be shared.

Both of us being so spent we rolled on the side where I could at least for now stay in her and cuddle at the same time. For now, we sleep attached...later to have some more fun of celebrating being together once again.

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