unexpected pleasure
I woke up one morning at 8 a.m thinking this was going to be a normal day. It was my day off from work. I was going to catch up on my laundry, pay a few bills and call it a day by going to my apartment. I was cooking dinner for one and having a glass of wine and running a hot relaxing bubble bath. I get an unexpected knock at the door.

I go to open it and to my surprise it was a good friend of mine named Allen. I have been talking to him online for month's. I invited him inside and offered him a seat and asked if he would like a glass of wine. He replied" yes please". We sit there and just chat a while about how things have been going with each other and what he was going to do while he was in town.

He said that he was going to a few play parties, explore the city and visit a local dungeon. We have had a common interest within the bdsm lifestyle but we had never played with each other. As soon as our conversation was finished, I asked him if he had anywhere to stay the night. He said that he was going to stay in a hotel just a few blocks from my apartment.

I replied to him by saying that if he didn't want to stay in a cheap and seedy hotel, that I have a spare room upstairs if you would like to stay here.
he says" I will but only if you are good with me staying here. I reply" if I wasn't good with it, I would not have offered my spare room.

Allen says" being a bit sassy today are we now".
Maybe you need to attend the play parties with me tomorrow night but no pressure. Maybe even find someone to play with. I said that I would think about it. I got up from the couch and said I will show you where the spare room is and let you get settled in, while I go down the hall and take me a bath.

it has been a long week and I need to relax. We go upstairs and I show him where the spare bedroom is.
He opens the door and looks inside. He opens the door and looks inside. He turns around as I am heading down the hall. I turn around and tell him goodnight as I go inside my bedroom. When I get inside I remove my shoe's and push them to the side.

I head to the bathroom and I light the candle's and turn on my music. I turn the warm water on and I start removing my T-shirt and jeans and let my hair fall to my waist. I slowly step my feet into the tub. I take my time until my whole body is in. I rest my neck and my back against the back of the tub and take on the scent of the candle's and let the water trickle over my soft glowing skin. I pick up the loofah and start washing my body with the sweet smell of lavender. First I clean my neck, make my way down my chest and start washing my breasts and my nipple's until they are rock hard.

I am lost in the feel of my skin and the music.
Out of nowhere, I thought I heard the bathroom door open. I open up my eyes quickly but the door is closed and I see nothing there. I just shrug it off and continue with my bath. I start to relax again. I lay back and put a blindfold over my eyes, to help me relax even more. Out of the blue Allen's face runs through my mind. I quickly shake my head and remove him from my thought's. I sit for a few moment's and I felt someone touch me.

I jumped and my heart started racing. At first I thought I was just dreaming. I start to get out of the tub and I feel a firm hand cover my mouth. My heart beat really starts getting faster and I feel panic washing over me. I wiggle and squirm to try to get away from the intruder. He is to strong for me to get away from. I calm down and try my best to be compliant. I feel his warm breath on my neck.

He whispers in my ear that if I make a sound to alert anyone that he will make me regret it. The intruder takes his hand away from my mouth. My breathing is heavy but eventually becomes normal again. He comes around the tub and faces me but I can't see him because I still have my blindfold on.
He puts his hand around my throat and starts kissing my lips with a softness that I have never felt before.

It felt good but then he backed away and said" come on you dirty fucking whore. I am completely vulnerable and I have a feeling that is just how he likes it. He turns me around and binds my wrists together with what feels like leather handcuffs behind my back. He picks me up and carries me into another room. He drops the towel that was tied around my body. I feel him stand back and get a real good look at me(all of me).

He grabs me by the chin with a strong grip. I try to shake his hand off my face but it just won't let me go. next thing I know, he slaps me and says you are being a bad girl miss bennet. That send a shock through my system and I think" How does this guy know my name. Has he been stalking me or something. All of a sudden he slaps me for a second time and said that I should be punished for being bad. He grabs me.

As he stands behind me, I feel him grab a fistful
of hair and drag me across the floor. I am not screaming but I am kicking with all my strength to get this man to let me go. He lifts me up off the floor and puts me in a chair and forcefully binds my hands and feet to the chair. I am here in my apartment completely helpless. I can't see and I can't move.

This man has me exactly in the position that he desire's me to be in. Vulnerable and thinking what kind of things he will do to next. Then comes the unexpected. He touches my lips and I flinch. He caresses my cheek and slaps me real hard. He repeats this action one more time but this time I don't flinch. He places his hand in my pussy and says to me. Listen here you little fucking cock tease, you are sure in for a treat tonight. My heart starts pounding.

I feel him trace a line from my chin, to my neck until he reached my breasts. At first he cupped them and then out of nowhere he smacks them multiple times until he starts to leave bruises. I try my best not to make a sound when he slides his finger inside and feels how wet I am. He gives a light chuckle and mumbles something that I can't quite understand.

The man comes closer and starts to suck on my nipples again. Once they get hard, he attaches a set of clamps on each nipple and my clit. He tugs on the chain and I cry out from the pain. He put his hands over my mouth to silence my cries and continues. He steps away and comes back a few moments later.

I feel him get on his knees and spread my pussy wide. He sees the clamp on my clit, removes it and starts licking it lightly. He gets it to where it is erect and throbbing. I want more pleasure but wanting to also be released. I hear him turn something on. I turn my head from side to side wondering where the noise is coming from. I can't figure out where but I hear it getting closer to me and I try to move the chair I'm in but I can't seem to get away from the sound.

He spreads my pussy wide again and puts a vibrator directly on my clit. It makes my clit throb that much harder. When I get to the point that the vibrator is really starting to get to me, He yanks at the clamps on my nipples and makes me feel the intense pain before he pulls them off completely.
The vibrator is still pulsating on my clit getting more unbearable by each passing moment. My legs are starting to shake uncontrollably, and I am about to climax really hard.

He pulls the vibrator away until my climax subsides and then places it on my clit again. I got sweat dripping down my body and my body shaking a little bit. He removes the vibrator once again. He unties me from the chair, picks me up because I can't walk. Lays me on the bed and feels how wet my pussy is again. He gives my clit one quick lick and it starts throbbing again. It is very sensitive to the slightest touch.

I do not have the energy to resist him any longer. I just close my eyes and let him have his way with me until I can get my strength up. Before I have the chance he has restrained my wrists and ankles to the bed. He climbs on top of me and I feel him on my skin and that he was completely nude. He spreads my pussy and runs the head of his cock on my clit.

It feels like torture but it does kind of feel delicious at the same time. Tears start to roll down my face. He comes up to my chest and sticks his cock in my mouth and makes me take in every single inch of him, He speeds up. He pulls out and makes me lick and suck on his balls as he cums all over my face. He says to me" you are not worthy to swallow my cum you dirty fucking whore. He unbinds my wrists, sits me up and grabs me something to eat and drink and rest up until I can keep going.

Once I am rested, He releases my feet from the restraints and I stand up. He grabs my wrists and walks me to the other side of the room. He makes me face the wall. He puts my arms straight above my head and puts them in handcuffs. He spreads my legs and attaches each ankle to the ankle cuffs. He steps back for a minute and I feel that he is staring at me like a wolf that is ready to devour his prey.

He comes closer to me and whispers in my ear as he traces his finger all over my body. You are mine right now you filthy cunt. I do not speak a word for fear of upsetting him. He stands back and hits me real hard. I know that I have felt this before just not as strong. He repeated it another ten times. He put it down and I heard him grab something else and smack. I feel the paddle go right across my bottom. He also does this ten more times to make my bottom nice and red and possibly bruise.

I am on the edge of release and I know when it comes that it will be intense. Here I am cuffed and my pussy still wide open and dripping wet. He releases me from the restraints and sits me on the floor and starts licking my clit and starts fingering my pussy until I cum all over his tongue and I squirt all over his face, I am completely spent.

He lays me down on the bed. He retrieves me some food and drink. He helps me drink the water through a straw and feeds me fresh fruit. He lies next to me and we both sleep until the next day. When I wake up I see Allen next to me.
I can't believe he really played out the scenario I sent to him.

sorry that my story is so long but they are rarely ever short. writing stories is one of my favorite things to do.
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