vacation with by boss part four
Three days had passed since my sensational visit with Patrick. I had four more days left on my vacation and I wanted to make the most of it. I was getting prepared to spend a day at the beach. I had on a red two piece bathing suit. I packed a bag that held all my essentials for a day at the beach/ I had sunscreen, snacks, water and material to read when I wasn't splashing around in the water.

I ask Eric if he would join me. He says that he has a few things to take care of first but I will meet you in a few hours. He looks at me and tells me to enjoy myself and smiles as I walk to the door of the hotel room. As I walk past the bed I grab my bag and place it on my shoulder. I open the door and start walking down the hallway to the elevator. I feel very adventurous today and I feel the anticipation rise in my stomach. When I get to the elevator, I am so excited that I press the button multiple times.

The door opens and I rush in the elevator and press the button for the lobby. The elevator door opens again and I run to the hotel door and look for a cab to take me to the beach, A cab pulls over and I hope in. I tell him where I am headed and he quickly pulls off. He drives about twenty miles and I get out of the cab. I lean into the passenger window and I pay the cab fare. The cab driver notices my breasts nearly falling out of my bikini top and smiles.

I step back and the cab pulls off again. I make it to the beach. I take off my shoe's and walk through the sand. The sand feels amazing between my toes . I stop when I get to a good spot to spread out my beach towel. I settle into a spot where I am in full view of everyone. I remove my bag from my shoulder and sit it on the ground. I get out my beach towel and stretch it out over the sand. I pull my sunscreen out of my bag and start to rub it all over my body. I see a group of people walk by and one of the guys in the group catch my eye.

I don't even think. I run up to him and ask the handsome gentlemen if he could apply the sunscreen to places that I couldn't reach. He reluctantly said yes and it kind of threw me off a little. I looked directly into his eyes and said my name is Jamie, thinking that if I introduced myself that he would relax. He smiled and told me that his name was Michael.

I was so excited but I still wondered why he was so reluctant. He had a beautiful woman wanting him to rub all over her body. " Could I be intimidating him" I ask myself! He stood there in front of me as I reached behind my back and pulled at the string of my bikini top revealing my perfectly full, round breasts. I lower my bikini bottom to my ankles and I bend over to step out of them.

My mouth is level with his cock. I want to touch but I stand back up. He has this look of awe on his face. Like he is amazed at what he see's. I turn around and I lay down on the towel. Michael kneels beside me and starts rubbing sunscreen on my back. I look at him the entire time that he is rubbing one me.

Once again his cock is so close to my face and I just want to see it but I don't want to startle him. I just lay there and stare as he makes his way to my lower back and starts caressing my behind. I see a huge smile on his face and I push my thick ass further into his hands. He looks up at me with a shocked look on his face.

I aske him if everything is alright. He tells me that everything is fine but I sense the resistance from his body language. He moves past my ass and place each hand on my inner thigh. I feel him settle into the crease just on the outside of my pussy. Every time he puts his hands under each cheek and squeezes. I feel my lips become exposed.

He continues to move to my legs and keeps applying the sunscreen. I roll over on my back when he is finished with my backside. Every part of my body seemed to please him. I move my body to try to get myself comfortable and my breasts were in desperate need to be touched by a pair of soft, yet strong hands. I lay there on the beach towel completely still. Waiting to feel his adventurous touch gently graze over my naked body.

Captivated by every curve, aching to do unspeakable things that he has never done before. He placed a few drops of sunscreen on his hands and took a deep breath. I open my eyes and the look in his revealed that he was amazed by my slender frame, my thick thighs and my velvety flesh. I grabbed his hands and as I gazed into his eyes I pulled him toward me until his body was on top of mine. I pushed my lips into his. which in turn pushed my supple breasts into his chest and his groin right on top of my dripping wet pussy.

I let go and his body was flawless. His long brown hair fell in his face, his arms were muscular and covered in tattoos. I placed my hand on his shoulders and they were definitely firm and strong. He sat back up and sat down on the beach towel in between my feet. I looked at him and he insisted that he finished putting sunscreen on my skin. I did not object to it at all. He started by caressing my breasts and played with them, while people who walked by couldn't help but watch.

Their were even a few people who stopped and stood there. He placed the sunscreen on my stomach and moved down to my waist. Once he covered my waist, he went down a little further until he was at the area right above my lips and started applying the creamy substance. He would gently pull my lips apart, barely exposing myself to him. At that time a slight breeze started to blow and I felt it on my small button that could make my body want more.

The more it was exposed, the more stimulated it had gotten by the wind and his constant kneading of my vagina. With his sensitive touch and him teasing my button was making it more noticeable. It was evident that I wanted him to take me right then and there while everyone was watching us. all he did was tease me by barely grazing the outside.

He moved down to my thighs and he could feel my temperature rising. My skin was glistening with the afterglow of the evening sun. I kept pushing my body into his hands. He had to force my legs to lay flat on the towel and in a dangerous yet inviting tone told me to stay still. That send a jolt all the way up to my pussy and instantly made me cum.

Michael saw the white fluid dripping from my opening. He put a finger inside and licked the cum off his fingertips. I gave him a wink and a really big smile. I quickly sat up and exposed him. His cock was begging for it and it looked like it was a good nine to ten inches long and really thick. I place it in my hands and start stroking it. My hand doesn't even fit all the way around it. He pushed me back down on the ground and says are you trying to get me aroused little lady. I nodded and say yes. all the onlookers walk away when Michael stood up and reached his hand out to me .

I took it and slipped back into my bathing suit and grabbed my belongings. He said that we are going back to his apartment. We leave the beach area and get into his car. I was hesitant but I desperately wanted him. When we get to his apartment complex, I followed behind him. Focused on the movement of his ass as he walked. Watching him got me so much wetter. I want more of what he had under his swim trunks.

We made it to his apartment door and when he opened it, he allowed me to enter first. I lay my bags down on the floor and he gave me a tour of his apartment. First he lead me to the living room. He had a nice black sofa and loveseat. I imagined being fucked while bent over them. One man on each side of me and another at my head. while my ass is in the air and my pussy being stretched to maximum capacity.

Before that happens the other three guys are sitting on the couch stroking their cocks fast and hard. Next he leads me to the kitchen. I notice the nice, clean countertop and I imagine being picked up and my ass sat flat down on the counter and forced to lay on my back. Michael on top of me and both of us in the sixty nine position and another guy up under my pussy waiting for my juices to start flowing. While he sits on the floor stroking his cock.

He shows me the bedroom next and the first thing I notice is the small seat at the foot of the bed. I think of what a delicious feeling it would to be spanked right there. I am soaked at this time. He shows me the bathroom next. In here I imagine being in the shower with him. The water all steamy and the shower glass fogging up.

He sees my naked body with water dripping all over it. He grabs my chin and looks me in the eye and he kisses me softly. caresses my breasts with his hands. Picks me up against the shower wall with his arms placed firmly on mine and places kisses on my neck and sinks his teeth in. Suddenly he stops as to tease me and hands me a towel to dry off with.

We go back to the bedroom and we both lay on the bed. He looks at me and says "that he has never done this before with anyone". Just be patient with me and let me do everything I can to pleasure and worship you like the goddess that you are. Let me pamper you, let me show you what it is to truly have my complete allegiance and adulation. I was curious of what he had on his mind. The last thing he said to me " was that I am the most beautiful woman he has ever seen".

He stands up and I stand up in front of him. He lifts my arms and pulls at the string on my bikini top and I watch it fall to the floor. He bends over and pushes the bottom down to my ankles. I put down my arms and he embraces me tightly and kisses my shoulder. He looks into my beach bag and pulls out my brush and starts brushing my hair. I feel my head start to tingle as he continues. He motions for me to sit down on the bed and starts to rub my feet and place light kisses on the top of both of them.

He comes behind me on the bed and starts to massage my shoulders. He scoots back and I lay down again. He kisses my lips briefly before he takes a single finger to my jawline and traces a line down my neck to my collar bone. He traces circles around my breasts and touches my nipples enough to make them stand erect and want more attention. He keeps softly moving down my stomach and circles my bellybutton.

He climbs off the bed and gets on his knees on the seat at the foot of the bed and he puts a finger on the creases right outside my pussy again and traces them as well. He purposefully pulls my lips apart and
gently touches on my clit. Right at that moment the door to his bedroom has been pushed open. I jumped up and there was a group of men that were there for me. Eric and Patrick were in the crowd and said that you have pleased us in many ways and now its our turn to please you mistress Jamie.

I was shocked when all of them knelt down at my feet. I never had so many people wanting to worship me. This was going to be the best time ever. my last days were going to be exhausting but oh was it going to be worth it. At first we all sat down at the kitchen counter and discussed with them every single fantasy that I had when Michael gave me the tour of his apartment.

There would be a few changes that might need to be made and that they won't be in that order. Of course the shower scene comes first. I send Michael to go and get the water running and when it gets to the right temperature strip naked and stand there patiently and wait for me. I motion for the other guys to do the same. I come in and all the men are lined up patiently waiting for me as well. They watch me step into the shower.

I tell them to keep their eyes one me. I wet my hair and the water is dripping all over my body. I look at them and bite my lip and I start caressing my breasts. Getting my nipples hard. I bring my nipple up to my mouth and start sucking on them. The shower starts to fog up and I write in the glass for Michael to come to me. Once Michael steps in, I leave the shower door open so that the others can watch. I turn off the shower water.

I look at Michael and he has both his hands on either side of me. Waiting for the right time to make his move like a predator waiting for the right time to capture his prey. He leans down, kisses my neck and sinks his teeth into it. Then Michael starts to wash my body from head to toe and I tell him "don't use anything but his hands. Michael reaches for the bar of soap and lathers the soap up in his hands and starts at my shoulders.

The soap makes trails down my back and Michael rubs it all around. His hands move down to my ass and he starts continuing to wash from there all the way to me feet. I tell him to stand up and wash himself as I turn the water back on for me to rinse off. Once my body is clean of all the soap. I move to the back and let Michael rinse off. Then we swap places again

I order Michael to get on his knees and jack off while he licks my pussy and my ass but he better not cum or he will be punished. Michael does as he is told but he cums without my permission, so for a punishment he gets a slap in the face and his nipples pinched real hard. Now Michael go stand in line. As he walks away, I notice the other guys are rock hard.

I summon Patrick to my side and this guy is much taller than I am and twice my weight. I order him at my feet and I order him to worship them. He kisses the top and starts sucking on my toes one by one. As he jacks off. If he cums before permission is given he will be punished as well. Patrick almost cums but he holds off until I reach down and pinch his nipples sending a jolt of pain coursing through his body.

It gets all over my legs and feet and I make him lick it all off. Once he is finished I tell him to stand up and send him away with a smack on his ass. Next I summon Eric to come to me and get on all fours. He does as he is told and I place one leg on either side of him and relieve myself, marking my property. The last guy in line is one I have never seen before, I signal him and he comes to my side. I ask him his name and he replies" mistress you can call me anything you like".

I said that I am flattered that you are that willing to give that up and let me have the choice. I am honored! you will be my little cock slave. I want you on all fours and Michael bring me the collars and the leash that I know Eric carries around in his bag of toys. Michael retrieves them and I place a collar on each of them and a leash on my little cock slave and I walk him out of the bathroom and the others walk behind me.

We are in the bedroom now and I tell all of them to lay on the bed. Patrick and Eric are on either side of Michael. Now I look at Patrick and Eric and motion for them to lick and suck on Michaels cock until he cums all over himself, and my little cock slave I want to watch you stroke yourself. you are not allowed to cum or you will get punished but before you get started. I want Michaels hands and feet to be restrained and make him cum multiple times until he can't take anymore.

They all do as I have ordered them to do an I am drenched just watching them. Watching Michaels ass lift off the bed every time and he cums and his legs pull against the restraints begging them to stop but not letting them until I hear his safeword. oh I am getting off on watching his cock be tortured. I motion for Patrick and Eric to cease and release Michael from the restraints. He kneels at my feet

I pat him on the head and call him a good boy. I look at my little cock slave and see that he has made a mess all over the blanket. I tug on the leash to make him face me, pull his head back, smack him on the face and tell him how much of a bad boy he's been.
He whimpers, lowers his head and promises not to disappoint me again. This time Eric lays in the bed and gets restrained. Once Eric is restrained, I order Patrick to put his cock in Eric's mouth and make him deepthroat every inch of you but take it slow I want to enjoy the view.

Patrick does so and oh this turns me on so much. I send my little cock slave in and make him get on all fours on the bed. I grab the lube from Eric's bag and Patrick lubes up cock slaves ass hole and Eric's cock. Patrick guides cock slaves ass all the way to the base of Eric's cock and starts to go up and down slowly, Then gradually speeds up the pace. After about five minutes of Eric's cock being up cock slaves ass cum is dripping on to Eric's balls.

Cock slave removed Eric's cock from his ass and his cock was covered in white. Patrick gets down and sucks him off as cock slave prepares Patrick's ass for his cock. Once they are both lubed up, cock slave fingers Patrick's ass getting him ready for slow penetration. Once cock slave is inserted into Patrick, I lay beside them on the bed and motion for Michael to eat my ass, for cock slave to finger my vaginal opening and play with my clit, and Patrick pinches my nipples.

All the pleasure that I am getting from watching and interacting with them as they get off one each other
makes me squirt multiple times on Michaels face.
My little cock slave cums in Patrick's ass. I have all of them lay on the bed again and I suck all of them off. They also get to smack my ass before we move on to the kitchen area.

I make cock slave lay down on the counter and I straddle him placing his cock against my clit and inserting him deep inside me and making my vaginal walls stretch around his thickness. That position brings my ass higher in the air and Michael lubes my tight little hole and strokes his cock spreading lube from tip to base.

He uses his fingers to stretch my anal region and slowly inserts his hand all the way in and his cock slips in so easy, between cock slave inserted in my vagina and Michael in my ass, both of my holes are stretched to capacity. Patrick pushes his cock deep down my throat and Eric puts his cock in my hand and I play with them until they are both about to cum. They both let go on my face. Cock slave cums in my vagina and it runs down his cock. Michael pulls out and cums on my bottom and being used like this feels great but watching them gets me all hot.

We moved to the living room. The last room to be tainted with an amazing sexual memory. I get in the position that I imagined in my mind. Three of the guys sit on the sofa and they start stroking themselves and then start stroking each other. I am sitting on back of the sofa making out with Patrick and stroking him.

He picks me up and moves me over on the back of the sofa. He rolls me over where my ass is level with his groin. This time Eric's cock is in my mouth while he stands in front of me. Michael is on my right side and cock slave is on my left with both of their cocks in my hands and stroking them at a steady pace. They move their cocks in and out of my hands, my pussy and my mouth until they cum again and their legs start trembling.

They all pull out of me and their cum is everywhere. Michael shoves his cock in my vagina and leans forward reaching around my arms and pinning them to my side and grabs a handful of each breast. Then he places my sensitive nipples in between his fingers and pinches them harder than anyone ever has and I scream from the pain as I squirt all over Michaels
cock and leave a puddle on the floor. Once they are finished I go and get cleaned up and I make them stand against the wall.

I reach in Eric's bag for the Dragons tail whip and I repeatedly smack all of them on the ass with it only leaving bruises and enjoying the outward screams from the delicious pain, I lay it down on the table and attach clamps to their nipples and pull the chains until they moan with pleasure.

I pick up the same permanent marker from the bag that was used on me but this time it was to mark my property, On Patrick's chest all the way to his cock I wrote the word fucktoy. Michael was my willing servant. Eric was my desirable switch and Charlie was my little cock slave.

Once again our fun time is over and we all get another shower together. After we get cleaned up we get dressed and we indulge in getting the nourishment that our bodies deserve. Patrick brushes my hair, Michael painted my nails and every one of them rubbed my body with oils. Treating me like the goddess I am.
The next day we got out and partied. We had all types of naughty fun over the next two days

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